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Tomodachi Game Episode 13 Release Date And Where To Watch?

Tomodachi Game Episode 13 Release Date

Tomodachi Game Episode 13 will not be coming any time soon. But seeing how it left us on a cliffhanger, season two looks pretty likely. Tomodachi game is popular, to begin with. It got a live-action and drama series way before anime was greenlit. Seeing the overall popularity of the series, the studio should announce season two by the end of the year. And it should have a season two cause Yuichi’s madness in one season is not enough. We also see him go through a character Arc after the end of the second game. He wanted to preserve his good side to his friends, and he also became a little soft in the end. But his character was much more profound in that. When Kokorogi was threatened later down the line, he didn’t flinch at destroying another person and his relationship.

Tomodachi Game Episode 13 Release Date

CC: Tomodachi Game Franchise

Tomodachi Game Episode 13

Episode 13 of Tomodachi Game will most likely happen in season two and will only have three participants. We didn’t see Shiho in the last scene of the twelfth episode, so it’s safe to say she is out. But that would only create more mystery and her involvement in it. Speaking of involvement, why was there a group of thugs pretending to be from Tomodachi game management. Someone must have purposefully tipped him off to target Yuichi to break his spirits. So many questions, not many answers. Can’t Season two come any sooner?

Tomodachi Game Episode 13 Release Date

CC: Tomodachi Game Franchise

What is the release date of Tomodachi Game Episode 13?

Episode 13 of Tomodachi Game will not be coming as episode 12 was the first season’s last episode. However, the series has garnered niche popularity in its first season, making it possible for the second season to be greenlit. You can also read the manga of the series, as it is pretty ahead and have nuances that can’t be adapted to anime. And since the series has already been popular in live-action and J-Drama circles, you can watch those renditions if you like the anime.

Where to watch Tomodachi Game?

Crunchyroll is the only OTT service that has licensed the series. The series is part of Crunchyroll’s sampler that lasted for the first three episodes., but now a subscription is required to watch the series. Netflix and Hulu Can get the series once all the episodes have been released.

Tomodachi game could be available on NTV, BS NTV, and AT-X for the viewers in Japan when it reruns.

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What is Tomodachi Game about?

Tomodachi game tests the value of friendship to extreme ends. The main character Yūichi Katagiri is taught the importance of friendship at a young age. And he gets to live innocuous and happy times with his four friends. His days of bliss continue till high school until the day of school approaches. The funds for the class’s trip were stolen, and Yuichi, along with his four friends, gets entangled in the Tomodachi game. ( It is similar to the Squid game, but the concept was conceived way back in 2013). The game consists of a ranking of participating players, and the player with the lowest rank wins significantly. But will this bout of betrayal and scheming sever their friendship forever?

Tomodachi game is created by Mikoto Yamaguchi, the writer, and Yuki Sato. Yuki Sato also does illustrations for the manga. Studio Okuruto Noburo does the anime

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