Power of Gods in One Piece


Recently, One Piece revealed the existence of Gods in the series. Luffy discovers in his battle with Kaido that his Devil Fruit was Sun God Nika. There is only the existence of four Gods by now. They are exceptionally powerful. The four gods are The Sun God, Forest God, Rain God, and Earth God. Powers of Gods in One Piece makes this series more intriguing for fans.

The other characters possessing the Devil Fruit are still uncertain in the series. The way this series has kept everyone glued and on the edge of their seats, the other characters can possess the powers of Gods. There is still a lot of mystery to be resolved. Stay tuned to know more.

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Power of Gods in One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy- The Sun God

Monkey D. Luffy is the only character of One Pieve with the power of a God. Luffy is also the protagonist of the anime. After dying in his battle with Kaido, Luffy had awaked his devil fruit, and the powers possessed by him were of Hito Hito No Mi Model: Sun God Nika. Whenever Luffy launches Gear 5, he attains the full power of Sun God Nika.


Monkey D. Dragon- The Rain God

Monkey D. Dragon is the next character to have the powers of a God. Dragon is Luffy’s father in the series. The only information provided about Dragon is his being the Revolutionary Army leader. He is also the most wanted criminal in this series. Fans believe that Dragon is worthy of possessing the powers of Rain God Devil Fruit.


Blackbeard- The Earth God

Blackbeard is a lot like Luffy. Both possess powers that don’t go well with them at times. Blackbeard might be the most suitable character to possess the powers of Earth God. Blackbear’s devil fruit is Yami No Mi. Blackbeard can’t convert into his element or use special techniques in his combats. It is unlikely, given he is a Logia-type. The main reason behind the damage he receives is his devil fruit.

He might be a unique Logia-type without the possession of this devil fruit. Blackbeard can also nullify the powers of his Devil Fruit. This makes a strong case for him to have eaten the Earth God’s Fruit. Even Luffy’s fruit acts weird at times for a Paramecia-type. It was pretty noticeable against his fight with Kaido.


Admiral Ryokugyu- The Forest God

Admiral Ryokugyu is the most recent addition to One Piece. In the most recent chapters, the revelation of his powers makes him the only believable candidate to possess the powers of the Forest God. Dragon’s possession of the power of God is highly based on fans’ speculations. On the other hand, Navy Admiral Aramaki (Ryokugyu) has shown enough evidence supporting this theory. One of the reasons here is his introduction into the series that makes him a fair candidate to have the powers of The Forest God.

Admiral Ryokugyu

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