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Detective Conan The Culprit Hanzawa Episode 5: Plot, Release Date & Where to Watch

Detective Conan The Culprit Hanzawa Episode 5 Beika Town Rhapsody: Plot, Release Date, Where to Watch

Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa (Meitantei Conan: Hannin no Hanzawa-san ) is a Detective Conan spin-off manga. Mayuko Kanba wrote and illustrated it. It began serialization in Shogakukan’s Shonen Sunday S in May 2017, with the first volume released on December 18, 2017. TMS Entertainment confirmed that an anime adaptation would be available on Netflix globally in October 2022.

This manga is about the black-silhouetted “lawbreaker” who appears in Detective Conan media to symbolize the mystery culprits, and it is a Deconstructive Parody of what life would be like for ordinary people (including our would-be murderer protagonist) in the Detective Conan universe.

Hanzawa initially arrived in Beika City with the purpose of committing as many crimes as possible and seeking vengeance on a certain individual for supposedly wrongly accusing him of a crime he didn’t commit in the past; instead, he ended up becoming involved in a lot of deceitful tricks. Hanzawa’s exact appearance is undisclosed; now, he appears as a shadowy figure with no specifics of hair or clothing.

What is the plot of Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa

Detective Conan The Culprit Hanzawa Episode 5 Beika Town Rhapsody: Plot, Release Date, Where to Watch

The plot revolves around Mr. Hanzawa, who travels to Beika for a clear purpose which is to assassinate a particular individual. However, things are not going as smoothly as they had hoped. Kanba debuted his manga in Shogakukan’s Shonen Sunday S in May 2017.

The chapters have been gathered into six books as of October 2021, which appeared in October. Beika Town is a criminal hub. He is haunted by a dark shadow of mystery in one of the world’s most dangerous cities. His intention is to assassinate “some individual.”

Characters introduced in Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa


Hanzawa is the central protagonist in the Detective Conan spin-off manga Hanzawa the Criminal. He’s shown to be an ill-tempered man, going so far as to consider murdering or assaulting others in order to exact revenge on those who irritate him.

One noteworthy example is when Sonoko stumbles into him on his escape from the railway station, which infuriates him, and he plots to exact revenge by assaulting her and any witnesses while attempting to demolish the train station by putting dynamites.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear from his point of view that Hanzawa views some people (his roommates and the landowner) to be daunting and act stiff whenever they don’t get what they want from Hanzawa. This aims to show the readers that, from Hanzawa’s point of view, he is the principal sufferer of society’s harsh treatment.

This impact gradually shaped Hanzawa’s perception of his peers, acquaintances, coworkers, and even the landlord as people who just care about themselves and not their surroundings. In short, Hanzawa sometimes sees individuals as dishonest and that their charming, courteous, and friendly behavior is only a disguise of their true character.

Kudo Shinichi

Conan Edogawa (Shinichi Kudo goes by this pseudonym), It is clearly implied and suggested in the manga that Hanzawa was eventually accused of a crime that he strongly denies from the past by Shinichi within his dream, in which he harbored a deep hatred to the point where he would murder those he claims to believe to be Shinichi himself, as shown when he mistook Kaito Kid in civilian attire for Shinichi.


Hanbayashi is Hanzawa’s former as well as first “partner in crimes.” The two first met when the homeowner (who is also the current target that Hanzawa was aiming to assassinate) introduced him to Hanbayashi; Hanzawa took a glance and recognized that he was not alone, and Hanbayashi is a person who, like him, has the potential to be a criminal as well.

However, their friendship ends when Hanbayashi becomes enraged with the landlord and decides to murder him. Hanbayashi has inquired as to whether Hanzawa wishes to participate. The next day, Hanzawa learns that Hanbayashi attempted to murder the landlord the night before and was stopped by a child. Hanzawa, upon hearing this, cries around the world that he was deceived or that he was depressed over not being able to murder someone.

When is scheduled Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa Episode 5 to air

Detective Conan The Culprit Hanzawa Episode 5 Beika Town Rhapsody: Plot, Release Date, Where to Watch

Episode 5 is titled Beika Town Rhapsody, which is set to air on November 01, 2022. The episode usually airs around 0030 hours to 0105 hours at Japanese Standard Time.

Where to stream Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa Episode 5

Detective Conan The Culprit Hanzawa Episode 5 Beika Town Rhapsody: Plot, Release Date, Where to Watch

After the scheduled launch, you can view all of Detective Conan: The culprit Hanzawa’s new episodes on Netflix. By having a Netflix subscription, you can call the episodes released. On October 4, 2022, the show premiered on Tokyo MX, ytv, and BS Nippon, and it is also available on the aforementioned platforms.

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