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The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious Episode 11: Release Date & Where To Watch

A Still From The Show Source (ANITV)

This Japanese Manga Sequence was written and illustrated by Wakame Konbu, and it started as a webcomic in 2019. This sequence has been unified into five such volumes as of February 2022. This anime chain modification by Blade and Silver Hyperlane had its opening in July 2022.

The release date of episode 11 is set to be this Sunday, 9th October, at 4:30 am (IST). ‘It Must Have Always Been’ Is the title of the eleventh episode.

From The Show Source (ANITV)

The Story Line

This story revolves around a young boy that comes from a prosperous family who lost his parents in a car accident and is assisted by his mysterious new maid Lilith. Yuuri discloses his allurement towards Lilith by calling everything that she does doubtful whilst not realizing that he is in love with her.

The story that is showcased in the new episode could be regarding the arrival of Natsume in addition to her plans of dragging Lilith again to the Sooner Mansion, the place that they lived in. Though she saved referring to her residence as My Mansion, she might be under Lilith’s clench earlier who dressed up as a maid.

Lilith Source (ANITV)

She is entirely one different colleague and classmate of Lilith. Yuuri has obtained acceptance from anyone who plan’s on taking Lilith away from him sooner than her confession is resolved. Natsume should accept anyone taking Lilith away from Yuuri. She cannot stand the thought of being apart from her beloved, even for a minute.

Even though seeing Natsume’s inexperience, Yuuri offers her his piggy monetary establishment, which he transferred his allowance into. Yurri has advanced to be further educated about his problems with the center after talking to Tsukasa so that he can anticipate that Natsume loves Lilith considering his attachment to her.

Yuuri Source (ANITV)

It usually is a big thing to distinguish yourself and your feelings from a toddler without filters. Natsume seems to be a genuine and good person inside the uniform. She doesn’t even look like a maid. This concerns Yuuri, and he sets a watch for Natsume. She has realized that Lilith is in love with Yuuri almost as identically as he loves her.

When the world is dyed with the colors of Christmas, Yuuri leaves the college with Tsukasa and enquires to Natsume about his need to get along. Natsume, who appeared there in an abnormal manner, admitted that she needed to offer Lilith a present and was obligated to her and Yuuri who made efforts to prepare a shocking get-together with Natsume.

On the other hand, Tsukasa and Fujisaki worked together to conduct an intensive shock operation in opposition to Lilith. However, nothing occurred at the time.

Episode 10: Review

According to us, the series was adorable, from the planned surprise party of Christmas to the excruciating questions regarding the right gifts for somebody to even the slight wrap-up of Nakshims’s character. It was a well-packed series. The episode solidifies Natsume as the main cast member.

The fans are questioning if she is planning to stay with Yuuri and Lilith permanently in the future as Yuuri earlier mentioned that it was more like adding a new family member as it is also healthy for everybody if it helps in dispense their loneliness that lot of these characters carry in their heart.

The series does a good job of communicating a strong family message. However, the slightly weird point of this series is how Yuuri doesn’t feel comfortable keeping his secrets from Lilith even if he tries to throw a surprise Christmas party for her.

Looking At Each Other Source (ANITV)


It tells us about Yuuri’s innocent and straightforward behavior it makes complete sense as he is incapable of lying. We also love how the episode turns out to be genuine for the audience. However, it was kind of upsetting to see Lilith fight through many unresolved issues around her and that she hasn’t been straight with Yuuri, which seems like she is ignoring to state the facts and is lying to him.

We still don’t know much about her and the place where she came from. It isn’t clear if the makers are going to address and define her personal details or not. It has an IMDB rating of 7.1/10. You can watch it on 

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