Prima Doll Episode 6 Release Date And Where To Watch?


Today, we will discuss the release of Prima Doll episode 6. Key and Visual Arts made this “Prima Doll” multimedia project in October 2020. Kotobukiya featured figurines, serialized short novels, and an online novel. The animated series premiered on July 9, 2022. Bilbury Animation Studios created this series for Tensho. Kai and Tōya Okano have written the screenplay for the same.

The story of this anime revolves around mechanical dolls. Café Kuronekotei has a very diverse staff. These mechanic dolls serve very cheerfully to all their customers. Even though being a domestic help wasn’t their first choice ever. These machines had served as weapons in a greater battle but are trying to enjoy the calm of the world years later. That’s how they had land up working in the cafe. Sentai Filmworks has licensed this series worldwide, except in Asia. The original illustrations are done by the talented Na-Ga, Fuzichoco, Yui Hara, Akane Yano, En Morikura, and Lack.

Prima Doll Episode 6

Prima Doll has been one of the most awaited anime shows, and well, one cannot deny how it is one of the biggest anime of the year so far. The show is keeping the expectations set by this anime, and the support from the audience for the show is commendable. One can not get enough of this anime. Anyone starting to watch anime can start by watching this show as it was released some time ago, and it is also worth the hype.

The trailer gained a lot of popularity among anime fans as it introduced some of the new characters in the anime. Some will be stepping forward in setting up the show and a colorful story that they will bring to the screen with their character development. Word around confirmed that Azumi Waka-one of the famous voices of the industry, will be stepping to play the role of Haizakura, and well, yes, the show is unraveling a lot of good things with the time. We are excited about what will happen in Prima Doll Episode 6.


Where to watch episode 6 of Prima Doll?

All anime lovers can watch Prima Doll Episode 6 on HiDive. HiDive is the official streaming platform for this anime, and you can watch both previous and latest episodes of this anime right here. We suggest our fans watch anime on its official streaming platforms only. So stay tuned and watch the episode as soon as it releases in your area.


Release date of Prima Doll episode 6?

Episode 6 of Prima Doll will be released worldwide this Sunday itself. Tokyo fans can watch this episode on August 7, 2022, at 11:30 p.m. Indian fans can avail of this episode on August 7, 2022, at 08:00 p.m. Fans in the US can watch this episode on August 7, 2022, at 07:30 a.m. PT/August 7, 2022, at 09:30 a.m. CT/August 7, 2022, at 10:30 a.m. ET. So keep an eye out for the release date and stream it on the official platform as soon as it releases in your region.