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Spy x Family Episode 7 Release Date And Where To Watch : There’s Still Hope

Spy x Family Episode 7

Spy x Family is getting at the top of everyone’s favorite anime list. Anya fandom is getting new members every minute, each episode is pure and utter chaos, and we love it. From episode 5, where Anya’s whims were the topic of importance, to episode 6, where Anya started beefing with a crucial character in the upcoming episodes. In the previous episode, the Forger Family learns about the mishappenings around the students of the Eden Academy. Loid also has an update regarding his ongoing mission. The episode also shines a light on how rigorous the curriculum is at the Eden Academy. Apart from Loid, Anya also gets a task that ensures peace between the East and the West. Episode 7 of Spy x Family couldn’t be here any sooner. As we wait for the much-anticipated episode 7 of the trending anime, let’s cover a few bases.


Spy x Family Episode 7

Spy x Family Episode 7

The Spy x Family franchise is getting much recognition and love for its brilliant portrayal of the story. The previous episode touches base with multiple points previously discussed how the anime uses all the aspects to its fullest. No one feature of the anime overpowers the other but instead is complimentary. Episode 6 covers the motherly bond between Anya and Yor. However, it’s not faring so well for Loid as the addition to his mission makes him depend greatly on Anya. The task at hand is to turn Anya into a Scholar. That is a daunting task for anyone, even Loid, who remains unaware of Anya’s mind-reading abilities. Let’s move to a recap of the previous episode before further diving into Episode 7 of Spy x Family.

Spy x Family Episode 6 Recap

The Episode starts with the Forgers going to their usual Tailor to get Anya’s school uniform made. Here they learn about how the Eden students are a target for people outside and inside the campus. Loid receives a secret message from his Agency while the family eats at a restaurant. After five days, Loid sets out for the meeting with the Handler, where he learns new information about his mission. Phase 2 of Operation Strix finally begins. For Loid to attend Desmond’s Gathering, Anya must be a part of the Imperial Scholars. To become an Imperial Scholar, Anya needs to collect eight Stella stars and avoid getting eight Tonitrus Bolts as a student will face expulsion after receiving eight bolts.

After picking up her uniform, Anya & Yor visit a nearby park. Here a group of delinquents spot Anya in her Eden uniform and target the duo under the pretext of getting money. Yor is having a motherly moment with Anya as they go grocery shopping, but Yor beats up the delinquents for trying to kidnap Anya. Moments later, we can see Yor teaching self-defense to Anya.

The Forgers join Eden’s Induction Ceremony. Loid makes sure that Anya is in the same class as Desmond’s son so she can befriend him and get an invite to the gathering. However, things don’t go according to Loid’s plan. Anya punches Damian(Desmond’s Son) after he and his friends try to gang up on Anya. The incident helps Anya earn a Tonitrus Bolt on her first day, making Loid lose all his remaining hope of completing his mission.

Spy x Family Episode 7

Release Date of Spy x Family Episode 7

Episode 7 of Spy x family will release to the viewers on the 21st of May 2022. The official title of Episode 7 of Spy x Family is Target: The Second Son. The episode will be available for viewers at 11 PM JST, 9:30 PM IST, & 10 AM ET.

What to Expect From Episode 7 of Spy x Family?

From the preview, we can guess what’s coming next. The upcoming episode will most likely showcase Loid’s struggle to prevent Anya from getting another Bolt. In the preview, we can see Loid holding a mirror to reflect a message for Anya at the academy. The reflection reads Fortune Telling For Yoiko It is good to Apologize today. To prevent a further fight between Anya and Damian, we can expect Anya to apologize to him. Also, as per the title, perhaps there’s a second Desmond Son whom Anya can befriend to get the invite.

 Where to Watch Spy x Family?

Episode 7 of Spy x Family Season 1 will be available on Crunchyroll on the 21st of May 2022. However, viewers can also use Netflix to watch the episode. The episode will also be available on Muse Asia’s Official YouTube Channel without any charge.

That’s it about Season 1, Episode 7 of Spy x Family. For more, stay tuned to Artistree.

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