RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 5 Release Date & Where To Watch


Shaft produces the anime series RWBY: Ice Queendom. This Japanese anime series is based on an American web series, RWBY. Monty Oum created RWBY for Rooster teeth. RWBY: Ice Queendom premiered in July 2022. Kumiko Suekane’s illustrated manga version is serialized in Dengeki Daioh magazine in June 2022. RWBY: Ice Queendom episode 5 will be released soon, and it is a must-watch. The characters in the anime are Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Lie Ren, Professor Ozpin, Peter Port, etc.

Rooster Teeth claims that the anime is not a reboot or part of an alternative universe. They are calling it a canon adjacent. The first three episodes were claimed to be the recap of volume 1 and volume 2 before moving to an original story. Till now, the episodes have covered only volume 1. The original story will include new characters, settings, and grimm. The original story started from episode 4 onwards.

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Recap of RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 3 Recap: Things You Need To Know!

In episode 3, it looks like Weiss attempts to make all of us hate her. She gets mad at Ruby for cheering her on and making it look like Ruby was trying to control her. Next, Ruby attempts to be selected as the Team Leader. Even though she is more skilled, she lacks leadership qualities. Not only this, she goes on and on defending her family company’s practices. To top it all, Weiss comes out as a complete Racist. The middle part of the episode somehow sets the stage for the season. We are introduced to Nightmares-Grimm (that preys on insecurities), and well, not to anybody’s surprise Weiss falls victim to this.


Shion Zaiden is the only one who can save victims from nightmares by entering into dreamscapes. What’s fun is you need a close friend who can truly save you from the nightmares. If anyone else tries, the victim’s heart will lock itself off. We also realize that Blake is a catgirl. What left us curious is how Blake will enter Weiss’ heart as Weiss hates all catgirls. To know more, I guess we need to watch episode 5 as soon as it comes out.

When Is RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 5 Release Date?

Episode 5 of RWBY: Ice Queendom is set to release on Sunday, 31st July 2022 at 10:30 p.m. Tokyo, 31st July 2022 at 07:00 p.m. IST/ 31st July 2022 at 06:30 a.m. PT/ 31st July 2022 at 08:30 a.m. CT. Fans can watch this episode as soon as it streams in their area. The episode’s title is “Awaken in a dream,” and it makes us think that it would be something different and fun to watch. So push your notifications to watch this episode as soon as it releases.


Where To Watch RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 5?

Fans can stream episode 5 and the previous episodes of RWBY: Ice Queendom on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is the official streaming platform for this anime. Fans can take the subscription to Crunchyroll and enjoy this anime. There might be Geoblockers in some areas for Crunchyroll, and thus to override the Geoblockers, you would need VPN access. They can also watch this anime on other online streaming platforms like Vudu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.