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Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls In Anime of All Time

Are you wondering what are the Most Beautiful Girls In Anime of All Time? There are numerous anime in the world and there are many beautiful women. They steal the hearts of the audience with their strong ideal, character, and beauty which is something that every author aims to do to have a beautiful strong lead that can break the cliche of the old days. Nowadays, the female characters are represented with more dignity and respect as well as with looks that can kill anyone. Here are the 10 most beautiful girls in anime of all time.

10. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory

On our list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls In Anime of All Time, Rias is first. She is the main protagonist of High School DxD and is the heir to the Gremory Clan. Rias is a very beautiful young woman who has long hair, and beautiful eyes. She is a very strong and independent woman that is one of the strongest characters in the series. She is very kind, and humble and doesn’t like when people are in tough situations. Not only is she beautiful from the outside but also the inside as well.

09. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

She is a character that hails from the Violet Evergarden series and Violet is its main protagonist. At first, she was a character that didn’t have emotions but this changed when she met Gilbert then she was able to understand basic human emotions which is a very wholesome process that everyone loved. Her beauty comes from her simplicity and the dresses she wears are normal clothing in which she looks stunning. This proves that simplicity can also be beautiful

08. Irina Jelavic

Irina Jelavic

She is one of the characters that come from the Assassination Classroom and who serves as the teacher for E Class. At a very young age lost her parents due to war but she found a mentor there who trained her into becoming a really good assassin. She is a very gorgeous-looking woman that uses her body as her weapon which but also is very strong. She is truly a beautiful girl who knows her worth and her personality changes in the middle of the story which made likable as a character as well

07. Tsunade Senju

Tsunade Senju

She is the former Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village who comes from the Naruto series. Tsunade is very good look despite her age which is quite mind-blowing when you see how old she is. She is a very formidable opponent that can be deadly for those that take her lightly. She is a very good character whose beauty has no boundaries.

06. Kallen Stadtfeld

Kallen Stadtfeld

She is one of the main characters in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Kallen is very strong-willed, full of determination, and a brave person that doesn’t back down from a fight. She is a very skilled pilot that was feared by all of the other fighters including the infamous Knights of Rounds. She is not only gifted in that front but also beautiful as well. Kallen is a very generous person that can’t stand by when her people are getting beaten up and for that reason, she joined the Black Knights to oppose the government itself.

05. Zero Two

Zero Two

She is a character from DARLING in the FRANXX and is one of the main characters of that series. Zero Two as a child was very alone (because of reasons that will spoil the story) in terms she was very aggressive as well as defensive when someone tried to approach her. But deep down she was cheerful, and a happy girl who needed someone like that she could rely on. What makes her special is her red hair and eyes that takes everyone’s breath away upon seeing them.

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04. Nami

Nami is a character from the anime One Piece and is one of the members of the Strawhat Pirates. She is a very caring person that can’t see a child in trouble or pain, Nami will do anything in her power to help them no matter how. It could be that children are angels that don’t need to be treated like this for obvious reasons and the second can be the trauma that she suffered as a child as she vowed that no other child will go through such suffering and pain.

03. Saeko Busujima

Saeko Busujima

She is a character from Highschool of the dead and was a student at Fujimi High School. Saeko is a very deadly combatant who is said to be the most dependable fighter in her group. Saeko has saved her friends on numerous occasions and there is no telling if she wasn’t in the group then most of them would have died by now. On top of being such a great fighter, she is a stunning beauty which has been cemented in the show on multiple occasions

02. C.C.

She is a character from the Code Geass series who is devoid of every single emotion but she is stubborn at times which adds more depth to her character. C.C is a very quiet character but with the series moving forward she became a person that has emotions which made her ten times more likable. There is nothing to say about her beauty except that she is gorgeous and needs to be protected at all times.

01. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

On top of our list is none other than Boa Hancock that is captain of the Kuja pirates and is a character from One Piece. She is a breathtaking woman whose beauty can’t be explained by only using her words as it won’t do justice to her. Boa is so beautiful that her presence is enough to make the enemy call in love with her and will become her slaves that will do anything for her. If the word beautiful had a physical form then Boa Hancock would be it. We hope you liked our list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls In Anime of All Time!

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