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What Episode Does Luffy Attacks A Celestial Dragon?

reaction after luffy punches the celestia; dragon

The 19 of the 20 founding Kings of the entity known as the World Government are the forebears of the World Nobles, also referred to as the Celestial Dragons. This line of ancestors includes a number of the One Piece series’ villains. While their actual fighting prowess is still up for debate, there is no denying their might and belief in their invincibility to “ordinary” people. However, Luffy being himself, also disregarded this commandment by pummeling Saint Charlos.

Saint Charlos was struck in the face by Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece episode 396 named, “The Exploding Fist! On April 12, 2009, the episode “Destroy the Auction” made its debut. He was enraged by his snooty attitude and behavior, which is why this occurred. The occurrence from the manga, titled “The Incident of the Celestial Dragons,” took place in Chapter 502. Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

reaction after luffy punches the celestial dragon

Why Did Luffy Punch A Celestial Dragon?

Franky and Usopp have some cola at Grove 41 as Sanji stays on the Thousand Sunny. He’s going to guard Nami’s riches and watch for her. Zoro gets off the ship and walks toward town. In order to avoid getting lost, Zoro shouts that the trees are identified by numbers. He initially assumes the grove is position one.

Hatchan explains that the Celestial Dragons don’t respire the same air as normal people since they wear masks and are also referred to as World Nobles. Everyone congregates in the Sabaody Archipelago prior to leaving for the New World. There are also notorious pirates posted there, and the trafficking of pirates is not prohibited by law.

They must keep a sharp eye out, as Navy Headquarters is perilously close. Because Camie and Hatchan must pass for humans, Luffy also notices a wound on Hatchan’s forehead. Then Luffy enters a bubble with his head and arms inside. Then a store owner displays a bike that can fit inside the bubble. Then, without the bike breaking, Luffy rides it inside the bubble. They go by the name Bubble Bikes. Hatchan is basically seeking to rent two bikes.

Hatchan warns the group as they travel around that the bubble will burst if they leave the environment of the archipelago. The Bubble Bikes can also be utilized on Fish-Man Island, according to Camie. Meanwhile, Brook anticipates meeting the Mermaid Princess, as mentioned by Pappag.

Hatchan notes that the Marines are currently awaiting authorization to move to the New World at the quarters at Grove #35. Upon purchase, the products are placed in a bubble pack. Hatchan urges them to head straight for Grove #13. Nami begins to feel Camie’s presence in the mall is concerning. The Luffy crew flies to Grove 13 on their bubble motorcycles. Devil Dias then comes across a woman, pleading to have his collar removed and to be permitted to return home. All Luffy wants is to see his family again as he overhears.

What Episode Does Luffy Attacks A Celestial Dragon?

The collar ticks and explodes after Hatchan explains that Devil Dias was captured and sold into servitude. Then, having given up on exploring the New World, he tumbles. The Straw Hats look on in terror as Hatchan then delivers a warning on the collars. The party then kneels before the saints Shalria and Rosward as they walk by. Shalria believes the slave is useless after seeing Devil Dias’ response to the collar. The slave is then shot, and his corpse is removed.

Hatchan says they have to leave. Camie declines Brook’s offer to purchase her some tea. If they move against a Celestial Dragon, Pappag warns, the entire Marine Headquarters will hunt the target. He sees Camie there, the mermaid he has always desired, and buys her for 500,000,000 Berrys. Octo tries to hold back Luffy when he then arrives to save the mermaid but is unsuccessful when he loses his jacket and reveals to the crowd that he is actually a fish-man. Saint Charlos challenges Luffy by shooting him since he despises such kind.

What Episode Does Luffy Attacks A Celestial Dragon?

Rosward then offers Charlos a demonstration by hitting and stabbing Kuma without any groaning or sobbing. Charlos is ecstatic by this news. Charlos is impressed by Roswald’s description of him as a superior slave.

Charlos fires a shot intended for Hatchan. Hatchan collapses as Camie watches in terror, and Luffy halts and turns. Charlos leaps about, pleased with himself for taking down a fisherman. While the crowd is relieved, Charlos is jubilant with his recent acquisition of a slave at no cost. Hatchan stops Luffy’s enraged approach to him by reminding him of the pledge he made: not to harm the Celestial Dragons even if someone had been shot right in front of him. Hatchan claims that because of the terrible things he has done in the past, he deserves it.

reaction after luffy punches the celestia; dragon

Finally, Monkey D. Luffy punched him for standing up for himself and his own principles. He would have disappointed himself if he hadn’t intervened at that point because he certainly couldn’t live with that. We must also point out that Luffy did the right thing by striking the evil World Noble in the face because the blow was completely justified.

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