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When Will We Get Skeleton Knight In Another World Get Season 2 And What To Expect From The Sequel?

Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2
CC: Skeleton Knight In Another World Franchise

There is a surplus of Isekai anime every season, though spring 2022 didn’t have many. Here’s an interesting thing about it, whenever we say Isekai we associate it with fantasy. And while the fantasy is intermingled with the genre, it is not a rule. It has become a trope that doesn’t get questioned a lot. Thus, we saw a sci-fi Isekai with a fantasy element in the spring of 2022. Otome Game is Tough for Mobs is a different kind of Isekai that has been hit with many. A cocky protagonist that likes to rub wounds on those who do well compared to him. A subversion of the trope that lands pretty well. But the other Isekai did better overall. It played by the pre-established rules and tropes while not making waves. Though, if that were true people wouldn’t be asking for Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 is being asked by the viewers the moment the last episode ended. Like many shows that set up events for the future season, our skeleton lord did so as well. But why do people want a sequel to the show that isn’t serious in its tone and is more about lazing around and enjoying food? Well, the show does those things with excellence and makes us wanna have a similar adventure. The show appeals to our need to go on a big adventure and meet new people.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2

CC: Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Speculation

Will Skeleton Knight In Another World Be Greenlit for Season 2?

The big question is whether or not Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 will happen. To determine that, we need to look at things from a different angle. First, the adaptation of the LN might have been to boost the sale of the source material. If it were so then it won’t be an isolated case. Light novels get adapted into anime to pump sales. There are very rare exceptions where the late seasons are greenlit just because anime is good. But the reasoning behind it is not hard to sympathize with. The author earns more if their work is getting sold directly rather than by proxies like Merch or Anime Blu-Rays. However, even that case isn’t in favor of the laughing skeleton. The sales of manga and Light novels haven’t boosted as much since the anime.

The second angle we need to look at is what the company intends to do. As of right now, Studio Kai has anime booked for almost three seasons. And there being no announcement from their end makes it hard to see why they would do so. And the show has gotten poor ratings from critics as well, making it hard to greenlit for studios. However, anime was still popular among the audience. Not only that, the show was the most popular among all the IPs Studio Kai has made. And seeing they made season 2 for a previous IP, they might announce Season 2 of Skeleton Knight In Another World.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2

CC: Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Speculation

What to expect from Skeleton Knight In Another World Get Season 2?

Fans keep asking for Season 2 of Skeleton Knight In Another World, but what will be there? As the first season went on, we saw some things being mentioned but never a chance to visit them. We also didn’t get to go to the empire that has been doing illegal stuff all the while. One of the few things that happened throughout the show is Arc’s slow development. His character change is slow but consistent. One thing about him is also sure, he fails to keep a low profile wherever he travels. A fact that Arian mocks about in the last episode. Speaking of Arian, she has started to develop some sort of attraction toward the cursed skeleton. When Arc was saving a citizen in the alley, she got mad when the person out to be a girl. She scared her boots out and we never heard of her again.

Though the ga- story’s setting is about Arc being cursed, he has yet to find the cure. We saw him applying an anti-curse on himself that revealed his skin color but not much after that. Arc didn’t comment whether or not it was his real or past life’s skin. But he is geared to cure himself and get his real body back. Speaking of body, where does his food go? Does Ponta eat his inside? Arian will also get another where she will come to terms with Humans and Elves’ co-existence.

Lastly, the elf who got married to royalty will play a subtle role in bringing the races together. And Beastman would be no exemption from that. We might also see why Chiyome afraid of skeletons

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Where to watch Skeleton Knight In Another World Episode 13?

Episode 13 of Skeleton Knight In Another World is not slated for release as season 1 concluded with 12 episodes. But you can watch the entirety of season one on Netflix And Crunchyroll.  It is available in most countries in almost all countries. The series is available for free in Muse Asia. It will be available for a few hours in a few countries before it is eventually taken down.

What is Skeleton Knight In Another World about?

Skeleton Knight in Another World starts with an unknown gamer playing an MMO until he falls asleep. When the strange character wakes up, he finds himself in a different place; the scenery around him is like nothing he has seen anywhere. He roams around and finds himself bulky and his viewpoint higher. Puzzled by this, he walks to the nearest lake and sees his face. He sees a skeleton in place of his. And soon starts to realize he might be in the game he was playing before going to sleep. Once he had made sure it was natural and not a dream, he decided to go on a journey of this gaming world as Arc.

Ennki Hakari is the creator of the novel series. Studio Kai adapted the series for anime.

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