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Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 9 Release Date: Confronting Olivia

Leon’s action has finally started to affect Olivia in a wrong way. All the opportunities he has used to get better were intended for Olivia originally. And he has yet to realize it himself but whether or not he does remains to be seen in Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 9. Olivia has also been bullied by one of the nobles. Though it wasn’t that graphic in Anime, the manga version is pretty intense. Although, enough was conveyed on-screen to deliver the message. Angelica has yet to reconcile with Olivia as well. She hasn’t cleared up her stance on commoners once it was brought up how she viewed them. Her outlook has changed, but she doesn’t know how to coney it. Episode 9 of Trapped In A Dating Sim will be focusing mainly on relaying that message and hopefully changing things in good faith. Meanwhile, Leon’s attempt at being an average commoner has been going bad, but he has yet to see that.

Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 9 Release Date:

CC: Trapped In A Dating Sim Franchise

Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 9

According to Leon, the events in the world are happening at a much faster pace than he anticipates. The pirate event was not supposed to take for two more, and yet they already have pirates upon them. Episode 9 of Trapped In A Dating Sim will continue the fight with pirates and get the holy items needed for Olivia’s awakening. We also see Marie and her Elf slave sneaking into a place, possibly the dungeon, that had another one of the Holy Items. Marie has also exhibited abilities similar to Olivia, like her healing. It could also be the case that she has Olivia’s level aptitude of being a Saint herself.

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One thing that has not been at the forefront is how come the events are happening so fast in this world compared to the game. Episode 9 of Trapped In A Dating Sim might or might not shed light on that. But the most probable reason for that is that there are two people with knowledge of the game reincarnated here. Leon and Marie have caused unpredictable divergences while obscuring the future of the world they know of. At what point will the end become unknown, and neither of them has what to do?

Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 9 Release Date: Confronting Olivia

CC: Trapped In A Dating Sim Franchise

What is the release date of Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 9?

Episode 9 of Trapped In A Dating Sim is on May 29th Thursday in Japan at 10 AM. For other reasons, the release time for Episode 9 of Trapped In A Dating Sim is given below.

  • Pacific Time: 6 AM PT
  • Central Time: 8 AM CT
  • Eastern Time: 9 AM EST
  • British Time: 2 PM BST
  • Indian Time: 6:30 PM IST
  • Singapore Time: 9:00 PM 
  • Australian Time: 10:00 PM 

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Where to watch Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 9?

The International audience can watch episode 9 of Trapped In A Dating Sim on Crunchyroll. Once all the series episodes have been premiered, Netflix and Hulu might also pick it up. Episode 9 of Trapped In A Dating Sim is available in Japan on AT-X, Tokyo MX, ytv, and BS NTV networks.

What is Trapped In A Dating Sim about?

Trapped in a Dating Sim is an isekai Sci-Fi story with not one but two people getting reincarnated who happened to be siblings. The older sibling, who later became Leon, would play on his younger sister’s insistence on the reincarnated world. He got reincarnated as a mob in the game his sister forced him to play. Not liking the situation he finds himself in, he uses the knowledge from the competition and gets into the Nobel academy.

Things go haywire after entering the academy; he befriends the heroine of the first game, Olivia. And if that wasn’t enough, he also befriends Angelica, the villain in the main game. Olivia and Angelica end up becoming friends. Thanks to tinkering by Marie, Leon’s incarnated sister. This new ended up becoming best friends with Angelica and Leon. He was content with that and laying low, but his actions made him the center of attention.

Yomu Mishima is the creator of the series. Unlike many Isekai, this one originated from novels. Studio ENGI adapted the series into Anime for spring 2022.

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