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What Episode Is Madara Uchiha Vs Shinobi Alliance?

The Fourth Shinobi World War Shinobi Alliance
The Fourth Shinobi World War - Shinobi Alliance

The fourth Shinobi World War is regarded as one of the most important battles in Naruto history. When Madara Uchiha, one of the strongest warriors in the Uchiha clan, appeared to fight the entire Shinobi alliance alone, it shocked, surprised, and intrigued fans.

Even the shinobi alliance’s toughest fighters at that time began to stumble in front of the exceptional Uchiha. Fans who could not hate Madara, one of the strongest antagonists in Naruto, due to his extreme powers and meticulous intelligence, will always be remembered as a legend.

And no one can deny the fact that even though Madara Uchiha had a different perspective towards the world to bring peace, he has always performed legendary acts and gained the utmost respect of fans even after his tragic death.

Madara, when confidently stood up against the whole shinobi alliance, and fans could not do anything but capture the moment in their hearts, seemingly the episode In which the war between Madara and the shinobi alliance happened will be remembered by all Naruto fans. So, in what episode exactly the fourth shinobi world war against Madara happened? Read till the end to know why Madara war against Shinobi Alliance.

What Led Madara Uchiha To battle Against The New  Shinobi Alliance?

Madara Uchiha was born during the period of the Warring States. Since childhood, he has seen states fighting against each other for land, money & Power, ignoring peace and welfare. So, Madara Uchiha always wanted to be free from the concept of war in order to bring peace.

However, the long-time rivalry between the Uchiha clan and Senju Clan never let his plans come to reality. Madara Uchiha is the eldest one among his other five brothers. He is the son of Tajima Uchiha, who fought several times with the warriors of the Senju clan and lost three of his sons, except Izuna and Madara, during the war.

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha – One of the strongest antagonists in Naruto Shippuden

When Madara grows a little older, he also becomes a warrior and starts fighting against the rival Senju Clan. Apparently, he meets Hashirama Senju, not knowing his name and clan, and becomes best friends with him. Madara and Hashirama never disclose their names in front of each other, but when they do, their rivalry begins again.

As Tajima, Madara also has an animosity against the whole Senju clan because his brothers get killed at the hands of Senju warriors during the war, and Hashirama, being from the Senju clan, enraged Madara stands against his Senju best friend, Hashirama.

Friendship turns into Rivalry – Hashirama Senju kills Madara Uchiha.

Madara, the fully enraged Uchiha, wants nothing but to defeat the Senju clan and Hashirama, his best friend. So, when Hashirama and Madara become the leaders of their respective clans, they engage in the war several times. However, Madara never wins against the Senju Clan.

Hashirama, who never wanted his friendship to end with Madara despite the fact that he belongs to the rival group, takes the initiative to sign a treaty with the Uchiha clan to bring peace to both clans by way of the alliance. After knowing Hashirama’s feelings for Madara, he accepts to form an alliance, and both friends form a village called Konohagakure.

Hashimara Madara Alliance

Alliance Between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha to bring peace

When Hashirama becomes the Hokage, Madara gets concerned about the Uchiha clan, who tries to create dominance over Konohagakure. However, Hashirama has always had compassionate methods of running the village, and methods of handling the village differ from Madara, who believes in taking full control of the village. They again engage themselves in battle, and Madara gets killed at the hands of Hashirama.

Madara Uchiha’s Plan To Restore His Life 

Even though Madara dies at the hands of the Senju clan, he already has his plans to come back to life with the use of Izanagi. Madara resurrects in exchange for his vision of the eye and then hides to plan further. After numerous years, Madara successfully created a plan called the Eye of The Moon Plan to bring eternal peace.

But to achieve his goal, he needs several years, and Madara finds his natural death to be on its way so he plans to insert Rinnegan into Nagato’s eyes without him knowing, in the hope that one day Nagato will reanimate him to life again.

Madara Uchiha's Resurrection

Madara Uchiha restores his life in exchange for his right eye’s vision

Apparently, during the third shinobi world war, Madara comes across wounded Obito. Madara heals him with Hashrama’s cells and works towards making him strong enough to serve him in the future. But Madara uses some twisted ways to make Obito offer his service to him.

Madara then trains him properly to bring the eye of the moon plan into reality. Apparently, when Madara dies, Obito takes full responsibility for the eye of the moon plan and leads Akatsuki. He later pretends to be Madara and gradually arrives at the last stage of the plan to give a head start to the fourth Shinobi war.

Kabuto Resurrects Madara To Use Him Against The New Shinobi Alliance During The War

Obito, since Madara’s death, has worked with loyalty under Madara and Black Zetsu’s guidance. As Obito knows every plan that Madara had been making when he was alive, he works very carefully and then arrives at the final stage. However, he comes across Kabuto, who asks Obito to form an alliance with him during the fight against Shinobi Alliance.

Obito and Kabuto

Kabuto meets Obito to form an alliance against the shinobi alliance

Obito, who never actually wanted to agree to the alliance, helplessly agreed when Kabuto summoned the real body of Madara. Knowing that Kabuto knows about the real Madara, and Obito is only pretending to be him, He finds no option than join hands with Kabuto.

Kabuto resurrects Madara with the help of Impure World Reincarnation to fight against the Shinobi Alliance. Madara, who always wanted to get resurrected with Nagato’s Samsara Heavenly life technique, steps onto the battlefield to fight against Shinobi Alliances after getting to know about his resurrection from Kabuto.

 Madara Vs. Shinobi Alliance – Beginning To The Deadly World War

After the death of Madara, Obito puts on a mask and pretends to be Madara in front of the whole world. All Shinobis, including Naruto, never question his identity until they see the real Madara. When he appears in front of the shinobi alliance on the top of the hill, Naruto first fails to discover his reanimation.

The Fourth Shinobi World War

The Beginning of the Fourth Shinobi World War between Uchiha and Shinobi alliance

However, Gaara investigates Madara’s eyes and gets to know that he is brought back to life with reanimation Jutsu. Baffled Naruto, with all other shinobis, then questioned the identity of the person hiding behind the mask. Here’s where the 321st episode of Naruto Shippuden Ends.

Consequently, in the 322nd episode of Naruto Shippuden, the battle between Madara Uchiha and Shinobi Alliance begins. Now that you already know the whole backstory of Madara Uchiha and why the shinobi clan gets shocked once they really see him, episode 322 is full of thrills, combats, and adventures.

Episode 322 of Naruto Shippuden – How to Watch?

The decisive battle between Madara Uchiha and the Shinobi Alliance, which was the focus of the fourth Shinobi world war, only lasted two days. However, a lot happened in these two days that baffled fans who couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

Since you are fully aware of the history surrounding Madara’s conflict with the Shinobi Alliance, it is worthwhile to watch the entire battle. As you watch several episodes beginning with Episode 322, you’ll be brought to an exciting world as you watch your favorite characters battle for the future while using various jutsus and chakras.

The Fourth Great Ninja War

The Fourth Great Ninja War- A still from episode 322 of Naruto Shippuden.

To watch this episode, the first website we would love to recommend is Crunchyroll. You may find Naruto Shippuden’s episodes for free here for some time. However, if you want to continue watching, you may need to pay $7.99 / per month. You can also watch this episode on Netflix by paying the subscription amount. By paying 7.99/per month, you can also watch Naruto Shippuden on Hulu Website.

Additionally, the significant and exciting scenes of Madara Uchiha Vs. the Shinobi Alliance battle are also available on YouTube. Now that you know everything about how Madara’s combat started with Shinobi Alliance keep some time aside and binge-watch Naruto Shippuden from episode 322 to know who won the war.

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