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Will Tomodachi Game Get Season 2?

Tomodachi Game Season 2

Spring 2022 has so many good animes. The moment they ended, there was a demand for their season 2. Shows like Shokei Soujo and Komei ended earlier than their counterparts and were the first ones to get demand for season 2. And like them, Tomodachi Game Get Season 2 is also being asked of by viewers and critics alike. The only psychological show of the season, the Series did well and earned itself a fan following in the anime community. However, you would be delighted to learn how popular this show was before even getting its anime. It has a premise similar to Squid Game, and many were quick to make that comparison. However, the Series has existed for over a decade and continues to go strong. Tomodachi Game got a live-action adaptation and drama in 2017, well over half a decade ago over anime.

There is also a strong case for why we can get Tomodachi Game Season 2. The Series ended on a cliffhanger and finished in a tone that suggested things would continue in the future. It is not the kind of confidence you see often. Mostly when things are left like that in anime, they are in two parts and announced early on. The studio is fairly confident about what the popular show will have over time. However, they may have also done things in a way to induce suspense and curiosity over what happens next. Anime studios have gotten into the habit of making an anime of IP only to promote the sales of source materials. Many light novels get an anime just for that. And the method is not without merit cause some authors need attention like that.

Tomodachi Game Season 2

CC: Tomodachi Game Franchise

Will there be Tomodachi Game Get Season 2?

How high are the chances for season 2 of Tomodachi Game? Statistically speaking, very high. The Series has a good following, with a live-action movie and drama. When it comes to manga IPs, it’s almost always the opposite that happens. They first get an anime, it shows traction with the audience, and if it’s popular enough, it gets adapted into live drama or movie. But it’s the opposite with the Tomodachi game. They first got live-action adaptations and then an anime five years later. The manga might have been greenlit due to the popularity of Squid Game since the two have a similar premise. But they function differently and tells different facet of society. Squid Game is about the Rampant rise of Capitalism in South Korea and Its consequences. Tomodachi Game is about the value of friendship over money, accepting your friends for who they are.

So if you wanted to have some statistical reassurance for season 2 of Tomodachi Game being Greenlit, rest assured. It also helps that the studio behind the Series is not very popular and has a limited range of anime to draw upon. They could cash in on the popularity of the Series to earn big profits for themselves. So far, Okuruto Noboru (the studio behind the anime) only has lackluster anime to their name. But those titles have also been the ones that worked as a means to sell off the source material. However, they do Hyperdimension OVAs regularly, so they might also draw on from Tomodachi Game.

Tomodachi Game Season 2

CC: Tomodachi Game Franchise

What to expect from Tomodachi Game Get Season 2?

There are so many questions that need to be answered in Tomodachi Game Season 2. For starters, we still don’t know how the games came to be and who the real people behind them are. The administrators might have some clue, but they haven’t hinted much. There is some malicious intent behind whoever came up with the idea of the games. Perhaps that someone was a sadist who also had a knack for money. Tomodachi Game Season 2 might introduce a character like that.

Another thing is the older adult who appeared briefly in Yuichi’s past. He and Yuichi were seen talking about the value of money over everything. He is not that way, but what changed that?

The main focus for season 2 of Tomodachi Game will be Shiho. She has a lot to do with it, and her family also seems to be involved. When Manabu said Yuichi and Tenji have a debt of ten million, she went quiet and dismissed him as a liar. We also don’t see Shiho anywhere during the last episodes of the first season. Lastly, Shibe is being charged with murder, but we don’t know who the victim is, why he did it, or if he even did it. T

Where would the Tomodachi Game season 2 stream?

Crunchyroll is the only OTT service that has licensed season one, making it highly probable for season 2 as well. The Series was part of Crunchyroll’s sampler that lasted for the first three episodes. So the second season may get the same treatment. Netflix and Hulu Can get the Series once all the episodes have been released.

Tomodachi game could be available on NTV, BS NTV, and AT-X for the viewers in Japan when it reruns.

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What is Tomodachi Game about?

Tomodachi game tests the value of friendship to extreme ends. The main character Yūichi Katagiri is taught the importance of friendship at a young age. And he gets to live innocuous and happy times with his four friends. His days of bliss continue till high school until the day of school approaches. The funds for the class’s trip were stolen, and Yuichi, along with his four friends, gets entangled in the Tomodachi game. ( It is similar to the Squid game, but the concept was conceived way back in 2013). The game consists of a ranking of participating players, and the player with the lowest rank wins significantly. But will this bout of betrayal and scheming sever their friendship forever?

Tomodachi game is created by Mikoto Yamaguchi, the writer, and Yuki Sato. Yuki Sato also does illustrations for the manga. Studio Okuruto Noburo does the anime

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