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The Human Crazy University Episode 6: Release Date, Recap And Episode Guide

The Human Crazy University
The Human Crazy University

The anime series The Human Crazy University, also known as Human Bug Daigaku, debuted on 5 October 2022. The fall 2022 anime season has been a wild ride for viewers all across the world. The Chainsaw Man, Mob Psycho Season 3, and Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War are just a few of the major names storming global streaming platforms, but there are still several other exciting shows to keep viewers entertained each week.

One of these anime is The Human Crazy University, so keep an eye out for it! The unusual journeys and encounters of death row prisoner Satake Hirofumi are portrayed in the anime series. When people realize he cannot die, things start to change for him because he is suspected of killing his fiancee. He managed to escape execution, and this strange occurrence caught the eye of a top-secret research facility named The Human Crazy University.

They contacted him and took care of him so they could look into and learn more about him. As the narrative progresses, we learn about the several unfortunate circumstances in which Satake could have easily died but miraculously survived. Each episode of the show is a giggle riot because of the cheesy characters, the casual animation style, and the hilarious in-between banter.

The show is somehow both entertaining and funny despite the creators’ apparent lack of effort in simply choosing to make a funny, straightforward script. The show has received a variety of reviews. Although the show lacks depth, viewers nevertheless appreciate it and find it to be hilarious and entertaining. Due to its simplicity and lack of depth, some people believe the show to be a waste of time.

The Human Crazy University Episode 5 Recap

The Human Crazy University

The Human Crazy University

The currently available episodes are just as amusing as their lengthy titles. Every time I read the episode titles out loud, I chuckle. In the most recent episode, “Dive of Death in a Closed Room 10,000 Meters in the Air! Airborne Casket ” Satake and the professor are caught up in a hijacking attempt that ultimately ends in a crash! Yes, Satake is undoubtedly an unfortunate man.

Satake and the professor are taken to a different facility at the beginning of the episode. He is initially brought to the airport, where he travels with the professor on a plane. Meanwhile, the professor, being his chatty self, keeps chatting about unrelated topics, like explaining to Satake why criminals typically sit in the last seats on an airplane and how the likelihood of a hijacking.

While they are on board is remote but not zero. (It appears that criminals and inmates typically sit in the back seats of airplanes so that other passengers won’t notice the criminal sitting next to them and become alarmed. Well, before now, I was unaware of that! What about you?)

Guess what happens next, then? Satake is kidnapped by Shimoda, a prison guard from the facility where he was previously detained, who then forces Satake to the back of the aircraft by gunpoint. He then informs Satake that a strange someone who claims to be the family of the person Satake killed is paying him a large quantity of money. He couldn’t afford to turn down the offer because the funds could aid his sister’s health.

Shimoda was barely considering his options when a loud noise was heard. When they turned to face the alley, they saw a large hole in the plane, and everyone on board was in a panic. The jet was reportedly bombed as well! Satake swiftly devises a plan while the situation is chaotic and grabs the gun. He then leads Shimoda outside while holding a gun to the crowd’s heads to calm them down.

The passengers listen to him and obey the safety instructions of the flight attendant required to follow for a safe emergency landing on seeing his handcuffs and pistol in hand. Satake was gripping a plane seat when he was abruptly dragged out of the aircraft just as everything appeared to be calming down. When Satake fell, the third-person comments were funny!

The lengthy lecture on applied physics and physiology was pretty humorous, as was Satake’s explanation of how he might still save himself in such a circumstance. The scene is then cut to, showing that all of the passengers of the plane made it to safety as the emergency landing occurred over the water.

The Human Crazy University

The Human Crazy University

The episode finishes with a dark room and an evil smile, leaving us to wonder what is in store for us. We may anticipate intriguing episodes in the future because the tale is progressing steadily.

The Human Crazy University Episode Guide

Here’s a list of all the episodes released as of yet.

  • Episode 01 · Death Row Inmate Satake Hirofumi – 5 October 2022
  • Episode 02 · A Lucky Coin That Leads to Death: Lives Perish Adrift for 48 Days – 12 October 2022
  • Episode 03 · The Flame of Purgatory That Burns Heinous Detectives: Tortur Sommelier Ijuin Shigeo – 19 October 2022
  • Episode 04 · Death Row Inmate’s Girlfriend Negishi Chie – 26 October 2022
  • Episode 05 · Closed Room at 10,000 Meters in the Air: Dive of Death! Flying Casket – 2 November 2022
  • Episode 06 · TBA – 9 November, 2022

The Human Crazy University Episode 6 Release Date

The Human Crazy University Episode 6 is set to release on 9 November 2022. The title of the show is yet to be announced. The show airs at 22:00 (Japanese Standard Time).

Where to Watch The Human Crazy University Episode 6?

You can watch The Human Crazy University Episode 6 on several local Japanese networks on 9 November 2022 at 22:00 (Japanese Standard Time). The show is also available for streaming on leading online platforms like Crunchyroll.

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