Lookism Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Trailer

Season 1 of “Lookism” debuted on Netflix on December 8, 2022. However, due to the overwhelming crowds at Seoul’s Halloween celebration, the release date was delayed from November 4 to November 5. As of season 2, “Lookism,” this is known. Lookism, a brand-new Netflix animation from South Korea that was postponed a few weeks ago following the incident in Seoul, best sums up my feelings about that country if I had to use one word. And I would characterize only some of the anime projects with that adjective.

However, this eight-part television series, which was adapted from the well-known Webtoon by Park Tae-Joon, is frequently heartbreakingly painful, both in terms of its subject matter and the importance of its teachings, which can be summed up as, in essence, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” It feels like a condemnation of our species as a whole that we even need to reaffirm that message in 2022, yet here we are.

An overweight young man identified as Park Hyeong-Seok is subject to harsh and persistent bullying because of his appearance in the anime, which is focused on standards of beauty in South Korean culture, particularly youth culture. Because he does not meet the criteria that his classmates hold dear—tall, slender, and conventionally attractive—he is brutalized and harassed. He is a fat child from a poor household, and it is not his fault that he has been punished because of this.

Lookism Season 2 Trailor

The Mir studio will need a lot of time to create eight new episodes (if ordered). The Lookism season 2 teaser is expected to be released sometime in the fall of 2023, provided Netflix chooses to continue its original invention. The team is presently working on another project,/s. Park Hyung Seok, an obese and ugly high school student, is the subject of the book Lookism. Due to his appearance, he was never in demand and was frequently tormented and bullied by his peers.

He begs his mother to move out of the city because he is too uncomfortable attending school. They eventually transferred to another town. He discovers one night a mysterious power that allows him to flip between two bodies—one his original body, which was fat, ugly, and unattractive, and the other, which was tall, manly, and incredibly gorgeous. His life undergoes a significant transformation as he switches between using his old ugly body while sleeping and his attractive bodily shape during the day.

The narrative continues by demonstrating the significance of appearances, how society views those who are pretty and how it considers those who are unattractive. In his series, racism and discrimination in the workplace, schools and colleges, the gym, and many other facets of society are depicted. Season 2 is currently in development. However, neither the series’ creators nor Netflix management has officially announced this.

The first season was created by Studio Mir, based in South Korea. Most of “The Legend of Korra,” created by the animation company, is its most well-known work. Additionally, Studio Mir has made films, including “Big Fish & Begonia,” “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” and “Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge,” for Netflix as well as animated series like “Voltron: Legendary Defender,” “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts,” and “Dota: Dragon’s Blood.”

Where Can You Watch Lookism?

On the well-known OTT platform Netflix, Lookism will formally debut on December 8, 2022. With English subtitles, the webcomic is anticipated to be published in Korean. Do not be perplexed. This section will examine Lookism, a Chinese drama that debuted in 2019. As previously noted, Chinese director Wu Jian Xin created a Chinese Drama in 2019 using the original Korean Manhwa as a model.

The first episode aired on September 26, 2019, and the final episode aired on December 1, 2019. Suspense and romance were the subgenres that this drama series fell under. In the cast of the television show, Lomon played Tuo Wen Shuai’s “handsome body,” Wayne Zhang played Tuo Wen Shuai’s “ugly body,” Dino Lee played Gu Qi Guang, Zhuang Sen played Li Zhen Cheng, and Wang Zi Xuan played Tao Qiao.

Given that Lookism quickly diverts from its initial focus on Hyeong-dual Seok’s identities and instead employs the idea to investigate other subjects, those who are entirely unfamiliar with the notion may have also expected more details regarding the mechanics. However, about your interrogation, less is more. After all, the why is more important than the how, and it is clear why Hyeong-Seok is doing it: by adopting a different identity, he may assist those in his shoes. 

Should We Expect a Season 2 of Lookism?

The Lookism Webtoon’s first season’s release date is all that is currently known, and the story’s outline has yet to be publicly available. Therefore, even discussing the Webtoon’s Season 2 at this time would be premature. For the time being, let’s hope that the Webtoon’s first season airs without any issues.

Hyeong-Seok can switch his mind between these two avatars, but he can only occupy one when the other is dozing off, which is the hook of Lookism. So he dresses up as the most popular and attractive student at his new school during the day and works at a grocery store at night to let his stunning physique relax. As you might expect, this causes several problems. First, he can break the mold. Second, I’m hoping he can make being empathetic and compassionate cool.

It’s simple to speculate as to what the anime could have been in addition to a 1:1 adaptation, yet, at the same time. Was that what the fans desired? Is witnessing the plot develop sufficiently to warrant going through it once more in essentially the same format? Possibly. For me, however, I was – probably unreasonable – anticipating just a little bit, some more convincing justification for adapting the content into a new media.

What Might Be in the Plot of Lookism Season 2?

Pyeon Deok-Hwa and Hyung-Seok triumph in the competition show at the school celebration in the “Lookism” season 1 finale, thanks to their performance. Hyung-Seok declines the music producer’s offer after learning that he had previously turned down Deok-request for a job, even if the latter had refused to work with the latter. Deok-Hwa is also taken out of the official performance video released by the school, but this only makes him more determined.

Choi Su-Jeong is shown for the first time in the program, revealing that he, like Hyung-Seok, has two bodies. The original Manhwa’s chapters 28 and beyond will be addressed in the next season 2. After that, Seok-Hwa might start live-streaming alongside other students. Hyung-fighting Seok’s skills will likely win over su-bodyguard Jeong, and the other young guy will then offer to coach him.

Release Date for Season 2 of Lookism

Zixuan Wang created Lookism as a Korean Manhwa. In November 2014, the webcomic was first released weekly on Naver WEBTOON, where it quickly became quite well-known across the globe. It became a Chinese character and, as a result, Chinese broadcast series that aired on WeTV Network and featured 38 episodes with a total running time of 30 minutes.

This post will discuss a webtoon-styled Korean adaptation of Lookism that has yet to be available on Netflix. The webcomic was supposed to debut on November 4 but was delayed because of the horrific Seoul Halloween stampede disaster. With the Tudum event taking place on September 25, 2022, Netflix has formally stated that “Lookism” will be published on December 8, 2022. Unfortunately, there have not been any official updates regarding Lookism Season 2, which might be the sequel.

It feels like a condemnation of our species as a whole that we even need to reaffirm that message in 2022. Yet, here we are as a chubby young man identified as Park Hyeong-Seok endures violent and persistent abuse for his appearance; the animation centers on standards of beauty in South Korean culture, particularly youth culture. Salvation comes from a different version of oneself, unbelievably attractive, with a whole different physique, and this one is tall and athletic.

After learning of Hyeong-suffering, Seok’s mother agrees to his request to change schools, paying for it by taking a second, menial job that she keeps a secret from her son. Hyeong-Seok attempts to reinvent himself but fails, realizing everyone is the same. This time, he is alone, detached from his mother, and too ashamed to convey the depths of his repeated weakness because of her sacrifices. As a result, he finds herself once more caught in a vicious circle of tormenting from which he cannot escape.

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