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One Piece Episode 1018 Release Date And Where To Watch?

One Piece Episode 1018

The barrage of King Kong Gattling Gun takes down the mighty Kaido. In the previous episode of One Piece, we see the fearsome three from the Worst Generation take up their stand. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The same is the case for the fight between the Worst Generation Captains and the remnants of the Rocks Pirates. Luffy, Law, & Kid take their stances to go against the titans. They literally couldn’t be a better opponent for the best of the Worst to go up against. With Zoro and Killer backing up their captains, it’s the best backup anyone can ask for. Zoro, however, isn’t simply a backup, which even Kaido realizes as he sees a flashback of Oden while dodging one of Zoro’s lethal attacks. One Piece Episode 1018 will be available shortly for the viewers to watch.

One Piece Episode 1018

One Piece Episode 1018

The animation quality has been quite unreal so far. Many areas have improved drastically, including the artwork and the story’s narration. Each time a parallel between the past and present is so articulately drawn, the viewers get a positive surprise. One Piece is really the culmination of years of work and dedicated effort both by the creators and the viewers. One Piece Episode 1017 sees how Kaido recognizes the threat the three captains pose to their plan and existence. Before further diving into 1018 of One Piece, let’s take a quick recap.

One Piece Episode 1017 Recap

One Piece Episode 1017 starts with the three captains going straight for Kaido without holding back. Luffy equips the Gear 4 Bounce-man, Kid uses Punk Rotten, & Law uses his Room ability to head-on attack Kaido. Kaido acknowledges them and their strength. Seems like Kaido gets serious for once and takes up his dragon form to challenge the opponents he deems worthy. Kaido claims since all of them are using their full strength, they won’t last long, and after they die, Kaido and Big Mom will take everything they have, including their Nakama. Kaido claims that he’ll defeat them all, just what he did to Akazaya 9.

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All the fighters on the rooftop start attacking Kaido and do decent damage, with Killer and Law trying to harm the dragon from within. Big Mom takes down Killer with Indra, Luffy attacks Kaido, and seeing an opening, Zoro covers Luffy while delivering a vicious attack on Kaido. Flying Dragon Blaze, Zoro’s new move using Enma, gives Kaido a flashback of Oden. The attack, however, misses, and Big Mom attacks everyone with Indra, but Luffy remains unscathed due to his rubber properties. Kaido attacks Luffy with Blast Breath as Big Mom’s attack didn’t affect him. Seemingly this doesn’t knock Luffy down anyway due to Luffy being pissed at him for attacking his Nakama and his guts. He lets out a barrage of one of his new attacks, King Kong Gatling Gun on Kaido. The episode ends while Luffy is still pummeling some sense into the Dragon Emperor of The Sea.

One Piece Episode 1018

One Piece Episode 1018 Release Date

Episode 1018 of One Piece will release on the 22nd of May 2022. The Official title of One Piece Episode 1018 is Kaido Laughs! The Emperor of the Sea vs. The New Generation and the episode will air at 11 AM JST and 10 EST. The next episode will continue the onslaught for the title of King of Pirates.

One Piece Episode 1018 Spoilers and Speculations

From the preview of Episode 1018, fans witness some unfavorable scenes. After using the King Kong Gatling Gun, Luffy returns to his normal form and is caught by Zoro as he starts falling after losing a considerable amount of energy. Law takes on Big Mom, and other members of the Straw Hats are also shown in the preview. We might also get a sneak peek of the fights taking place on different floors of the castle, the status of the Queen’s virus, and Sanji’s fight too. Also, in the preview, it seems Zoro is heading straight for an opponent, which can mean that the fight might split into groups of two, with Kid and Law taking on Big Mom while Zoro and Luffy take on Kaido.

Where to Watch One Piece Ep 1018

The viewers can tune in to Crunchyroll and the official site of Funimation to watch Episode 1018 of One Piece. Also, viewers from selected regions can use Netflix or Hulu to binge One Piece too.

That’s it about One Piece Episode 1018. For more, stay tuned to Artistree

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