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34 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters Ranked

MAPPA studios have once again garnered attention with its latest release, The Chainsaw Man. The first episode is already out on Crunchyroll. The manga was already a hit among fans since its commencement in 2018. The popularity of manga can be estimated from the fact that it has won the Harvey award for best manga for two consecutive years. The popularity of The Chainsaw Man manga can be attributed to its gore nature, out-of-the-world story, and unique characters. Unlike other Shonen manga, which provide a purpose to the protagonist and depicts a moral message by following some conventional troops, Chainsaw Man takes a completely different approach by depicting its plot and characters in a realistic manner.

Chainsaw Man follows the story of a boy named Denji, who must bear the burden of heavy debt on his shoulders. He is a normal boy who would do anything to earn money with his pet devil named Pochita. But one day, his tragic life takes an unexpected turn when a gruesome betrayal by someone he trusts turns him into a fearsome devil, The Chainsaw Man.


Chainsaw man characters

Strongest Characters In Chainsaw Man

The world of Chainsaw man houses humans, devils who have been killed in hell, devil-possessed human corpses called fiends, and humans with the ability to take the form of a devil, termed hybrids. Over the span of three years of its publication, Chainsaw man manga has introduced many strong characters who have displayed their strength on many occasions. Some characters are normal humans who do not stand a chance against the gruesome devils and fiends, while some characters are insanely overpowered and can take down entire fleets on their own.

Let us rank some of the strongest characters in Chainsaw Man.


34. Longsword Devil


Hybrids in Chainsaw man

It is one of the eight hybrids that worked under the supervision of Makima in Special Division 5. His appearance is like Denji’s Chainsaw Man, having long swords piercing through its head and arms. He is also one of the four unnamed devils. It has very few appearances in the manga, but knowing that it worked under Makima is enough to put him on the list of strongest characters.

33. Flamethrower Devil


Hybrids in Chainsaw man 

He is also one of the unnamed devils who worked under Makima’s supervision in Special Division 5. He has two flamethrower guns in place of his arms which are powered by the set of gas cylinders on his head in his devil form. Just like Longsword Devil, the Flamethrower devil also has very few manga panels dedicated to him, so no comments can be made on his power and potential.

32. Spear Devil


Hybrids in Chainsaw Man

Along with other hybrids, the Spear Devil also worked under Makima’s supervision in Special Division 5. Unlike other hybrids, who have certain weapons oozing out of their heads and arms, the spear devil has a minimalistic design. He has the head of a hybrid with a hat-like head, and he holds spears in his hands and uses them for combat. Just like other unnamed hybrids in the manga, not much is known about him.

31. Whip Devil


Hybrids in Chainsaw Man


She is the last one of the unnamed hybrids and was also part of Makima’s Special Division 5. She has strong whips oozing out of her head and arms, which are utilized by her as perfect tools for the offense. Not much can be said about her powers and abilities, as very few panels are dedicated to her and her abilities.

30. Kobeni Higashiyama


Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni is a talented individual who started off as a recruit in Makima’s experimental squad. She has a devil contract with an unknown devil, whose identity she prefers not to reveal. She is known for her enhanced agility, which gives her a defensive advantage in battles. She is also a skilled knife user. Her greatest accomplishment to date is defeating Katana Man in his human form. She resigned from the experimental squad after their battle with Darkness Devil in hell.

29. Leech Devil



This devil is the walking embodiment of the fear of leeches. It has wrinkles all over her body and has four legs and tentacle-like arms. She shows great affection towards the bat devil, and both share hatred toward humanity. It has all abilities possessed by devils, such as feeding off human fear, healing through blood consumption, contract creation, possession of a human corpse, and reincarnation. Besides, its tongue was strong enough to blow a hole through Denji’s torso.

28. Nakamura



He is a public safety devil hunter who was introduced in the International Assassins Arc. He had a contract with the fox devil, the price of which is unknown. He can summon the Fox Devil’s arm by pointing his sword toward his opponent and saying the word ‘Kon.’ His attack was powerful enough to destroy some dolls of Santa. He was killed after he got stuck in Quanxi’s massacre.

