Will Komi Can’t Communicate Get Season 3?

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3
CC: Komi Can’t Communicate Franchise

Season 2 of Komi Can’t Communicate wrapped up, and the fans already want season 3. That is not surprising. The manga for the series began in 2016, and fans have enjoyed an anime adaptation since then. But there weren’t even rumors of the anime due to no announcement of its popularity despite its popularity. The manga community would even meme about how the show will get no anime. But everyone’s prayers were answered, and the anime did come to life. Though, the readers who have read the manga more than once found the show’s pacing slow. However, as weeks went by, they could enjoy the show again. The anime was popular both in Japan and overseas, garnering new fans and demand for a sequel. As we are ahead of the story in the manga, we know Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3 will be a blast.

This is a bit of a concern as we haven’t heard anything about season 3 of the anime. Seeing how confident they were during season 1, it seems to have dwindled. Perhaps the show isn’t as possible, the numbers aren’t as high, or the studio is busy with another project. This is ironic, as the manga is doing great as it used to. If season 3 happens, it will also introduce us to many new characters, offering us the same experience we saw the show for the first time.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3
CC: Komi can’t communicate franchise

Will Komi Can’t Communicate Be Greenlit for Season 3?

The first season of anime ended in January of 2022, but around the time anime was getting, the second was greenlit. So it is safe to assume Komi Can’t Communicate Get Season 3 would have happened if it were announced before the anime ended. “Safe to Assume,” but on the other hand, we have an anime expo coming in July, a place ripe for making announcements. In a place where a big and dedicated crowd is in a popular event, it would be a waste not to make announcements but to create the hype. An important to consider for Season 3 of Komi Can’t Communicate the way season 2 ended. If you are an avid reader of the manga, you might have noticed the few events they had thrown in the last episode. We saw at least two characters that would be part appearing in the second year.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3
CC: Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3 Speculation

What to expect from Komi Can’t Communicate Get Season 3?

There is a lot packed in the story ahead. Manga makes that clear very early as the second year starts. There are already hints of Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3 cast in the last episode of season 2. But that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Out of the class, only six characters we know moved to the new style. These six are Tadano, Komi, Najami, Katai, Narasu and Kometani. Though Komi and Tadano are the main characters, a new character joins the main cast. Manbagi is a gyaru who becomes part of the gang and has a few chapters dedicated to her. The chemistry between her and KomiTada will grow till the end of the year.

Komi continues her goal of making 100 friends in high school. The difficulty level is just the same; she hasn’t grown to the point that she can talk openly to others. Tadano will also get the protagonist, as he will have two girls crushing over him. A story that will take place around Valentine. And unlike his last Valentine, this one will be serious. We also see Narasu grow as a character as well. Yes, a guy named after a narcissist god will grow.

And as our main characters enter the second year of high school, they become legible for one thing—the student council president elections. Though neither Tadano nor Komi participates in the polls, they will make a new friend who is hooked on it. And is also a clean freak. And just like any event, it will have reveals and twists unlike any before. A new character in the mix will add another layer of freshness. And among all this, Narasu will start the change we spoke of earlier in the article. And then there is that summer vacation event. Which takes place in Katai’s house…

The school festival will be the most important event of the year. We would say read the manga just for that; it is so great. That festival spans a few chapters, and it was sad to see it end. More importantly, we see Komi and Manbagi realize the thing they have most common in. As for the class event, Komi’s class does a play. Tadano gets the role of prince and princess! Female Tadano will return once again. You will be rolling on your stomach like the first time he cross-dressed.

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Where will Komi Communicate Season 3 stream?

Komi can’t communicate season 2 and season 1 are exclusive to Netflix. Netflix has opted for making the dubbed version of the show, and season 1’s dub is already there. The show aired on TV in Tokyo in Japan, making it possible for reruns down the line. It means that Season 3 will end up airing there in the future.

What is Komi Can’t Communicate about?

Komi can’t communicate features Komi. She has difficulty expressing herself to others. She is mistaken to be an elite above everyone else and doesn’t need to concern herself with commoners, while everyone wants her recognition. Komi is none of it. However, due to the misunderstanding going on for so long, she can’t bring herself to say that. This changed in her first high school when she met Tadano, who is good at reading mood. He had the same impression of her, but he realized the truth after an awkward event and misunderstanding with her. Komi expresses she wants to have friends, a hundred of them; Tadano promises he will help her and becomes her first friend.

Komi can’t communicate created by Tomohito Oda. He is the writer and prominent illustrator of the series. OLM adapted the series into anime.