Black Clover Chapter 332 Release Date Announced!

Black Clover Chapter 332

Black Clover Chapter 332 will cover the last arc, the Kingdom of Spades. Adrammelech arrived and bid Julius Zofree, Lucius. Zofree’s abrupt entrance demonstrates that the struggle against demons is far from ended. Asta and Liebe will confront the devil in Chapter 332 of Black Clover. Fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Chapter 332. The manga is now on hiatus. But according to the rumors, the upcoming chapter will release in August, which features the ending of Black Clover.

Also, Tabata revealed that Julius, the Wizard King, is the fourth Zogratis brother and host of Astaroth the Time Devil. It is the greatest revelation in the series yet. Everyone is now excitedly anticipating the next chapter of Black Clover to see what Tabata has in store for us. All you need to know about Black Clover Chapter 332, including the chapter’s publication date, raw scans, leaks, and spoilers. However, fans will have to wait since the series will be on a three-month hiatus. Now let’s begin the analysis of chapter 332 of Black Clover. Every manga fan who follows the story closely is delighted about the most recent development. In addition, I feel that going ahead, things will become more engaging with the conclusion of the Spade Kingdom Invasion Arc.

Black Clover Chapter 332

In the following arc, the Black Clover tale will conclude with the completion of Asta and Yuno’s quest against Lucius Zogratis and the rest of the superior demons who could not appear in the human realm. Fans are eager to witness their favorite character’s new forms and enhanced magic powers following the time jump.

Black Clover Chapter 332 Release Date

As the series is on a three-month break, we anticipate that Chapter 332, Black Clover, will release on either August 7th or August 14th at midnight JST. This week is a break from the series. Every Sunday, a new chapter of Black Clover is published in Weekly Shonen Jump, a magazine produced by Shueisha. The raw scans and fan translations will be accessible on Friday and the next day.

When will the manga Black Clover return?

Black Clover’s manga and anime are both on hiatus due to the anime’s conclusion a few months ago. The manga series will have three-month pauses and is expected to resume in August 2022 with the series’ final arc. Throughout the last act of the Spade Invasion Arc, it was apparent that Yuki Tabata was reaching burnout due to frequent weekly delays, occasionally shoddy artwork, and manga chapters containing just 10 to 15 pages. The scans are leaked from Japan, translated by translators from across the globe, and then released online by the translators. Release Date As of the following date and time, the official English translations of the most recent chapter will be accessible in the following countries for our worldwide audience:

  • Eastern Time: Noon on Sunday
  • British Time: 5 PM on Sunday
  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday
  • Central Time: 11 AM on Sunday

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Previous Chapter Overview

Before continuing, here is a brief synopsis of the previous events in Black Clover. Damnatio approaches the office of Julius Novachrono gravely in the Clover Kingdom. Julius terminates the communication with Marx Francois after getting his report on the raid. He is happy that the combat is ended but has been nervous since the demon’s strike. Damnatio enters the office after pounding on the door. After Asta and Secret’s Trial, Damnatio began his investigation into devils. In documents from the kingdom’s devil hosts, he discovered that Megicula was not a part of the Tree of Qliphoth 20 years ago. There were three rulers of the underworld: Lucifero, or Satan, of Gravity Magic, Beelzebub of Spatial Magic, and Astaroth of Time Magic.

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When Astaroth abruptly vanishes from the Underworld, Damnatio fears that Megicula will take his position. Damnatio also observes that there has only ever been a single user of Time Magic, which he hopes is unfounded. Julius reaches the same conclusion and pleads with Damnatio to prevent him. Before Julius can complete his thinking or Damnatio can use his Scale Magic, Julius reverts to his adult body, and his grimoire regains its countless pages. The guy taps Damnatio’s skull with his finger, and as Damnatio falls to the ground, Julius’ grimoire transforms into a spade grimoire with a cover. Adrammelech then comes to the window and observes that Lucius Zogratis’ prediction was accurate. Lucius turns back and informs Satan that the moment has arrived.

Where can chapter 331 be read online?

You may read the most recent and prior chapters of Black Clover online on VIZ’s website or Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus. You may also download the Shonen Jump app from Viz or the official Mangaplus app on your Android or iOS smartphone. The only remaining alternative is to await the physical release of the volume by VIZ or your local licensor. If you desire to support its authors for their ongoing hard work and efforts, we urge that you read the newest chapters only from legitimate sources and not from unauthorized or illegal sites.