27. Kusakabe



As stated by Makima, Kusakabe is one of the best bodyguards, who is highly committed and takes special care of his missions. When Denji was being targeted by international assassins, Kusakabe was one of the Public Safety Devil Hunters who were assigned by Makima to defend him. He has an unknown contract with the Stone Devil, which allows him to petrify his opponents and turn them into stone statues. This petrification technique is so powerful that it can petrify opponents as well as allies if not used properly. Kusakabe was killed by the darkness devil along with the Stone Devil before he could use his ability.

26. Zombie Devil


Zombie Devil

This devil is the living embodiment of the fear of zombies in humans. Given the popularity of zombies in movies and pop culture, this devil is considered to be quite powerful. He made a deal with a Yakuza gang to lend them his power and turned them all into his servant zombies. As the bite of zombies is lethal and contagious, the Zombie Devil can prepare an army of its own to take down its opponents. He was killed by Denji, but the use of his abilities was displayed by Makima in various events.

25. ‘Princi’ Spider Devil


Princi (Spider Devil)

She is the devil who embodies the fear of spiders in humans. She works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter and is extremely loyal to Makima. She looks like a young woman, with her legs replaced by eight spider tentacles that are strong enough to rip through flesh. She is powerful enough to kill zombies with one strike. She can also submerge herself under the ground and can appear out of nowhere to attack her opponents. Through the zip, which divides her upper body in half, she can also practice summoning; however, it is unknown whom she can summon through her technique.

24. ‘Beam’ Shark Fiend




He is a Public Safety Devil Hunter and shows extreme devotion toward Denji. In his human form, he appears to be a young muscular boy whose upper half of his head is replaced by a shark’s snot and fin. In his devil form, he transforms into a shark with three pairs of eyes and multiple pairs of fins. One of his most remarkable abilities is swimming through solid objects like floors and walls with ease. He also possesses high durability, which was displayed when he withstood Bomb Girl’s explosions. He was killed by The Darkness Devil in the International Assassins Arc.

23. The Bat Devil



The Bat Devil embodies the fear of bats among humans. He looks like a big humanoid bat with big sharp teeth and big round eyes. Apart from having all the standard abilities of devils, the Bat Devil also has enhanced physical prowess. He can differentiate humans by their smell from a large distance. A flap from his wings is strong enough to blow away the ceilings of houses. He is also quite durable, as he was able to withstand several attacks from Denji with ease. Utilizing his wings, he can also fly very fast. By compressing his mouth in the shape of a gun, he can create blasts of air pressure that can easily demolish buildings.

22. Akane Sawatari


Akane Sawatari

She was a former civilian Devil Hunter who worked alongside the Gun Devil. She has a contract with the Snake Devil, using which she can summon it at will. However, to utilize her abilities, Akane’s hands must remain in a constant state of motion. After summoning the Snake Devil, she can command it to consume her opponent by saying, “Devour it completely.” She can also use her consumed opponents to fight alongside her by saying “Release.” However, summoning the Snake Devil and using its abilities takes a toll on her health, causing some internal injuries.

21. Himeno



Himeno was a Public Safety Devil Hunter who worked under Makima’s supervision in her special squad. She has a missing right eye due to the contract she made with the Ghost Devil to utilize his abilities. She can summon the right arm of the Ghost Devil, which is invisible and intangible, to overwhelm her opponents. In order to fully utilize the abilities of the Ghost Devil, she has to make more sacrifices from her body. She was also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, which was seen when she incapacitated Kobeni Higashiyama after being disarmed.

20. Typhoon Devil


Typhoon Devil

This devil feeds on the fear of typhoons in humans. He was introduced in the Bomb Girl Arc, where he sparred against Reze and Denji. In his true form, the Typhoon Devil resembles a giant humanoid with an exposed brain with its matter twirling around his body in the form of a spiral. He possesses very high levels of physical strength. Winds created by his spinning body are enough to send humans and cars flying and can also destroy buildings. It can also create violent rainstorms to trap its opponents. For commuting long distances, he can manifest his ability of water communication.

