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Detective Conan Season 30 Episode 29; Release Date, Preview And Where To Watch

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Knowing that your favorite anime series from childhood is still releasing new episodes and films is the best feeling in the world. It would be an understatement to call Detective Conan one of the greatest anime programs ever made since it has not only endured but also succeeded in becoming a pop-cultural phenomenon.

Detective Conan premiered in 1996. This franchise contains 25 films in its canon, so it doesn’t just stop with a single television show. In addition to the movie and the series, it features two OVA series, six television specials, one spin-off film, and two spin-off television shows.

Detective Conan Season 30

It is without a doubt one of the longest-running anime that has remained popular over the ten years. This is entertainment that you shouldn’t miss out on because of the intricate narrative and intriguing characters it gives. And fans cannot wait to see how Conan solves another case in Detective Conan Season 30 Episode 29.

About Detective Conan

The 17-year-old master detective Shinichi Kudo was the epitome of wealth. Any case presented to him would be quickly and expertly resolved. Ran, a karate prodigy and buddy from high school, has a hapless private investigator father who is enraged by the fact that Shinichi always gets interesting cases. While visiting a theme park one day, Shinichi and Ran are separated from one another.

In order to learn more about the shady trade that is taking place, Shinichi observes two guys dressed in dark trench coats. As soon as they catch him, they want to murder him by poisoning him with a new drug. But things don’t go as planned precisely. Shinichi discovers that he has shrunk to the size of a fourth grader when he regains consciousness.

The-Ex-Boyfriend-Living-Next-to-a-Crime-Scene-Part 2-2014

He asks his eccentric neighbor, the inventor, for assistance, and the neighbor readily accepts. When Ran goes in search of Shinichi, he and the inventor concoct a lie that Shinichi is a little boy named Conan Edogawa (Conan as in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). While Conan’s “family” is gone, Ran offers to let him live with her family. Shinichi then decides that his goal in life is to track down the persons who poisoned him and get the cure.

The series’ history comes to a close with this. Like any excellent detective series, Conan solves a different case in each episode while attempting to conceal his actual identity while providing cues to the audience to try to identify the criminal.


Detective Conan Season 30 Episode 28 Recap

Yoko Okino visits the Mouri Detective Agency and discusses an occurrence at a villa in Episode 28 titled “Okino Yoko and the Locked Attic (Part Two).” Kennori Wakita of Iroha Sushi and Conan are entrusted with the case in place of Kogoro, who is locked inside the restroom and does not come out.

A producer from Nippei TV named Wanya Fuejima, who was at the villa with Yoko at the time, tells them of a sister named Baba Houka who vanished some years ago and is thought to be connected to the crime. Baba Kankou, Houka’s spouse, Baba Himi, Baba Fugo, and Baba Himi, Kankou’s younger brother, were all longtime acquaintances of Houka’s from their youth.


Hoka was Himi’s best friend, Fengo’s first love, and Kankou’s wife. Her disappearance happened two summers ago. Every pair was supposed to go to the villa to spend the summer with the others, but Nankang had an important matter to attend to, so Hoka intended to be the first to get there by herself. She was nowhere to be seen, though, when the other three got to the villa.

They phoned the police to look for her, but they were unsuccessful. Everyone except Yoko would have a reason to want to kill Nanko if she had anything to do with the disappearance. Conan’s phone rang from Kogoro, who was meant to be in the lavatory, while they were having an argument. He asked her what she was worried about.

Detective Conan Season 30 Episode 29 Preview

Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story CASE is the title of Episode 29. We’ll see about Morofushi Hiromitsu. Morofushi races up the steps of the burning home, brushing off the efforts of Furuya, Hagiwara, Date, and Matsuda to stop him. The narrative began three hours ago. The five were apprehended by Instructor Onizuka, accused of doing several showy feats, and given the task of cleaning the restroom.


During that time, we will view details on a female whose search request was submitted the previous evening. A girl’s search request from yesterday night will be revealed in the midst of that. However, for some reason, Morofushi sought to steer clear of it when the subject was brought up during the cleaning.

Detective Conan Season 30 Episode 29 Release Date

Detective Conan Season 30 Episode 29 will be released on Saturday, October 29, 2022. According to Japanese Standard Time, Episode 29 will be available at 6:00 pm, with certain regions outside of Japan expecting it to be available at or around the following hours.

Pacific Daylight Time (PT) – 2:00 am, Wednesday, October 29

Eastern Daylight Time (ET) – 5:00 am, Wednesday, October 29

British Summer Time (BST) – 10:00 am, Wednesday, October 29

Central European Daylight Time (CEDT) – 11:00 am, Wednesday, October 29

Indian Standard Time (IST) – 2:30 pm, Wednesday, October 29


Detective Conan Season 30 Episode 29 Where to Watch

Fans in Japan may watch Detective Conan Season 30 Episode 29 only on Nippon TV. However, foreign fans don’t need to be disappointed because they can watch their favorite show on Crunchyroll. The show is available for streaming on Just Watch, Crackle, Roku, FuboTV, and VRV as well.

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