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Tomodachi Game Episode 10 Release Date: Yūichi’s Plan Is Put Into Motion

Tomodachi Game Episode 10 Release Date

Yuichi is unpredictable chaos drives the show as he sees fit to serve his goals. We see prowess at reading people in full display in the third game as he divides the group K apart. It is a monumental task for an ordinary person to tear down groups. Breaking a team is a different thing altogether. But we see Yuichi do it with skill and patience while also enjoying every bit of it. His skill at reading people is horrifying; even his friend Tenji is wary of that. But the only thing holding Yuichi back from going full-blown monster is the value of friendship. Tomodachi Game Episode 10 may tell why Yuichi, despite his twisted side, manages to stay loyal to friends.

One thing that also needs explaining is the threat posed by one of Yuichi’s team members in Episode 10 of Tomodachi Game. She is a member of management who has disguised herself as a fellow player in the third game. But despite her mission to keep tabs on Yuichi, she is enjoying the show he is putting on.

Tomodachi Game Episode 10 Release Date

Tomodachi Game Franchise

Tomodachi Game Episode 10

Episode 10 of Tomodachi Game will bring us closer to the finale of the ONA series. Though the series is twelve episodes long, its pacing and execution might warrant a second season down the line. That is just speculation, as nothing about the second season has been confirmed by anyone. However, the series was already famous before anime, as it had gotten a live drama and movie years before the anime. So it is not outside the scope that the series will get a second season. And if it doesn’t, there will be many things left unsolved in the story. We still don’t know who killed Tenji’s father and why, and what was Shiho’s involvement.

Shiho has shown to be pure and true to her friends with not a visage of deception in her character. Until she learns that her debt had moved onward to Tenji and Yuichi, she has been absent since the third game, and the show might not bring her to the front either. The only thing left from the season is how Yuichi and Tenji will win the game.

Tomodachi Game Episode 10 Release Date

Tomodachi Game Franchise


What is the release date of Tomodachi Game Episode 10?

The release date for Episode 10 of Tomodachi Game is June 8, 2022, Wednesday for the Japanese and Australian regions. The other areas will have the show available at the time listed below on June 7 Tuesday. NTV, BS NTV, and AT-X will air Episode 10 of Tomodachi Game in Japan.

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 PT (June 7)
  • Central Time: 10:00 CT (June 7)
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 ET (June 7)
  • British Time: 16:00 GMT (June 7)
  • Indian Standard Time: 20:30 IST (June 7)
  • Singapore TIme: 23:00 SNST (June 7)
  • Australian TIme: 01:00 (June 8)

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Where to watch Tomodachi Game Episode 10?

Crunchyroll is the only OTT service that has licensed the series. The series is part of Crunchyroll’s sampler that lasted for the first three episodes., but now a subscription is required to watch the series. Once it streams, Episode 10 of Tomodachi Game will be available on Crunchyroll’s page. Netflix and Hulu Can get the series once all the episodes have been released.

Episode 10 of the Tomodachi game will be available on NTV, BS NTV, and AT-X for the viewers in Japan.

What is Tomodachi Game about?

Tomodachi game tests the value of friendship to extreme ends. The main character Yūichi Katagiri is taught the importance of friendship at a young age. And he gets to live innocuous and happy times with his four friends. His days of bliss continue till high school until the day of school approaches. The funds for the class’s trip were stolen, and Yuichi, along with his four friends, gets entangled in the Tomodachi game. ( It is similar to the Squid game, but the concept was conceived way back in 2013). The game consists of a ranking of players who participate, and the player with the lowest rank wins a high amount. But will this bout of betrayal and scheming sever their friendship forever?

Tomodachi game is created by Mikoto Yamaguchi, the writer, and Yuki Sato. Yuki Sato also does illustrations for the manga. Studio Okuruto Noburo does the anime

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