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Ya Boy Kongming Season 2: When Will It Come?

Ya Boy Kongming Season 2

Don’t judge a book by its cover. This sentiment is often expressed when a seemingly bad show turns out good. However, it is not rare as it used to be. These days we have many shows coming out every season and among them is a hidden gem in hiding. Paripi Komei was one of the hidden gems of its season and it lives up to its reputation. However, the show was so good people are already demanding Ya Boy Kongming Season 2 the moment finale hit. The reason for it is pretty clear, the show brought a fresh take to the music genre. And not only that we also learn about intricacies that are involved in the music as the show goes on.

Characters and their struggles are the main stars of the show. They face problems and scenarios that are relatable to a wide audience. The show gives us two aspiring musicians at the price of one. Eiko is an aspiring musician who fails to get herself an agent who can sponsor her. Kabe is a former rapper who distances himself from rapping after the pressure got better of him. And Komei, a tactician from a bygone era who was transported to the future. He promises to take her to the world stage and make her voice reach worldwide. The journey of down-to-earth musicians who are building themselves from the ground with the help of an out-of-time tactician is riveting. And as each episode goes on, you can’t help but cheer for Eiko and Kabe. It was done so well, that fans are demanding Season 2 of Ya Boy Kongming.

Will Ya Boy Kongming Season 2 Be Greenlit?

Anime sequels don’t happen even if the show was popular. Even in the age of streaming the industry still hasn’t figured out a good way to monetize through the internet. Though there have been attempts to do so via models provided by Crunchyroll and HiDive. However, they are not as effective as the cost of production outweighs profits. The only way for anime sequels to get greenlit is through the sales of Blu-ray and merch. And those sales are Japan restricted, meaning you have to buy merch originating from there to support the industry. Ya Boy Kongming Season 2 won’t be greenlit even if the show ends up boosting manga’s sales. This brings me to another issue with the industry. Many anime-adapted shows are made with the intent of advertising the source material. But given the popularity of the show, Kongming might make it.

Ya Boy Kongming Season 2

Ya Boy Kongming Season 2 has a high chance of being greenlit though. The studio that was handling the show doesn’t have many shows lined up for production. It is also the case with a company that they announce anime news once they are halfway done. Season 2 of Ya Boy Kongming could be under production by PA works and they might reveal it later in the future. But if you want to support anime without spending money, spreading the word about it will be helpful. The growth of a fanbase helps the anime in many ways and keeps them stay relevant.

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What To Expect From Ya Boy Kongming Season 2?

The first season ended with Eiko winning the competition for 100,000 likes over Azaleas. Season 2 of Ya Boy Kongming will go forward from there. But in the manga that was the beginning of Eiko’s troubles, the founder of the project informed her that “Dreamer” wasn’t enough. She has to prepare three more songs that are on the level of “Dreamer”. And her deadline is six months before the festival hits. This is where season 2 of Ya Boy Kongming would bring new characters to help her. And for Eiko’s help, three siblings are introduced. However, they are not on good terms with each other, and there is a conflict the moment they are introduced. Eiko and Koumei have asked them to help her with the songs but get caught in the crossfire. Though, with Koumei’s wit and planning he resolves their conflict and gets them to help Eiko.

The three new characters are not the only ones who are introduced, we would also see a character holding animosity toward Eiko. Along with them, some old faces would make an appearance in Ya Boy Kongming Season 2. Whether the next season is twelve-episode long or twenty-four episodes long, the manga thrives on its concept. And given how well things turn up in the manga, season 2 of Ya Boy Kongming better come soon.

Ya Boy Kongming Season 2

CC: Ya Boy Kongming Franchise

Where would Ya Boy Kongming Season 2 stream?

Season 2 of Ya Boy Kongming should come to HiDive. HiDive came out right after the merger of Funimation and Crunchyroll. Although the website is new, many classics are worth checking out. Not only that, the OTT service has given great animes for its first season. Proving itself to be a worthy competitor to Crunchyroll. Though making anime takes a huge amount of time, Season 2 will not be coming until later next year. Ya Boy Kongming Season  1 is available on HiDive and the last episode came out on June 16, 2022. And I would recommend subscribing to their service, as the better part of sping 2022 came from them. I would recommend The Executioner And Her way of Life, my personal favorite.

What Is Ya Boy Kongming About?

The war of the Three Kingdoms is nearing its end, but the great strategist is sick and nearing his end. On his deathbed, one wish is to have a peaceful if he is reborn. Kongming wakes up and finds himself in modern-day Tokyo on the day of Halloween, which he mistakes for hell. His attire being that of the Third century, he is mistaken for a well-versed Kongming look alike and is taken to a club. He finds himself content where music grates his ears. The misconception starts to fade as soon as he hears the singing of a certain girl in the clubhouse.

Yuto Yotsuba and Ryō Ogawa are the creators of the series. Yuto Yotsuba is the writer, and Ryō Ogawa is the chief illustrator of the series. Studio PA Works adapted the series into anime.

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