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Princess Poppy and Branch’s Relationship Timeline – Are They Currently Dating?

Poppy and Branch
Poppy and Branch

One of our favorite characters from the animated movies Trolls, Princess Poppy, and Branch, has always been admired even by adults together with children. Trolls were released in the year 2016, and it quickly won fans’ hearts that even the second part of the movie was released after two years.

The one thing that fans wanted to see in the first part is Branch and Poppy’s romance. Everyone believed that they had a close friendship and had really great chemistry, but neither of them confessed their love to the other.

So, when the second part was released, fans revived the hope of getting Poppy and Branch together. However, did either of them really confess his/her love? Or in the second season also leave fans with disappointed hope that they may get to see Poppy and Branch in a romantic relationship in the third part?

If even you are looking for the answers, we have got you covered! Even we are as excited as you are to take you through Poppy and Branch’s relationship timeline. So read till the end and enjoy Poppy and Branch’s romance journey.

The Day when Poppy and Branch Met

Princess Poppy, the daughter of Prince Peppy, who is the leader of the Trolls community, was supposed to be eaten by Gristle Jr. during the Trollstice. However, the other hostage Trolls succeed in saving Princess Poppy and themselves from the ruthless empire of King Gristle, and this is where the fate of Poppy and Branch starts.

Poppy and Branch Trolls

A still from Trolls 2016 – When Princess Poppy and Branch meeting

The destiny of infant Princess Poppy changes when the Trolls save her from Bergens, and the same destiny leads her toward meeting the love of her life, Branch. After 20 years, Poppy and Branch first meet during the celebration of independence from Bergens.

Poppy first sees Branch while contending over the party that Princess Poppy has arranged for the Trolls because he does not want Bergens to find them again. Even though he was against princess Poppy’s idea of celebration, fans could see the love sparkled between Poppy and Branch when their eyes met. However, Poppy was closest to Creek at first.

Branch and Poppy’s Journey Toward Saving Their Mates

Branch, who was always concerned about Bergens finding them, makes a rescue place for himself where he stores the food that he can have for ten years. His nightmare comes true when the banished Bergen chef finds the Trolls’ location and kidnaps Creek with other numerous Trolls.

Princess Poppy and Branch - Trolls 2016

Princess Poppy and Branch – Trolls 2016

Poppy when decides to save Trolls and goes on a mission by herself. But the cold Branch accompanies her while Poppy struggles to get there to the way of Jr. Gristle’s mansion.

Even though Branch has the option of saving himself from danger, he decides to accompany Poppy, and not any other man than Branch does it. So, it was totally obvious that Branch had already caught feelings for Poppy and was waiting for the moment when he could tell everything about his feelings to her.

Branch and Poppy Become Best Friends

On the quest to save the troll mates, Branch and Poppy are always seen together. They plan everything together, from saving trolls to making Jr. Gristle fall in love with Bridget to get out of the dangerous Bergen mansion. Branch and Poppy, with other trolls, plan a romantic date for Bridget and Gristle and, in return, ask Bridget to rescue them from Bergens.

Princess Poppy and Branch from Trolls

Branch and Poppy, throughout of quest, never leave each other alone and gradually become best friends. They start understanding and caring for each other, and slowly their chemistry starts to increase. Finally, when they succeed in saving themselves from Bergens while telling them the importance of being happy with what you have.

At the end of the first part of Trolls, Poppy becomes Troll’s Queen, and Poppy starts living by her side.

Branch and Poppy’s Love In Trolls World Tour

At the start of Trolls’ world tour, we can see Princess Poppy and Branch together. On the second quest to stop Queen Barb from destroying music and trolls, Branch and Poppy, who trust each other a lot, go through every hurdle that Queen Barb sets for them.

Even though Poppy makes the mistake of bringing Pop’s string together with her on the quest, enraged Branch, who knew that Barb would snatch the string from Poppy, first make her realize her mistake but then carefully console her.

Trolls World Tour Ending Scene

Trolls World Tour Ending Scene – Branch Confesses his love for princess poppy.

Throughout the journey, Branch never leaves Poppy’s side, and that justifies that even though mature Branch and fun-loving Poppy have a different perspective towards the world, they complete each other.

In the end, Branch finally confesses his love to Poppy, and they become girlfriends and boyfriends. So currently, Branch and Poppy are dating each other, and if you want to know more about their love and relationship, sadly, you may have to wait for the next part to release.

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