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Aharen-San wa Hakarenai Episode 7 Release Date And Where To Watch?

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 7

The weird and awkward dynamic between Aharen & Raido is winning people’s hearts. It also gives us a little break with its simplistic plot and warm humor. People are in awe of Aharen and her cute little demeanor all around the world. Raido’s airheaded and genuine character complements the overall theme of the show. Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 7 is coming out soon. In episode 6, we see Aharen and Raido competing in several events, and the outcome is unsurprisingly the same. We also see Oshiro coming out of her shell and interacting with Raido in a non-hostile manner. Overall, the previous episode was great, and we’re eager for some new content.

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 7

Aharen-San wa Hakarenai Episode 7

The anime takes inspiration from manga of the same name. The manga is a work of Asato Mizu, who gets credit for both writing and illustrating the masterpiece. The story follows the character of Aharen-san, who’s very timid and awkward and, not to forget, very small. She faces problems in her past and present for not understanding the personal boundaries of other people around her. Cometh the man, Raido is a warm and genuine boy with trouble making friends due to his stern-looking face. A picture-perfect example of never judging a book by its cover. Nevertheless, each episode is a cute and warm little experience for both Raido and Aharen, tackling their problems to their best abilities. Before further diving into Aharen-San wa Hakarenai Episode 7, let’s take a quick recap.

Aharen-San wa Hakarenai Episode 6 Recap

This episode starts with the class having the swimming pool for their free use. Share is ready to face the mighty swimming pool with full diving gear as she doesn’t know how to swim. Raido isn’t Michael Phelps either and is horrible at swimming. Luckily for both of them, Oshiro is a great swimmer and agrees to teach both of them the basics of the sport. The sub-theme of Raido vs. Aharen plays out multiple times in this episode, and as expected, Aharen wins the swimming race.

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The duo moves back to class, where they find table tennis racquets, which ensues Round 2 of Raido vs. Aharon. Amazingly, both are horrible at the game, and after a series of exciting lame shots, the result is a draw. Seeking a chance to redeem himself, Raido suggests a game of bowling. He clearly has the advantage this time, and nothing can go wrong, he thinks. The debutant Aharen somehow manages to play a draw against Raido, Round 3 ends in a draw. The next round is basketball, and Raido finally gets a win on Aharen.

They later move on to an arcade of Round 5, where we see Aharen’s shooting skills coming in the clutch as she wipes off a horde of zombies while Raido dies. Here we see a homage to the movie Leon: The Professional, a nice little gesture. Round 5 is in Aharen’s pockets. Seeing Ren, Raido confuses him for Aharen and plays a few games with him before concluding that Ren is Aharen’s clone.

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Episode 7

Release Date of Aharen-San wa Hakarenai Episode 7

Episode 7 of Aharen-San wa Hakarenai is set to premiere on the 14th of May 2022 at 2:25 JST. The episode’s official title will be ‘Isn’t that Art?’

Where to Watch Aharen-San wa Hakarenai Episode 7

Aharen-San wa Hakarenai Episode 7 will be available for viewers on the 14th of May 2022 at Crunchyroll. However, the viewers can also tune in to Netflix & bilibiliTV to watch Episode 7 of Aharen-San wa Hakarenai.

About Aharen-San wa Hakarenai

The anime is a light-hearted romantic comedy with Aharen and Raido in the main spotlight. They both have their insecurities and flaws and are trying to overcome them. The anime offers comedic relief and follows a balanced pace throughout the episodes. It all starts when Raido sits next to Aharen and is determined to befriend her due to his elementary school experience. Raido has a stern face, making it hard for him to make friends. Aharen seems cold and distant in the beginning as she doesn’t want to disturb Raido too much. But slowly, she warms up to him, and the duo has been inseparable ever since.

That’s it about Episode 7 of Aharen-San wa Hakarenai. For more, stay tuned to Artistree.

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