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Why Does Sanji Fight Luffy: Betrayal vs Friendship?

One Piece is now on Netflix (Credits: Shueisha)

One Piece is an animated series based on Japanese Manga, broadcasted by Fuji Television. It aired on Netflix in live-action series. One Piece is a pirate adventure written by Eiichiro Oda, which has over 460 million sales globally.

One Piece has been entertaining viewers for 20 years with hilarious characters and lifelike rendering of Manga storytelling culture. The bestselling manga has made a Guinness Book of World Records for selling the most copies by a single author at half a billion copies. It is the most-watched anime in America and the longest book in the world.

One Piece manga

One Piece Manga (Credits: Shueisha)

Sanji comes from North Blue and has been the prince of the Germa Kingdom. He is flirtatious and jealous. He has superhuman strength and fast speed. He is determined to sacrifice himself to protect others, and he has a kind heart.

He has great culinary skills, and he cooks for his friend Luffy who loves food. Sanji was forcefully getting married to charlotte pudding, who was in love with him. He left for a straw hat with Luffy and friends which is why she deleted all of her memories from his head.

It is certainly jaw-dropping when the top 2 strongest fighters showcase their superhuman strength in combat. These powerful companions had one thing in common: Sanji was told that All Blue doesn’t exist, and Luffy wanted to be Pirate King.

Both were told that these were unfulfilled ambitions. Finally, Sanji reaches a conclusion and identifies himself as Vinsmoke, and commands the Straw Hats to leave. Luffy refuses, and the two fight. So Why does Sanji Fight Luffy: Betrayal versus Friendship?

Why does Sanji Fight Luffy: Betrayal versus Friendship?

Sanji left the straw hat crew during the Zou arc to protect Zeff and the Straw hat pirates from the attacks of Big Mom. Luffy went to get Sanji, looking for him at the Whole Cake Island. Sanji fought him ferociously to send him away for his safety and for Zeff’s survival.

Sanji was fixed for forced marriage, and Luffy tried to rescue him at Whole Cake Island. Sanji didn’t want to return to Straw Hat Pirates and beat up Luffy because he wanted him back.

Sanji with Superhuman powers (Credits: Shueisha)

This foregrounds the testing element of the series that is between Sanji and Luffy in the series, even though it was just for safety. This betrayal scene in friendship is altogether the most heart-wrenching scene in the entire 1000-episode series.

Luffy refuses to fight back because Sanji has been forced into this situation. Sanji only did this because he didn’t want Big Mom to hurt his friends.

Sanji was invited to the Big Mom’s tea party to forcefully marry him to Charlotte for the power game. He had to accept the marriage because Big Mom could hurt his friends.

In the end, Sanji has an ultimate breakdown, and he tells Luffy the truth that he is helpless. But before that, there’s some serious pirate action in the manga.

The Big Manga Fight

Sanji thanks Luffy for his kindness but urges them to leave because he needs to return to his family. He even compares the fortune of Big Mom to Straw Hats, telling them that he is in a better position with his family also because he had always doubted if Luffy could be the Pirate King.

Sanji continued to drive away Nami and Luffy, fighting Luffy for being adamant. In spite of being stronger, Luffy doesn’t fight back; instead waits for his act to be over and reunites with his friend. Sanji throws himself on Luffy with the Joue shot, breaking off his tooth and sending him straight to the floor.

He warns him to leave, but the now-standing Luffy refuses, earning another kick in his face. Nami convinces him to stop because they had to fight Big Mom’s commanders all night only to rescue him.

Sanji has a Diable Jambe assault powered upon Luffy and even insults him. At this point, the anime fans feel sorry for Luffy, who is hurt just for trying to be a good friend. Nami says that they’ll leave, seeing that Sanji is up for another final blow.

Luffy says that he isn’t going to move at all, and Sanji gifts him a flame Concasser on the head, finally making him land on the floor. Nami slaps Sanji while he is getting on the carriage, calling him Sanji Lord instead of Sanji-kun.

Meanwhile, Luffy is convinced that Sanji is putting up an act. Sanji’s walls were coming down in tears as he was in pain for betraying his innocent friend.

Luffy calls out Sanji as his long-term friend and says that he wasn’t really the one feeling the pain at his kicks, at which Sanji breaks down crying. Luffy is serious about having Sanji back as a chef, as Luffy is obsessed with food. He can’t become Pirate King without him, and he won’t even touch his food.

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