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Spy X Family Season 2 Dub: Everything We Know So Far


“Twilight” gets Operation Strix, the most difficult mission ever. As part of this mission, he must get married and have children to get closer to his goal, Donovan Desmond. He ends up adopting the telepath Anya and marrying the assassin Yor, though they hide their identities from each other.

To complete the mission, “Twilight” must enroll Anya in the famous Eden Her Academy and befriend the target’s son, Damian Her Desmond. This would require Anya to earn her 8 Stella and become her Imperial Scholar, but the real challenge for Twilight is how she gets her 8 Tonitrus to avoid being exiled!

Spy X Family Season 2 Dub Preview

The hilarious breakout anime hit of 2022, Spy x Family, returns later in its first season and will be available to fans in the UK and US on Crunchyroll! A brilliant blend of family comedy and espionage, this show is about Lloyd Forger, an international super spy who must rush to gather his Family to get closer to his next target.

What follows is an incredible faux-comedy in which no one in this newfound Family (except Anya, since she can read minds – apparently) knows the truth about their situation. Spy x Family Part 2 airs October 1st, with new episodes released every Saturday at 8:30 am PT on Crunchyroll. The English dubbed version of Spy x Family is set to air, and the premiere will be on Crunchyroll on October 8th.

Where to Watch Spy X Family Season 2 Dub

Spy x Family is an ongoing anime series that premiered in Japan on April 9th, 2022, and currently has only two episodes airing, with a full season set to release in the next few weeks. The anime is hugely popular all over the world, and fans eagerly await new episodes of the series. Crunchyroll has the best anime library on the web, but with its focus on subtitled shows, it was a nice surprise to find out that the platform also lets you watch dubbed episodes of Spy X Family.

Spy X Family Season 2 Dub Release Date

Spy X Family Season 2 has already been released on October 1st, 2022, and it is loved by most of the audience, including kids. It was also loved by the adult generation too. But unfortunately, there is no confirmation of the release date of the Spy X Family Season 2 Dub version. It will definitely be released, but the release date has not been confirmed yet. Fans will obviously need to wait for some time till there comes the latest update regarding the release date.

Spy X Family Plot

Agent Twilight, the country’s greatest Spy, must infiltrate an elite private school. To do this, he assumes the identity of psychiatrist Lloyd Forger, adopts an orphan girl, and marries a city hall employee. It is unknown that his daughter Anya is a telepath and his wife Yor is an assassin.

The three learn to evolve a family while fulfilling their Twilight missions and working to keep world peace. Twilight goes by the alias of “Lloyd Forger,” a respected psychiatrist in the bustling eastern city of Berlind. But his real goal is gathering information about the seldom-visited prominent politician Donovan Desmond at his son’s school, the prestigious Eden Academy.

Lloyd enlists the unmarried city clerk Jol Bryar as his wife for help, adopts his curious six-year-old orphan Anya as his daughter, and puts his master plan into action. He enrolls Anya in Eden Academy. There Lloyd hopes that she will excel and give him the chance to meet Donovan without suspicion.


Unfortunately for Lloyd, even his talented man struggles to play the character of a loving father and husband. Neither Yor, the underground assassin known as Yor, nor Anya, the mind-reading esper, have plans to reveal their secrets. This picture-perfect Family is based on deception, but the forgers are beginning to understand that the love they share trumps all else.

This plot follows Westalis’ top Spy, Twilight, and his most difficult mission, Operation Strix. He is tasked with stalking National Unity Party leader Donovan Desmond to stop him from manipulating a fragile peace between nations. However, as Donovan only occasionally appears at high-profile political meetings at his son’s prestigious school, Eden, his academy, Twilight tries to start a family and enroll his children in school within the strict deadline of one week.

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