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Spy X Family Episode 10 Release Date And Where To Watch?

Spy X Family Episode 10 Release Date

In the last few episodes, the focus was primarily on Anya and her school life, departing most of the attention from the forger family. We get to see Anya act in a school setting and her interactions with her peers. With the fate of nations riding on her shoulder and her tendency to make things worse, it was a glee to watch. At the same time, Anya and her school life will resume in Spy X Family Episode 10. Yuri’s visit to the forgers brought new tension to the family, primarily between Yor and Loid. The duo’s struggle began once Yuri left the forger, he wanted to separate on some level but the doubt his actions caused did more than that. Of course, Yuri will be hell-bent on himself if he learned about the turmoil he caused his sister and her new family.

Luckily the knot in their relationship was dissolved so we won’t be any more of it in episode 10 of Spy X Family. And as they say, couples that go through hell together stay together. T Loid had his doubt about Yor secretly being affiliated with the secret police, and being a spy which made him cautious. Yor, on the other, was doubting herself over her incapability of being a housewife. But Loid has a mission for world peace, so he had to be certain that he isn’t being misled. He puts a tracker on Yor and tails her for the day but is unsatisfied with her innocuous routine.

Spy X Family Episode 10 Release Date

CC:Spy X Family Franchise

Spy X Family Episode 10

Episode 10 of Spy X Family will bring us back to Anya’s mission to befriend Damien and embarrass him. The coming episode has them play dodgeball, and with Anya’s psychic ability to mind, it could be easy for her, but she is far from perfect. She can read, not the atmosphere. This is what makes her credible and adorable.

Episode 10 of Spy X Family will also show us how Damien has changed since he realized his feelings. He hasn’t done anything to support or offend her since but it is about time he shows the effects of the change that had occurred in him. Perhaps dodgeball is the opportunity for him to act as her knight.

Spy X Family Episode 10 Release Date

CC: Spy X Family Franchise

What is the release date of Spy X Family Episode 10?

Episode 10 of Spy X Family is hyped despite it being a show that is more character-focused and down to earth with a tinge of a slice of life. Manga fans are already announced to watch the next episode, while the show has garnered new ones on its first premier. Episode 10 of Spy X family will be released on Saturday, the 10th of June. It will release in Australia on the 11th of June, Sunday. The release time for the different regions is given below.

  • Pacific Time – 8.30 AM PDT(11th June 2022)
  • Eastern Time – 11.30 AM CDT(11th June 2022)
  • British Time – 4.30 PM EDT (11th June 2022)
  • European Time – 5.30 PM CEST (11th June 2022)
  • India Standard Time – 9.00 PM IST (11th June 2022)
  • Philippine Time – 11.30 PM PHT (11th June 2022)
  • Singapore Standard Time: 11.30 PM SGT (11th June 2022)
  • Australia Time – 1.00 AM AEST (11th June 2022)

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Where to watch Spy X Family Episode 10?

Episode 10 is titled “The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation” and will be available on Crunchyroll and Netflix. As per the sampler model scheme of Crunchyroll, the first three episodes will be available for free. Starting from episode 4, you will need to subscribe to Crunchyroll to watch further episodes. You can also watch Episode 10 of Spy X family for free on the YouTube channel of Muse Asia. It is available for free in all regions, but few will have the episode up for only three hours after release.

What is Spy X Family about?

In the espionage world of Spy x Family, the world is in a politically unstable climate. One wrong move can trigger another world war. And to make matters worse, there is already movement in the shadows that could start the next battle. To stop this, the secret service puts their best agent to task and gets him to infiltrate secrets out of the heinous parties involved. However, Loid needs to become a family man to get closer to his enemies. As a result, Loid begrudgingly forms the Forger family and gets into the task of molding a model family for world peace.

Tetsuya Endo created the  Spy x Family series. He is the writer as well as the prominent illustrator of the series. The series is adapted into anime by a Joint effort between Wit Studio and CloverWorks.

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