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5 Rom-Com Anime To Watch In October 2022

If you love watching light-hearted rom-com anime, we have a list of 5 rom-com anime to watch in August 2022. Rom-com is one of the most loved genres by anime lovers. There have been a couple of anime that makes this list worth saving and are the best in their genre. Some have a story with a very simple plot, and some have twists added to the plot.

Some of them have a basic story lineup, but the narrative is described in a way it makes a way to our hearts. These anime are so beautiful that you will feel like watching them more than once. So get ready to have some heart-warming anime on your watchlist.

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5 Rom-Com Anime To Watch In October 2022

5. Tsuredure Children

This one is a personal favorite. The anime consists of short episodes of 12 minutes focusing on several couples’ stories. Every episode has new main characters depending on the couple whose story is being told. The anime storyline focuses on young high school love and shows these couples’ struggles. This is an adorable and hilarious anime.

Tsuredure Children

4. Maria the Virgin Witch

The story’s protagonist is Maria. Maria is a cute and powerful witch. She uses her magic a little more than allowed, and the heavens order her not to use magic anymore. She is also told that losing her virginity would end up losing all of her magical powers. Nevertheless, Maria uses her magic to stop a war between two strong nations. The only way she can be stopped is by losing her virginity, and the plot revolves around the same. It is a refreshing anime for fans. This is also a must-watch out of the 5 Rom-Com anime to watch in August 2022.

Maria the Virgin Witch

3. Brighter Than the Dawning Blue

This anime is underrated, and you probably have not heard about it. If you are interested in wanting to explore this anime, then you must. Brighter Than The Dawning Blue has the perfect balance of comedy and romance. The story centers around a time when the earth and moon were connected. The moon princess comes to earth to live with a boy as a part of a tradition. This tradition gives birth to a beautiful story between the princess and Tatsuya.

Brighter Than the Dawning Blue-5-rom-com-anime

2. Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

The premise of this anime is in a prestigious school. This school is Suzaku High. Sukazu High has something mysterious and supernatural going on. Yamada is the protagonist of this anime. He enrolls in this school, hoping to have a bright and young future. He wants to stop being lazy and tries his best to be sincere. After his first year in school, he returns to his old methods, and his reputation takes a big hit.

The school has seven witches. There is a special ability that unlocks when you kiss these witches. The protagonist has special abilities, given he is the show’s protagonist. After realizing the supernatural activities in the school, Yamada goes on a quest. He goes on this quest with the supernatural studies club to find all these witches. As a part of a necessity, Yamada kisses all of these witches.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

1. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

This anime is the main anime for the rom-com genre. Love is genuinely hard for some people and might be a challenge for the youth. If you put your pride upfront and take love as a war-whoever first confesses loses this war.


The student council president Miyuki and Vice President Kaguya are active participants in this war. Kaguya-Sama: Love is a war is a unique series everyone can enjoy and fall in love with. You can watch this anime on Netflix.

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