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What Episode Does Naruto Meet His Father Minato Namikaze?

What Episode Does Naruto Meet His Father Minato Namikaze?

Since the beginning of the show, Naruto is portrayed as an orphan who fights to gain his position as a Hokage. Little did the viewers know, or did Naruto, that he will finally discover the existence of his father. Naruto grew up alone and in a life filled with loneliness; his parents passed away right after his birth, and he lived his entire life as an orphan.

He never knew where he came from before meeting his father, Minako Namikaze, in episode 168 of Naruto Shippuden. He discovers that his father is the fourth Hokage and realizes that he is a Hokage’s son.

A Recap Of His Journey

In the previous Episode, Naruto witnesses the most dreadful scene when Hinata is killed; in front of his eyes, he loses control over himself, and at the lowest point of his life, he decides to remove the seal and let the Nine Tails take control of him. As he is about to remove the seal, the fourth Hokage appears in front of him and stops him from doing so.

The Naruto Shippuden episode 168 begins with Naruto wondering how the fourth Hokage knew his name. Minato explains to him that he is his father and that years ago, he placed his Psyche into his seal. So that if someday Naruto did something like this, he could stop him. When the realization hits Naruto that he is the son of the fourth Hokage, he gets emotional and punches Minato in the gut. He asked him why did he seal the demon fox inside his son.

Naruto Punches Minato for giving his son the demon fox

Naruto narrates about all the hardships he faced because of this; also, he was hated for his jinchuriki status and how, due to this, Akatsuki destroyed the entire village of Konoha. Minato calmly responded to Naruto that he had sealed half the fox in Naruto because he was his son, and he believed Naruto would be able to control the power of the Nine Tails.

He also reveals that about sixteen years ago, there was a masked man who manipulated the fox to attack the village, and Minato fought against him. He also witnessed Naruto and Pain’s battle through Naruto and believed that it was the masked man who manipulated Pain and fueled his hatred towards Konoha.

Minato telling Naruto the story of Masked Man

He says that he is aware of Jiraiya’s death and tells Naruto that only he can find the answers to Pain’s questions on how one can achieve peace. Minato, The Fourth Hokage, tightens the seal back on Naruto and says that he won’t be there the next time to restore it and fades away as the Chakra diminishes.

Meanwhile, the team that was led by Mighty Guy returns to Hidden Leaf, where they are filled in on Pain’s battle by an injured Gamabunta, and they also rescue Hinata. Pain is shocked to see Naruto in his nine-tailed state while he breaks out of the Chibaku Tensei and is stunned that the devastation cannot contain the beast.

Suddenly Naruto comes back to his senses and changes from the Nine-tail Fox to his regular self while he is in Sage Mode. Pain wonders if Naruto has attained full control over the beast inside him as he could activate it and shift to the Sage mode at the same time.

The demon fox activated.

Naruto prepares to defeat Pain, and later, he notices the destruction around him, but then he is reassured by Katsuyu that he did not do any harm to anybody during his rampage. Naruto says to Deva Path that he wishes to talk to the real Pain, but he is refused.

Pain says that once Naruto uses up his Senjutsu after his two wind releases: Rasenshuriken, he will beat Naruto and haul him away. Naruto can drive Pain off and grab one of his black receivers by using his Frog Kata. He stabs himself with the receiver sending his natural energy through the receiver so he can point out the location of the real Pain.


The transformation of his 2nd version banishes the other shadow clone that he had at Mount Myoboku. Naruto realizes that he only has five minutes left in his Sage mode. He creates two shadow clones and launches the two Rasenshuriken at Pain, who uses Shinra Tensei to nullify the effect of the first one. And jumps into the air to avoid the second attack.

Naruto uses the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique and bursts the shadows from the rubble circling Pain and attempts to take advantage of the five-second interval to attack him. After Pain’s interval as the shadow, the clone reaches him, and he uses Shinra Tensei to repel the clones. However, the real Naruto is launched high up in the air toward Pain and uses the interval to his advantage, and he strikes the defenseless Deva Pat with his Rasengan.

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