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Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-kun Season 3 Episode 5: Release Date And Predictions

welcome to demon school

Japanese action comedy anime Welcome to Demon School, Iruma Kun season three episode five is set to release this weekend. This story is written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. This series aired its third season this June. Among all the big releases this fall, Iruma-Kun’s fans are eagerly waiting for its fifth episode of this season. This show is directed by famous director Makoto Moriwaki.

Daisuke Ono, Ayumu Murase, Saori Hayami, and others are cast in this show. This is produced by the world-famous Japanese production company Bandai Namco Pictures, or BNP in short.

Iruma-kun (Muse Asia)

Welcome to demon school; Iruma-Kun is a pretty interesting story. At first glance, we think this is another generic “Isekai” anime. But it surprised us in its first season. Iruma-Kun is a human youngster who was sold to a demon by his guardians. But to end his childhood trauma and abuse of atrocious parenting, he got his demon grandpa.

Despite being a demon and thought to be the worst person, grandpa was too good. He took care of Iruma and loved him unconditionally. Because of not having his own offspring, grandpa is, at times, protective towards Iruma. So obviously, he didn’t want to go to his past life. Nobody would run back to their past traumas. So his motivations are understandable.

Iruma got into demon school, where he was revered as a great demon amongst students and faculty members. Every time he got into a situation where his human identity could be revealed, it didn’t happen. This created a funny dynamic and added situational humor to the series. While not a hard-hitting show, it still manages to be a fun, different, and unique experience.

In this latest season of “Welcome to demon school, Iruma-Kun,” we see mostly the harvest festival. Iruma and his abnormal class have been forced to take on training. In this upcoming test, if everyone doesn’t manage to get rank dalet, they have to leave their King’s Classroom.

They have to get to that rank before year two or their second year. They fought very hard for “Royal One.” The abnormal class will take on the first rank advancement test in this season, which is the famous Harvest Festival.

Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-kun Season 3 Episode 4: Start Signal

In the Netherworld, the strong eat the weak. Here securing food is the most important. For demons, awakening their hunting instincts and devouring their prey is a beautiful sight. This is the main philosophy behind Harvest Festival. For this festival, a vast jungle has been prepared. It is in the “Backyard of Babyl.”.

This battlefield is surrounded by fences and vines, swamps, rocky terrain, and caves. They are “a dime a dozen.” This test will be taken as an individual means solo. Rankings will be decided by the harvests of each demon. All the harvest points will be the total of harvested ingredients by each demon. These are the rules announced at the start of season 3, episode 4.

Abnormal Class (Muse Asia)

We get to know that last year’s winner is the student council president Azazel Ameri-san. She collected 59,000 points. In this test, people can pass if they collect more than 50,000 points. We are introduced to the famous Battler, Walb. He then started introducing us viewers and the participants to different interesting test takers. He got shocked to see the “lawbreaker” Dorodoro brothers.

They’re in the second year but still taking this test as they failed the first time. They have strength and experience more than others in this test. We are funnily got introduced to Nafrat, who is smell is so bad that everyone gets unconscious if they go near them. We are introduced to brilliant Orobas Koko. He always gets second in every test or activity. Then abnormal class emerged.

Walb proceeds to praise them but quickly discovers that they’re worn out by all their individual training. He said about all of their past exploits. Abnormal class seized the demon king, Delkira’s Classroom, Royal One. They also played a part in the Walter Park incident. Then Iruma appeared. He talked to Azzu-chan first. He was, as always, impressed with Iruma and was thinking about Iruma’s training.

Announcers announced the start of the test. They also said that fake items and stabbing participants directly would ban any of the participants. Iruma gathered everyone and yelled, “Get in our way; we’ll kill you!” Everyone replied with, “Hell yeah!” Thus the harvest festival has begun. Azzu san and his teammate meet each other in the forest.

They discussed that all the normal available ingredients could give up to 150 points. But boss-level items can give thousands of points to the harvester. Harvesting those will give them 50,000 points easily. They planned to gain 100,000 points by collecting golden leaves. Dorodoro brothers interrupted them. After this, Welcome to demon school, Iruma-Kun season three episode four ended.

Iruma-kun and his gang (Muse Asia)

Season 3 Episode 5 Preview And Release Date

Well, this is clearly a “tournament arc.” We can say that different matchups could be a possibility in future episodes. We witnessed in season 3, episode 4 that the Dorodoro brothers start invoking a fight with Azzu-chan and his teammate. But this fight may not happen in episode five. We clearly heard that one of the rules was no direct fighting.

So we could witness a harvesting race between these teams. We will finally see Iruma’s growth in the next episode. We can also expect everyone’s special abilities as they were training for this test. It will be very interesting. We know that this show is filled with interesting choices and twists on popular anime tropes.

This can take future episodes in unknown directions. In short, this show is unpredictable. If you want to know about “what happens next,” then tune in on 5th November 2022. “Welcome to demon school, Iruma-Kun” season 3, episode 5, is set to release on 5th November.

Time zone

  • Eastern time: 8:00 hours; Saturday, 5th November.
  • Central time: 7:00 hours; Saturday, 5th November.
  • Pacific time: 5:00 hours; Saturday, 5th November.

You can watch it for an hour in India. It can be seen on Crunchyroll with premium. Also, it will be available on youtube. Muse Asia‘s Youtube channel streams all of Iruma-Kun’s episodes.

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