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Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 6: Release Date Recap And Streaming Guide

Koukyuu no Karasu
Koukyuu no Karasu

A historical anime by the name of Koukyuu no Karasu, also known as The Raven or the Inner Palace, is based on a light novel of the same name. The announcement that the light book would be turned into an anime series happened about a year ago. On October 1, 2022, the highly anticipated anime adaptation of the beloved light novel finally debuted. The reception from viewers has been largely positive so far in this, despite only five episodes available. The anime’s unique premise has managed to draw in fans, and we can’t wait for the upcoming release of the sixth episode.

The titular character, The Raven Consort, one of the wives at the royal palace, serves as the central theme of the anime. Despite holding the rank of the Emperor’s wife, she refuses to care for him and chooses to live freely. She resides in the inner palace and is regarded as a master of enigmatic abilities. It is said that she has the power to cast spells and curses on anybody she chooses. People have different opinions about her appearance; some say she seems more like a young lady, while others think she is an elderly woman. The present Emperor goes to see her following the passing of the previous one. Their meeting sets sail for several events that are going to change the history of the whole nation.

Koukyuu no Karasu (Raven of The Inner Palace) Trailer

Koukyuu no Karasu Episode 5 Recap

Wei Qing, also known as Ei Sei in Japanese, is the eunuch who is frequently seen by Gaojun’s side, particularly when the Raven Consort is present. Gaojun’s status as Emperor makes his loyalty to him obvious, but he goes above and above by showing even more concern because he is both devoted to Gaojun and unafraid to voice his worries. Additionally, he does not put up with any rude comments directed at Gaojun, which puts him at odds with Shou Xue, who frequently objects to the Emperor with sarcastic comments. Wei Qing struggles with whether to ask Shou Xue for assistance as Gaojun’s dreams persist, so he decides to conduct his own investigation instead, which takes him to the red-light district and forces him to face his past.

Wei Qing offers to go to the red-light district to look for a sorcerer as part of his inquiry into the Emperor’s ghostly nightmares. He struggles to learn more about the sorcerer while dealing with increasingly intense flashbacks from his youth in which he sees familiar individuals and scenes. A horrible mood overtakes the man, who is always stoic, as he remembers disturbing memories. Wei Qing was born in a prostitution-filled area, and his mother committed suicide after his father broke his vow to buy her and make her his mistress. Wei Qing, an orphan, was forced to decide between becoming a male prostitute and a eunuch; he selected the latter but was nonetheless subjected to sexual torture.

Koukyuu no Karasu

Koukyuu no Karasu

Gaojun saved Wei Qing from a terrible situation but also gave him a new identity and unwavering kindness, according to Wei Qing’s memories of the incident. While Wei Qing clearly regards Gaojun with the reverence due to his position as the Emperor, he does so out of genuine love and affection rather than out of a need to uphold his social status. The emphasis on Wei Qing in Episode 5 allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding of his motivations and character.

But after conducting his own research and running into memories of his traumatic past, Wei Qing actually encounters the ghosts. Even if the Emperor’s ongoing nightmares are already a cause for alarm, Wei Qing witnessing them firsthand serves as a reminder of the dire seriousness of the situation. Wei Qing returns to the Raven Consort and humbly apologizes for his behavior. Following their meeting, Wei Qing informs Shou Xue of the Emperor’s predicament in order to help her rid him of the ghosts.

Koukyuu no Karasu Episode Guide

Koukyuu no Karasu

Koukyuu no Karasu

Here is a detailed episode guide for Koukyuu no Karasu.

  • Episode 1: Jade Earring, Part 1 – October 1, 2022
  • Episode 2: The Jade Earring, Part 2 – October 8, 2022
  • Episode 3: The Whistle – October 15, 2022
  • Episode 4: The Skylark Princess – October 22, 2022
  • Episode 5: Confidant – October 29, 2022
  • Episode 6: TBA – November 5, 2022

Koukyuu no Karasu Episode 6 Release Date 

Koukyuu no Karasu

Koukyuu no Karasu

Koukyuu no Karasu Episode 6 will be released on 5th November 2022 at 8 PM on Japanese local networks. The subbed version will be released shortly after the Japanese version is made available.

Where To Watch Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 6?

Koukyuu no Karasu Episode 6 will air on local Japanese networks like Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, and KTV. For fans outside Japan, you can stream Koukyuu no Karasu Episode 6 on Crunchyroll shortly after the Japanese version airs. Both subbed and dubbed versions of the episode will be made available on the same streaming platform.

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