Chainsaw Man: Does Himeno Die In Episode 8? Everything You Need To Know

Does Himeno Die In Episode 8

In a very less time, Chainsaw Man has proved to top the list of anime shows while increasing the craze among anime fans. The series has made the Chainsaw Man, Denji, a prominent animation character. However, fans have also loved Aki Hayakawa, Makima, Power, and Himeno, apart from the main character. The article contains major spoilers for the recent episodes of Chainsaw Man.

Episode 8 of Chainsaw Man, which was released on November 29 Tuesday, ended with a tragedy with the unfortunate deaths of Himeno and Makima. Yes! The previous Episode 8, “Gunfire,” completely changed the show’s direction, pushing everyone to an emotional end. The fans are waiting for the next episode (Episode 9) to be released soon to know what happens next, while the Manga readers already have the spoilers.

Chainsaw Man: Recap

Episode 8 of Chainsaw Man was beyond everyone’s imagination, as nobody thought it would put the main characters at stake. At the beginning of Episode 8, Makima, with one of her associate, were traveling to Kyoto for a meeting. Suddenly, some people present on the train stood up and started firing, aiming their heads. An older woman also attacked Kobeni and Arai on the street. However, on the other hand, Denji, Power, Aki, and Himeno were having lunch at a restaurant and were attacked by the Katana Man

Does Himeno Die In Episode 8 of chainsaw man
The Katana Man and Aki Hayakawa

The Katana Man shoots Denji in the head and Himeno in her chest. After that, a battle starts between the Katana Man and Aki, where Aki uses his power of Curse Devil to fight. He eventually succeeds in stabbing the Katana Man three times and makes him fall to the ground, which appears to be a win. But Akane Sawatari, a companion of the Katana Man, entered the scene and saved him. After that, the Katana Man was successful in injuring Aki severely. 

Does Himeno Die In Episode 8 of chainsaw man
The Ghost Devil

Himeno tried to save Aki from being killed and summoned the Ghost Devil, where she made a deal with it to give her whole body if it would attack with full power. However, the Ghost Devil considers Himeno’s offer and attacks the Katana Man. While the Ghost Devil shows its full form in the fight, Himeno’s body disappears part by part. But before it could kill the Katana Man, Akane summons the Snake Devil, which kills the Ghost Devil in a splash. Himeno was also gone and what was left behind were only her clothes. 

Chainsaw Man: Did Himeno Loved Aki Hayakawa?

Himeno dragged Denji to her bed at the beginning of Episode 8 of “Chainsaw Man” and left to have some water and freshen up while she was a bit drunk. After Denji woke up, he was thirsty and asked for water. Himeno noticed Denji in her apartment and offered him water with a kiss which later led to a proposition to Denji.

Does Himeno Die In Episode 8 of chainsaw man
Denji and Himeno

Denji always wanted to kiss a girl and get to bed with her. But, he later realized it would not be any girl he would sleep with as he had feelings for Makima. At first, Denji is confused and gives his consent, but he rejects the offer of going all the way after he sees the Chupa Chup candy in his pocket that Makima gave him. Denji goes into a flashback where Makima helps him to forget the first awful vomit kiss he had with Himeno by giving her candy. 

Does Himeno Die In Episode 8 of chainsaw man

The next morning, Himeno makes breakfast for Denji. They have a heart-to-heart conversation where Denji expresses his feelings for Makima, and Himeno confesses that she loves Aki. Himeno keeps a condition before Denji that if he sets her up with Aki, she will also help Denji set up with Makima. In the previous incident with Himoeno and Aki, she was sure that Aki also had feelings for her but was just unaware of the same.

‘Chainsaw Man’ Episode 8: Did Himeno Died In The End?

The character, Himeno, in Chainsaw Man is introduced as a charming young lady who motivates her team members to do their tasks flawlessly. In the earlier episodes, some characters were selfish and could go to any extreme to survive rather saving others. In comparison, Himeno was different as she cared for all his teammates and sacrificed herself to save Aki Hayakawa. The fans are in a probability situation where they wonder whether Himeno is dead or the series has a different twist ahead.

Does Himeno Die In Episode 8 of chainsaw man

But, the fact is Himeno is dead, and some flashback of her may appear in the upcoming episodes while her return alive is impossible. Just like she lost her right eye while she made a deal with the Ghost Devil, in the end, she lost her whole body to save Aki. Himeno loved Aki and gave her everything to save her till her end. On the other hand, Aki also loved Himeno, but he realized this after her death. 

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