19. Eternity Devil


Eternity Devil

The Eternity Devil feeds on the fear of eternity. It appears as a lump of flesh with a large mouth. Apart from possessing the devil’s abilities, it creates havoc for anyone who enters his stomach. After being caught up in his stomach, the victim is cut off from his connection to the outside world. In this pocket dimension, the Eternity Devil can stop time and can create his own avatars. These avatars can grow exponentially in size and possess a great deal of physical strength.

18. The Katana Man


The katana man

He is a human-devil hybrid who merged with the Katana Devil to avenge his grandfather’s death, who was killed by Denji. His appearance in a hybrid form is similar to Chainsaw Man, with two Katanas coming out of his arms and one coming out from the front of his face. He is a force to be reckoned with in his hybrid form. He combines his augmented speed, strength, and durability along with his swordsmanship to decapacitate his opponents. Being a hybrid, he is nearly unkillable, and he even survived after he was cut into pieces by Denji.

17. Cosmo



She is the cosmos fiend and one of Quanxi’s girlfriends. She feeds upon the fear of the cosmos in the human mind. She has a scary appearance, with her right eye hanging out of her socket and the right part of her brain exposed and tied to a bow. She can send a person’s consciousness to a completely different dimension where they are forced to understand everything in the universe. This forces the victims to go blank, and they are compelled to think of only one phrase, “Halloween,” until they die. However, it appears that Cosmo is deeply affected by her power, as she herself can speak only one word, “Halloween.”

16. Aki Hayakawa


Aki Hayakawa

He was a Public Safety Devil Hunter and a part of Makima’s special squad. He had a variety of contracts with the Curse Devil, Future Devil, and the Fox Devil. He can use a sword that can summon The Curse Devil to inflict heavy damage on his opponent. His own lifespan is significantly shortened in the process. Similarly, in exchange for feeding a part of his body, Aki can also summon the head of the Fox Devil to bite off his opponents. The Future Devil resides in the right eye of Aki, allowing him to see a few seconds into the future. He also made a contract with the Control Devil to use its powers. Apart from devil contracts, he is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship.

15. Galgali



He is a violent fiend and a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunter in Tokyo Division 4. He possesses an insane amount of physical strength for a fiend, so much so that he must wear a poison-dispensing mask in order to keep a check on his power. He can also transform portions of his body to access the strength of his transformed self, which was seen when he attacked Reze. He is also quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

14. Reze



She is the Hybrid who houses the Bomb Devil. She was assigned by Russia to steal Chainsaw Man’s heart. She turns into a hybrid by pulling the ring on her neck and causing an explosion in the process. In her hybrid form, she was able to withstand multiple attacks from the Violence fiend, showing her enhanced durability. She can enhance the speed and strength of her attacks by the propulsion of her explosion. She can also use parts of her body as remote bombs, which can easily grow back. She can also survive being beheaded, and even if she dies, as long as someone pulls off her pin, she can come back to life. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and knifemanship.

13. Hirofumi Yoshida


Hirofumi Yoshida

He is a private devil hunter. He is considered a high-class bodyguard by Makima. He has a contract with the Octopus Devil. He can summon the tentacles of the Octopus Devil and can utilize them efficiently for offense and defense. He can also use the tentacles to cover him up in a giant black smokescreen. He is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

12. Angel Devil


Angel Devil

He is described by Makima as one of the strongest hunters in Tokyo Special Division 4, second only to Kishibe. He embodies the fear of angels in the minds of humans. He can grow angelic wings which can be used as a good defensive measure against gunfire. He also has the ability to extract and store a person’s lifespan. Using the store of lifespan, he can conjure weapons whose destructive power increases with the number of years sacrificed to conjure it. Apart from these abilities, he can proficiently use a spear and sword for sparring with his opponents.

