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Why Is Superman Weak To Kryptonite?

Superman feature

As we all know about Superman, most of us, usually love Superman too as a superhero. Most children always love to be a superhero, and apart from these, most children also love Superman. Superman is the one who always appears in American Comic books, and that are the books published by DC Comics.

Also, Superman was the one who was created by writer Jerry Siegel that too along with the artist Joe Shuster. Superman is also one who was adopted by many other media channels. Some of the media channels usually include radio serials, novels, films, television shows, video games, and many other services.

Also, children always love to be Superman, and they are the ones who always try to copy them by watching their cartoons and some of their movies. Some of us don’t know about the birth of Superman, he is the one who was born on one of the fictional planets that was named Krypton, and yes, this was also named Kal-EI.

At the time when he was a child or at the time when he was a baby, his parents were the ones who sent him to the planet earth, that too in a small spaceship moment just before Krypton was destroyed in a natural cataclysm. Later, it was noticed that the ship superman landed in the American countryside, that too near the fictional town of Smallville.

After some time, according to some reports and records, Superman was the one found and was adopted by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent and who named him Clark Kent. Also, he was the one who developed various superhuman abilities, and he was also the one who also developed incredible strength along with impervious skin.

Why Is Superman Weak To Kryptonite?


This is the section that will eventually talk about one of the most informational and one of most important sections of the whole article. Most of us love Superman, but we are the ones who usually don’t know why Superman is weak in front of Kryptonite, or we can say why Superman is weak to Kryptonite. To know the answer to this question, let us read know about the same in the below paragraphs.

So, at the time when it usually comes to the weaknesses of any of the comic book heroes, Superman is the one who is the most iconic in his way. Superman is the one who is being dubbed the Man of Steel, and there is hardly anything that can affect Superman.

Also, just because to some of the reports and records, very green Kryptonite and a glowing rock are one of the biggest weaknesses of our superhero that is Superman. Just because of it, Clark Kent is the one who has failed, or we can say that Clark Kent is the one who has lost many battles, and the rock is the one that pretty much keeps Clark useless and helpless in a battle.

By this, most of the fans and viewers of different comics of Superman asks why does this usually happen? This is also the question that usually has been explored, but at this point, there is still a very good and wonderful explanation for the same. Firstly, we all must know that creation or the making of Kryptonite is one of the fascinating stories, and this is also one that is almost not comprehended by most people.

Let me tell you that Kryptonite is one that didn’t originate in different kinds and types of comics, but this was the one that was made for a radio serial that is called the adventures of Superman.

Later, according to some reports and records, at the time when the voice actor for Man of the steel usually wanted a vacation, the rock was eventually formed, and this was just because the actor could enjoy his vacation for a while or for the number of days he took the leave. After this, audiences and fans of Superman usually understood the concept of growing more and more.

Superman Weakness

But now, again, the question arises, why does it affect Superman, and how does it affect him?

So, the answer to the above question is about science, and this is something that is rarely explored. But if we go back to the year 2013 when Kal-El usually entered Zod’s ship, he was the one who would generally feel some changes in his whole body, and yes, this was the reason just to make him weaker than he was on Earth.

This is considered the only thing that can eventually pierce Superman, along with causing him harm.

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