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Top 10 Shounen Anime Of All Time

Shounen is the most popular genre in the anime/manga circle, followed by Isekai. Of course, the best genre in the list would need a top ten. But there is a long history of the genre and so many good titles to pick from. And no matter how you look at it, some will be left out. And Jojo is not on the list because it is a genre of its own. That said, the top 10 shounen anime listed here are based on popularity and anime quality. There are a few I wanted to mention in the list of Top Shounes anime, but they either have lesser popularity or sub-par animation. ( Sorry, Reborn and Magi). But the recommendations below are shows you can watch for the starter or recommend the top 10 shounen anime list to others.

Top 10 Shounen Anime

CC: Top 10 Shonen Anime

Top 10 Shounen Anime Of All Time


 10) Black Clover: 

Black Clover had a rough start when it began. The memes were all over comparing Asta to a sports car engine. Not only that, some said the series was straight out of a printer that had all the genres inked. But as time went by series started to come out on its own and made a name for itself. Black Clover slowly made its way to the top 10 shounen anime over time. Though the anime didn’t adapt the series entirely, it will be in due time.

9) My Hero Academia: 

There is no better place series to turn to when you are sick of superheroes. My Hero Academia is a shounen take on superheroes. It is as it sounds. The series is good at hooking up readers/viewers from the get-go. Things are always on the roll, and the soundtracks are unlike any. With a season coming every year, you will always have something to look out for. It will be part of your top 10 shounen anime in no time.

8) Bleach:

 One of the big three that wrapped up a while ago. Easily one of the top 10 shounen’s out there. Bleech was considered to be in the league of its own, though, after some time dwindled a little. But the series still holds up to this day as one of the better shounen animes. The series is also coming back later this year with the Thousand-Year Arc. There is one thing you can be particular about Bleech. It has memorable songs you will never forget.

7) Jujutsu Kaisen:

Building on the success of Demon Slayer, the series made a good name for itself. Its first movie, however, was quite a spectacle. That movie was even in the top five movies grossing in American cinemas at one point. But money and hype aren’t the only things that make this unique. The story is compelling as well as inspired by its predecessors. You can tell where it drew influences from, and the show doesn’t shy to point out some of them itself. However, the results are not only from anime (or the top 10 shounen of the author’s time) alone. If you like weird fantasy, this one is right up your alley.

Jujutsu Kaisen Shonen Anime

6) Naruto, Naruto Shippuden:

One of the big three has died and reincarnated and used to be in the top three spots of past top 10 shounen anime lists. In the hearts of anime fans, Naruto will always be the underdog in the anime world. The first series saw Naruto at a young age and loud mouth as he went to accomplish his dream. Shippuden takes a much different approach. Some of the themes are gone, making it a weaker sequel to the original. But Naruto’s journey earns him the title of best protagonist among many.

5) One Piece:

One of the big three that continues to this day. One-piece has been in rage as the series hit a new milestone. Just like Naruto, One Piece used to be among the top 3 in the past top 10 shounen. However, no other manga has long years of mystery with revelations years later. We have yet to learn what one Piece is, but the adventure is grand and otherworldly. At one point in watching it, you will feel like you are part of their journey. It is low because anime quality does not do justice to the manga.


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4) Demon Slayer:

The show and the manga series made quite an impact on the world. When the manga was getting published, it single-handedly outsold comics in America. And the story is great not because it does new things but because it sticks to fundamentals. Sadly the series had to be cut short due to the author’s circumstances, but anime is worth the watch. You will not be dissatisfied with the animation or the story. It deserves a spot above the top shounen anime list for rejuvenating the manga industry.

Top 10 Shounen Anime

CC: Demon Slayer Franchise

3) Gintama: 

If there is one thing I would do with Gintama is “forget the memories but remember the experience.” Gintama wasn’t talked about as much in the beginning, hardly making it to the top 10 shounen anime. The satirical show that grew into an action-packed samurai fight is a roller coaster ride. The jokes are the best you can find in the whole genre. The series has a good mix of serious and goofy ones. And you are going to love Gintoki. He comes out as a character you can’t find anywhere in the genre. But he is not the primary driver or even charm of the show. Just ask Zura.

2) Hunter X Hunter:

Hunter x Hunter is the shounen anime that will introduce you to wonders and feats you can’t find anywhere. Not only does the series have a good adaptation and compelling plot with interesting characters. It has a power system that plays on the strengths and weaknesses of its surface. And you can never know what the story can be. But the worst part about the show is that you can’t describe what makes it great. The only way to know is to see the series for yourself. And don’t worry, the series is not too big 

1) Full Metal Alchemist/ Attack on Titan: 

All the previous entries have one thing in common. Their mangas are published under the same publisher, which is an outstanding feat considering the competition in the market. But these two hold the crown, although some may argue that FMA is better than AoT and vice versa. And I, too, would fall into that category, but I respect AoT as a series I don’t find myself doing. Plus, the rumor is anime might go for a different ending. Depending on how that goes, it would cement the king of anime once and for all. 

But this is just one of the top 10 shounen anime lists. With such a vast genre, there are many other lists as well.

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