11. Kishibe



He is the strongest devil hunter in Tokyo Special Division 4, as stated by Makima. Out of all the devil contracts that he has, three are described as “fairly dangerous.” He is extremely enhanced speed, reflexes, strength, and durability. He has unknown contracts with Knife Devil, Needle Devil, and Claw Devil. He is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and knifeman. One of his biggest accomplishments is subduing two of the fiends that worked for Quanxi single-handedly.

10. Quanxi



She is known as the first-ever Devil Hunter. She belongs to China and is a hybrid with the Crossbow Devil. She is gifted with enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes. By taking out the arrow from her right eye socket, she transforms into the Crossbow Devil and can shoot arrows with perfect precision at multiple targets. She also has a loyal group of friends accompanying her every time. Kishibe appreciated her hand-to-hand combat skills and described her as being the best in the world. She is also proficient with using multiple swords at the same time to take out multiple enemies at once.

9. Aki Hayakawa (Gun Fiend)


Gun Fiend

After Aki was killed by the Gun devil, it took over his body to convert it into a fiend. He had a gun’s barrel oozing out from the middle of his eyes and its hammer sticking out of the back of his head. His left forearm was also replaced by a rifle. In his fiend form, Aki can use the innate abilities of devils and can project his bullets with great precision and speed. His speed and durability were also enhanced as he was able to withstand multiple blows from Denji’s chainsaw.

8. Hell Devil


Hell Devil

It is a devil who exists due to the fear of hell in humans. One of his most terrifying abilities is sending its targets to hell. In the manga, the Hell Devil has made two contracts so far, one with Santa Claus and the other with the anti-Makima Squad.

7. Power



She is a member of Makima’s special squad and one of the central characters of the series. She is the blood fiend and can utilize her blood to conjure weapons such as spears and hammers. She also has the ability to transfer her blood and life energy to someone. Being the blood fiend, her healing factor is also higher compared to other fiends and devils. Her 1000-Tera Blood Bath Technique was powerful to fend Makima for a few seconds.

6. Santa Claus


Santa Claus

It is a group of minds which are connected through a group of perfect dolls. The physical body of Santa Claus is considered to be a woman who made a contract with the Doll Devil and gained the ability to make dolls and perfect dolls. She can transfer her consciousness into one of her dolls, and as long as anyone doll is alive, Santa can’t be defeated. Further, she made multiple contracts with Curse Devil, Hell Devil, and the Darkness Devil. Makima herself stated that out of all the international assassins, if Santa Claus decided to come after Denji, it would all be over for them.

5. Punishment Devil


Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil feeds off the fear of punishment in the minds of humans. Not much is known about its abilities, except for the fact that he contracted with Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendo for an unknown price.

4. Gun Devil



Introduced in the Bat Devil Arc, Gun Devil is a devil who feeds upon the fear of guns in humans. He can project bullets in a different direction through the guns, which are embedded all over his body with great precision and speed. Due to its immense speed, it leaves pieces of its flesh wherever it goes. Whenever any other devil possesses the piece of flesh left by Gun Devil, its abilities are exponentially enhanced. His body is spread all across the world in the hands of different nations.

3. Makima



She is one of the central characters of the series. She is one of the highest-ranking Public Safety Hunter. It is later revealed in the series that she is the Control Devil. She is feared across the globe for her fearsome abilities. Being the Control Devil, her ability allows her to command any being whom she considers inferior to herself according to her wishes. She can also inflict damage on her targets by using an invisible force.

2. Denji



Denji is the protagonist of the series and one of Makima’s underlings. He can manifest his hybrid form by pulling the cord from his chest. In his fully-functional form, Denji is able to manifest chainsaws from his head, arms, legs, and feet, allowing him to stick to buildings and higher surfaces. His Chainsaws are powerful enough to slice through most of the devils and fiends. His biggest achievement to date is defeating and killing Makima.

1. Darkness Devil


Darkness Devil

He is considered to be as old as humanity and is the living embodiment of primal fear. It can manipulate masses of darkness around it by enveloping an area around him with darkness. Just like the Control Devil, he can also manipulate an invincible force to finish off his opponents with just one stare or pointing his index finger toward them.

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