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Top 5 Anime Based On Sports That You Need To Add To Your Anime Watchlist!

Sports is one of the most loved topics to have heated arguments with facts. Anime has built a lot on sports anime; trust us; you always learn something about sports from these animes. Not only are they inspiring and motivating, but they also make you glued to your screen. We present the list of the top 5 based anime based on sports. Trust us, one episode after the episode, you can’t resist good sports anime, even those who are not into much physical sports activity.

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Top 5 anime based on sports

5. Diamond No Ace

Diamond No Ace

On fifth, we have one of the best baseball animes to date. Eijun has very unusual pitching, which is a surprise not only to others but also to himself. His middle school loses their last match because of his not-so-good control over his pitching. With all this guilt, he decided to quit the game, but in high school, fate had different plans for him. He is scouted by one of the baseball teams and, from there, starts his journey of making history ahead. The plot is very similar to our favorite Haikyuu, but the character building, plot changes, and differences in sports still make it worth a while.

4. Ping Pong The Animation

Ping Pong The Animation

This anime should not be judged by the first impression it gives. Even after this, every sports anime-loving person has watched this anime and had discussions about the same. The story plot revolves around two friends from childhood- Peco and Smile, who have been playing ping-pong forever. Both are quite the opposite, with Peco being a Type-A king of person and Smile being a Type-B kind of person. When Peco decides to quit the game after an awful match with a Chinese player, Smile remains passive about his decision. Their coach notices Smile’s potential and passiveness and helps him start his journey of growing as a player.

3. Kuroko No Basket


One of the animes which requires no introduction at all and is a favorite as well-Kuroko No Basket has it all. Everything about this show is super intriguing, from its title track, character building, and storyline. Kuroko is almost invisible both on the court and off the court. He is considered a miracle and known as the “Phantom Player.” He changes the fate of Seirin High when he joins it. It is one of those inspiring animes that you can’t resist yourself rewatching.

2. Hajime No Ippo


Fun fact: Hajime held the title of the best sports anime long back. The show has been an inspiration for every anime lover for generations now. The story is about Ippo, who has been bullied most of his life. He wants to change the fate of his life but lacks the know-how to do it. Luckily, he finds it calling soon when he encounters a boxer. This boxer takes him to the gym. Ippo lashes out his anger at boxing bags realizing this is what he needs to do.

1. Haikyuu


An anime that needs no introduction at all is Haikyuu. Haikyuu is one of the animes that truly makes you feel every emotion, sadness, comedy, and motivation. This is a recommendation for a person who wants to watch anime for the first time. The story is about two protagonists at each other’s necks but joining the same high school for their volleyball team. The teams work together to give their best before the senior’s graduate, and to date, Haikyuu is unrivaled by any other anime.

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