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Top 10 Best Characters In The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

We have a list of the top 10 best characters in The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K if you are a fan. The series is a manga series that was written and illustrated by Shūichi Asō. It follows the story of a high school student named Kusuo Saiki that is born having powers. He has to keep them a secret. A very simple premise but it is one of the funniest anime a person could watch and it also has many amazing/funny characters that hold their own in the anime.

The series is hailed as one of the best comedy anime of all time and is still held in high regard by many people. It is truly a timeless masterpiece that needs to be watched by everyone. Many characters are such great characters and here are 10 of the best characters in The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

10. Kaidou Shun

Kaidou Shun

He is a character that is called the chuunibyou (it is a person that desperately wants to stand out) by his classmates because of the outrageous things he says. Kaidou pretends to be a very serious and all-known character but it is the exact opposite as he is very cowardly and gets scared in dangerous situations. But that’s what’s so funny and about is the fact that even with the act he puts up, he is still treated like a normal person that is treated as an outcast by all.

09. Saiki Kurumi

Saiki Kurumi

Shs is the mother of Kusuo and Kusuke. She is a very kind and gentle-hearted person. She is very trusting and can never doubt any person. Furthermore, the reason Kusuo is such a nice person is because of her mother who always wanted him to be good and help others that are in need. He says to himself that if it wasn’t for her mother he would have done bad things using his psychic powers.

08. Mera Chisato

Mera Chisato

She is a classmate of Kusuo who works at Cafe Mami as a waitress. She is a character that is filled with a lot of emotions like clumsy, very selfish, but ultimately a very good-hearted girl. Chisato is a hard worker who works for her family to support them financially. She will do anything to make the wrongs she did right. Like when she ate all of the food during the shipwreck and provided people with plants and killed a snake that was going to harm them.

07. Saiki Kumagorou

Saiki Kumagorou

He is the husband of Saiki Kumi and the father of Kurumi. Saiki is at first was portrayed as a very serious character that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But with as each episode progressed, he is shown to be a very good and welcoming person. He is fond of his grandchildren who he loves deeply.

06. Nendou Riki

Nendou Riki

Riki Nendou is one of the main characters of the series that is a very strong person that likes to help people and prioritizes the weak. He isn’t an intelligent character and instead looks like a thug because of his scares. But looks can be deceiving as he is a very kind person who helps those that are in danger like rescuing a girl from drowning who rejected him previously. He as previously mentioned isn’t that intelligent to a point that Saiki Kusuo can’t read his thoughts because he is an idiot.

05. Aiura Mikoto

Aiura Mikoto

She is a very popular girl in her class who became very popular. Aiura has a strong sense of justice and wants to use her telepathic abilities to help people. Mikoto openly uses her power to do what is right and isn’t afraid of anyone if she thinks she is right. Her personality is as easy going and her mature nature makes her one of the best characters in the anime series.

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04. Hairo Kineshi

Hairo Kineshi

He is the class representative of class 2 and is a very natural leader with a pure heart and soul. He is a hot-blooded and energetic person that is very passionate about tennis. Hairo is a type of character that wants to help everyone and try to do what is right for them. He is a guy that everyone looks up to for him guiding them.

03. Kuboyasu Aren

Kuboyasu Aren

He is a very strong delinquent who is feared by all of the school because of him being short-tempered and very violent nature. But even a guy like him is childish as well as naive and generally talks about Motorcycle as he loves them. But as the series progressed, he was shown to have some degree of control over his anger.

02. Chouno Uryoku

Chouno Uryoku

He was once married to Nendou Riki’s mom but due to some complications (mostly because of him) they separated. He is dressed as a magician with a suit and a hat but it is just a genomic as he isn’t a good magician. Furthermore, he doesn’t understand the value of money as he spent 1 million yen on a simple trick box. But overall he is a very funny character that provided the fans with great laughter numerous times. This is why he is on our list of top 10 Best Characters In The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

01. Saiki Kusuo

Saiki Kusuo

At the number one spot is none other than the protagonist of the series. He is a very funny character that presented the fans with a lot of wholesome moments. As a child, Saiki was very mischievous but as he grew older, he became more responsible and made a lot of friends because of his good nature. He holds his friends in high regard and won’t disrespect them to their faces. Furthermore, he can give up his happiness for the sake of others.

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