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Top 10 Anime To Watch In Summer 2022: A Season Of Sequels

summer anime 2022

Spring Season was a season of new adaptations. In essence, it was a season for new shows, befitting the time they were released. But anime in season 2022 is a bit of a mix. Many new and high-profile shows coming, but the main focus will be the sequels. We get sequels of shows that were released not long ago. We are getting Devil is a part-timer season 2 ( no game no life season 2 when?). Overlord and Dan Maichi season 4. Classroom of the Elite season 2!… and uhh Rent A Girlfriend season 2.

With so many sequels coming the season will be jam-packed. And it won’t be just jam-packed action psychological, and high stakes this summer either. The new shows coming are looking to be a relaxing trip amidst all the intensity. Below are the top ten anime to watch this summer.

Top 10 Anime To Watch In Summer 2022: A Season Of Sequels

Overlord is coming back with season 4

Top 10 Anime To Watch In Summer 2022

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2

The series takes pride in character regression and the crash course it is headed. There are many, many things wrong in this series with no scope for character development. The series is akin to the horror genre, you know things will get bad but curiosity demands that you know. It will be one of the highlights of the summer anime 2022.

Tensei Kenja No Iseka Life

Isekai? Check Friendly slimes? Check. Generic MC who is going to be overpowered by different means? Check. The anime looks to be another run-of-the-mill isekai with its gimmick. Summer 2022 doesn’t have that many Isekai that stand out. But this one is looking to be for chills, relax and forget about your problems. This is why it is getting attention! ( Nah, it’s the slimes)

Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer

Sometimes the manga deserving of an anime is a little to get adapted. Such as the case with this one. Though no one can beat with decade period wait for JoJo’s adaptation. Lucifer and his biscuit hammer were one of the hits two decades ago. It has a lot of potential in being the best of the year.

Uncle From Another World

You know an anime is good when the main character is voiced by Takehito Koyasu. It seems he is everywhere these days. And in the spring season, he was on quite a lot of shows. The anime premise is as simple as it sounds, and it is going to be the best anime of summer 2022

Call Of The Night

Though summer is mostly about sequels, there are a few good shows that will be getting anime for the first time. Call of the night is a story about a simple guy making horrible decisions (Relatable?). But things take a turn when a vampire comes and turns his life upside down. Given the popularity of the manga, the show will be one of the better ones in summer.

Top 10 Anime To Watch In Summer 2022: A Season Of Sequels

Classroom of the elite is back with season 2

Dan Matchi Season 4

Dan Machi is one of the original animes that came after the floodgates of Isekai opened. It was one of the most popular among the first wave, so it’s not surprising it continues to get more seasons. And it might be a good idea to watch past seasons and spin-offs before jumping on the wagon. It has been a while since last season.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2

Who doesn’t like a smart protagonist making calculated moves at the expense of everyone? We get these types of anime every season but they never refuse to die. And for a good reason. The second season will see the return of class D and have them taking on new challenges. But with the school setting, new season new character. Who will be the transfer student? And in which class they will end up?

Overlord IV

The last season was a real cliffhanger. It is great to see the series return to anime in the summer of 2022. Last we saw Ainz, he had taken control over the continent. He also left a linchpin among the people to coerce the rebellion which never came to be… How did he do that? You need to review the past seasons!

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Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2

Back in the day when Isekai was not the talk of the town, this show was considered the best among light novel adaptations. It was so good, everyone was looking forward to its second season. Which never happened, till now. The show back then was popular for its character and day-to-day life. By today’s standards, you can even call it reverse Isekai. That is how good this show was, but I am worried if this show will hold up to today’s standard time. Although, the second season has given me hope for a thing I have given up on. No Game No Life might get a second season after all…Also, you might need a refresher as to what was going on.

Made In Abyss Season 2

Any genre can be made anime of. And the medium has some unique genres as well. But there is one genre that benefits most from the medium, fantasy. Not Isekai, not Elves, not overpowered fantasy protagonist. Fantasy in its truest sense cannot be limited to a trope. Sadly, what we see most of the time is the same tropes over and over again just because they are safe. But a fantasy story in the truest sense is an experience unlike any. That is a high bar but not impossible. And when a story reaches that bar it gets the attention it deserves. When made in abyss came out years ago, it set the anime world ablaze. It proved that people yearn for a true fantasy experience. We will dive deeper into the abyss in the summer of 2022. 

Animes in the summer of 2022 are a reminder that the series can get a sequel at any time. Surely, Devil is A part Time is the one that gives the hope our beloved series can come back to screen one day. This is why any anime fan out there who had given up on their anime’s sequel should chin up. The summer anime also has spring 2022 to compete with as the season has the best anime of the year contenders. With its list of sequels and new shows can the animes next live up to the challenge?

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