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Top 10 Most Cute Anime Girls Of All Time

Anime is filled with diverse characters that are either smart, story, or charismatic, and some of them are cute in the sense that they are adorable and need to be protected at all costs; and we have a list of Top 10 Most Cute Anime Girls Of All Time! There are countless anime in which there are girls that fit this description that are adored by everyone for their funny nature as well as their wholesome nature, which makes the audience care for them.

They are sometimes the reason why people watch anime in the first place. Some of them have adorable faces and charm. Some of them are powerful and authoritative. Usually, though, their roles are soft and cute, ‘kawaii’ per se. Now, let us take a look at some of these cute anime girls.

Top 10 Most Cute Anime Girls Of All Time

10. Kagome Higurashi

Kagome Higurashi

We start our list with Kagome Higurashi, who is a female protagonist from Inuyasha. She is a third-year middle school student from Tokyo that has a very bond and caring person. She is never afraid to tell the truth even if the situations are really serious. But even with this seriousness, she still has a childish personality and is very ill-mannered. Because of that, it makes are cute and a very wholesome character in general that anyone can get behind. Her character gets more and more amazing as the series moves forward.

9. Winry Rockbell

She is one of the main characters in the infamous Fullmetal Alchemists series. She is a training surgeon and mechanical repairer. Winry is a character that is full of joy and laughter that everyone loves to see when she makes an appearance on the show. Her cheerful nature is admired by everyone as she can brighten their day up. She was also emotional support of Edward Elric, who kept him on the right path, and she also had very high morals. She will die before breaking any of them.

8. Megumin


She is one of the best anime that came out recently, and with it came Megumin, who is an Arch Wizard of the Crimson Magic Clan. Megumin is a very powerful magic user, but after using it a handful of times, her energy gets drained to the point that she can’t even move her body. She is depicted at first as a quiet character, but instead, she is a loud and eccentric girl who has made everyone laugh. She brags about her ability, but in the face of advertising, she drops that act and proceeds to run from it. This personality of her’s something that no one can get mad at and is only adorable.

7. Mayuri Shiina: How Cute Is This Anime Girl?

Mayuri Shiina

She Shiina is a very innocent and honest character that hails from the Steins; Gate series. She is a very pure soul who is very native as well as childish. But this childishness gets overweight by the fact that she is very caring for the people that she knows and love. Her character is very sweet, and every single time she is on screen, the audience has just adored her character.

6. Kagura


Kagura is a character from Gintama that is filled with energy and is the main female protagonist of the series. She is very native and unladylike most of the time because of her behavior which is most likely found in boys. She has a very big stomach and can love to eat. But even with these things, Kagura is still as adorable as one can be.

5. Konata Izumi

Konata Izumi

Izumi is the main protagonist of Lucky Star and is also the leader of the group named Lucky Star. She is mischievous and sarcastic but is a person with a great heart. Izumi annoys everyone with her pranks and, because of that, calls herself a prankster. She loves to do these types of things to her friends, which annoys them immensely. Even with this, she is loved by all of her friends because she helps them in their time of need, like all good friends.

4. Ochaco Uraraka: A Really Cute Anime Girl!

Ochaco Uraraka

She is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia and is a very laid-by person. Uraraka is a very positive character and is a very straightforward person who exaggerates something that can be simple as a joke. She is very empathic towards her friends as well as villains, which is quite wholesome when thinking about it. She, in general, is a strong character and a very well-written character that deserves to be on the list of cute anime girls.

3. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado

She is the sister of Tanjiro Kamado and hails from the Demon Slayer anime. She is a very caring and kind girl who thinks the best for her beloved brother. This is also true in the case of other human beings, and she also protects them as well. She possesses such strong will that only a few can match it. She had some of the most wholesome and funny moments in the entire series during her interaction with other characters. What makes her even more adorable is the timing when she comes into the picture during a scene.

2. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga

She is a member of the Hyuga clan that hails from the Naruto series. Hinata is a very shy girl that doesn’t talk or say anything that much when surrounded by many people. She has a very kind heart and a very happy demeanor towards everyone she comes across. Hinata’s cuteness doesn’t come because of her actions instead her been so shy that she can’t do anything and all of these interactions are very funny and adorable.

1. Shirahoshi


Shirahoshi is the character from One Piece that is the Princess of Ryugu Kingdom. She is a giant mermaid that has seen the outside world or its people. Shirahoshi was kept safe by her father year and year so that no harm could fall upon her. She is truly a pure soul that has a crystal clear heart and, on top of that very fragile personality. Shirahoshi is what one calls the incarnation of cuteness. We hope you liked our list of top 10 cute anime girls!

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