My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Release Date And Where to Read?

My Hero Academia Chapter 354

As promised, My Hero Academia Chapter 354 concentrates on the fight against AFO in the Gunga Mountains. The top two pro heroes attempt their best against the “Demon King.” After the chapter, aid comes from an unexpected source. Based on the spoilers, Chapter 354 of My Hero Academia focuses entirely on the Gunga Mountain conflict and does not change emphasis. Readers were hoping to see a clarification on Dabi’s status in Kamino. But no more information has been given. However, the heroes’ plot against AFO has been extensively fleshed out.

Shoto vanquished Dabi in the last chapter, and All Might broadcast it to all locations. In the meantime, Kirishima and Mina were engaged in combat with the murderer of Midnight amid the rubble of Jaku Hospital. While Aoyama and Fat Gum fought Kuneida in the parking lot, Sero, Satou, and Ojiro were at the National Takoba Arena. Meanwhile, Shoji and Present Mic battled a massive spinner in the central hospital. AFO taunted Endeavor with the Gunga Mountains defeat of Dabi. The last panel depicted items emerging from AFO’s right hand. According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia Chapter 354 is entitled “Right Here.” But this is subject to change once the official translation is released. My Hero Academia raw scans and spoilers for Chapter 354. Scroll down and read the rest for more information

My Hero Academia chapter 354

My Hero Academia Chapter 354

According to teasers, My Hero Academia Chapter 354 opens with a flashback describing the heroes’ plan for AFO. Stain’s stolen data revealed that AFO’s escape from Tartarus had gravely wounded him and that he was unable to survive without his breathing equipment mask. The heroes focused on a particular sequence of attacks to dismantle the show. Endeavor and Hawks attack AFO, but AFO’s air slashes are stopped through Hell Curtain in Chapter 354 of My Hero Academia. Hawks attack with their flight feathers, but AFO recognizes their goal and stops them from achieving it. He claims Hawks’ wings have never been restored to their former beauty in his mockery. However, the Hawks dismiss it. The Vanishing Fist assaults by Endeavor on AFO continue.

Due to the heat-based nature of this attack, AFO will not be able to reverse the damage using his particular quirk. While acknowledging that Endeavor has lost its rhythm, he nonetheless chooses not to launch an attack in concert with Hawks. He mocks Endeavor, telling him that he is wasting everyone’s time by being concerned when he should be happy because his masterpiece has eradicated his failure. Having seen what happened to All Might, Hawks begs Endeavor to keep his cool. Once Toya is found, AFO explains that he discovers her body near Sekoto Peak during Endeavor’s relentless quest for power.

Speculations on the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia

Until My Hero Academia Chapter 354, Jirou’s whereabouts in the Final Arc remained unknown. Combining Tokoyami’s attacking mindset with a non-combative partner is excellent. Tokoyami is relegated to a supporting role as their partnership draws attention to Jirou’s attacks. Even while such a slight attack is unlikely to kill Endeavour, it may be fatal to him and his comrades in a grueling fight. Even though Hawks is wise beyond his years, he fails to see the nuances of Endeavor’s guilt or how it may obstruct their attack.

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My Hero Academia’s Chapter 354 reveals that AFO has been keeping tabs on Dabi. For one thing, AFO may have hoped that his successor would be able to withstand heat-based quirks and utilize them efficiently. In a flash, he’ll go from one attack to the next. Since Dark Shadow is one of the heroes’ most strong attacking forces, it’s unclear how he’ll stand up against Jirou and Tokoyami.

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Endeavour is fair game since he promised to live to atone for his faults, while Hawks is immune because he abandoned Takami Keigo’s past. AFO’s verbal assaults on Endeavor are a concern since he was removed from Dabi. AFO’s assault hits Endeavor in the chest, leaving him vulnerable to more gunfire. The opponent then calls the Hawks “Nagant’s Replacement.” Jirou’s Heartbeat Wall prevents him from atop a Tokoyami. Tokoyami wants stability as she adapts to flying. Hawks urges students to flee the battlefield, but Tokoyami stays to strategize with his master. Jirou tells AFO to be quiet after fighting the insects. AFO says the Demon King typically kills such bugs towards the tale’s conclusion.

What is the Release Date of chapter 354 of MHA? 

Chapter 354 of My Hero Academia will be released on May 29, Sunday, as per the latest update. However, the timing will differ from region to region.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8 AM
  • British Summer Time: 4 PM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 11 AM
  • Philippine Time: 11:00 PM
  • Central Daylight Time: 10 AM
  • Central European Summer Time: 5 PM
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 00:30 AM, May 30
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 PM

Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 354?

Chapter 354 of MHA will be available on all significant manga reading sites. You will get access to the episode as soon as it becomes available. Please note that it airs at various times in each region, and the timings for all areas are shown above. The websites listed below are up-to-date and have a history of delivering chapters on time.

  • Viz
  • Mangaplus