Date A Live Season 5 Announced

Date A Live Season 5

The series just wrapped up and announced Date A Live Season 5 is in the works. The news is shocking but not unexpected as the series has had a dedicated fanbase supporting series since season 1. While many of us didn’t expect this announcement, there were leaks of season 5 going around on the internet before the finale even hit. Though, it was not confirmed so many, including us, took it with a grain of salt. And now that Season 5 of Date A Live is in the works, it has captured the attention of people outside the fanbase.

Even the most niche of series can get as many as two seasons, the genre that Date A Live Dwells in isn’t the most popular by any means. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a good plot or any deep character. A series similar to this was High School DxD, which was fan service and ecchi at first, but as the series went on it turned into action anime. Season of High School DxD is something that its fan wants as well. But back to the Date A Live V, the series has similar routes with goofiness in the beginning. However, you will be surprised to learn the plot progression is a unique take on the genre (the same can be said about High School DxD ). And if you are someone who has never watched the series. There are 46 episodes and two OVAs to go through.

Date A Live Season 5
CC: Date A Live Season Franchise

When will Date a Live Season 5 be released?

The last episode of season 4 came out on 24th June 2022. The conclusion of this brought us the news for season 5 of Date A Live. It will be hard to say when the series will return given the complicated production it has. The complication with the series starts when we look at the studios that are behind the production of the anime. Yes, studios; but not in the same way as multiple studios working on a single season. Rather, every season of Date A Live has been handled by a different studio. A good way to predict the release date of an anime is to look at its studio’s release schedule. This is why it becomes difficult to predict in this series’s case. Date A Live has a total of four-season has and different studios working on it.

AIC+ adapted the series for the first season, the second season by Production IMS, the third season by JC Staff, and tGeek Toys do the latest season. After JC’s rendition of the series, many expected it to continue with the series. The studio happens to have a history of continuing the series, its most popular being A certain magical index. However, being a high Profile Studio it is, it has to cut off some anime in favor of more profitable ones. And the other two studios closed in the last decade. This leaves Geek Toys to adapt the next season, and it seems likely that they will. Geek Toys is a fairly young studio with not even ten titles under its name. The series seems to be a good chance for them to make a name for themselves.

The most likely time for Date A Live V to release is the winter or spring of 2023. Though there has been no announcement, the series is on a good track and the story has evolved quite far. Given the demand among fans, and new viewers taking interest in the series, the sooner the series comes the better.

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What to expect from Date A Live season 5?

This section will contain a spoiler for Date A Live V, read at your discretion.

Date A Live season 5 will be the fight for Shido’s life, as his fate is brought to light. He is destined to die with no recourse or alternative. However, Shido has died more than once in Kurumi’s memory. She has seen him die countless times in the time loop she has snuck in. To stop her, DEM has mobilized a force whose aim is to kill Shidou. Their true aim is to break Kurumi’s heart and stop her from time traveling. In response to this, <Ratatoskr> assembles every spirit to protect Shido. 

Amongst all this, Shido has to win Kururki’s heart and save her from misery. How will he do it?

Date A Live Season 5

CC: Date A Live Season Franchise

Where would Date A Live season 5 stream?

Date A Live is one of the long-running light novel adaptations that has amassed a mass audience for years. The series has been licensed by only one OTT service so far, Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll merged with Funimation in 2022, making it the largest OTT service for anime. Given the niche of the series, the audience is dedicated and supports the anime by every means they can. But, the series is not likely to be licensed by the likes of Hulu and Netflix, is what one might think. So, The services, as mentioned earlier, have licensed seasons one and two of the series, So it is likely we will see other seasons and even Date A Live season 5 adapted by them.

What is Date A Live about?

Date A Live takes place in a world where spiritual quakes occur now and then. Shido Itsuka is a regular high school kid whose regular is on the verge of end. As he finds himself at ground zero on one of the spiritual quakes, he finds a girl in the midst of it unaffected by all. He learns from his adoptive sister about the truth concerning that girl. The mysterious girl is a spirit from another dimension, and every time they cross over to their world a quake occurs. And to add more to the twist, Shido awakens a power that can seal the spirits and make their existence placid, but for that power to work, he has to go with them on a date.