One Piece: Why Was Blackbeard at Impel Down? Explained

Blackbeard is the most powerful antagonist in the One Piece realm (Credits: Wallpaper Abyss)

Blackbeard is the captain of Blackbeard Pirates, also known as Marshall D Teach. He has the unique power of two devil fruits. He is courageous, stupid, overconfident, and intelligent. He is a polarized person who drifts between strengths and weaknesses in different situations.

He joined the Seven Warlords of The Sea after defeating Ace and bringing him over to the World Government. He is one of the most powerful pirates in the world. He is inclined to focus more on enemies’ conversations during fights.

He has the ownership of Gura Gura no Mi, a Paramecia-type devil Fruit that helps him cause earthquakes and shockwaves. He had obtained it from the dead body of Whitebeard, which gives him the ability to destroy the world.

He was the strongest of the Worst generation, and he was taken under the Whitebeard for having sympathy for orphans. He has a ship called Saber of Xebec, and he has done an act of astonishment by freeing the prisoners of Impel Down.

Blackbeard has a special quality of being the only person to eat two devil fruits without dying, making him the most dangerous pirate in the world.  He has done all the marvelous and impossible things that make him the most adventurous and villainous pirate in the world.

The most intriguing part is that his full reveal of powers is still a mystery. Blackbeard has a distinct and chilling laugh ‘Zehahahahahaha!’

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Impel Down in a Third Dimension Explained

Impel Down is a third dimension institution also known as underwater prison under a government stronghold with Marine headquarters. The World government exercises security over the most dangerous prisoners held here.

It has some supernatural elements that mark the interiors, torture chambers, and sea stone cells to stop those with Devil Fruit powers from fleeing.

It has multiple distinguished levels of activity like a medical laboratory stationed within the jail, strict surveillance, a starvation room, Inferno Hell, and whipping, burning, and boiling cauldrons for drowning.

Luffy meets brand new One Piece antagonists in Impel Down that he breaks into for his brother. This new dimension is seen in the One Piece series in episodes 422 to 456.

It truly looks like the World government headquarters because it is more than just a stinking prison- it looks more like a futuristic medieval castle. It has some pretty nasty shit going, like changing hormones, temperature, and sex of a person by eating the devil fruit.

Impel down
Impel Down dimension from the 17th century (Credits: Gamerant)

Why was Blackbeard at Impel Down? Explained

Marshall broke into Impel Down to free the notorious criminals and make them turn against each other. He twisted ways to break into the impossible realm by controlling the marine gate controller with hypnosis. Meanwhile, Luffy has been battling on Level 4 of Impel Down.

The big bad guy, Blackbeard, forces his way in through the guards of the prison. He used to be under Whitebeards, but later he turned against them by killing one of the pirates, Thatch, to get the devil fruit from him.

Like a true villain, he changed his name and started forming a crew by sailing on the sea. He went to Impel Down to get the worst crew members- the most notorious criminals in the world of Impel Down.  During The Summit War, he acquired the fruit from Thatch.

Blackbeard has some villainous pirate ambitions, like acquiring the yami yami no Mi fruit and becoming Pirate King. He joined the Whitebeards to find the fruit. When Thatch found it, he murdered him and stole it.

He and his crew went to Impel Down and attacked jailers to reach level 6. They encounter Luffy and his team at Level 4, trying to escape the prison. Luffy knew him and tried to fight the antagonist, but he needed to save his strength from draining out.

Blackbeard dealt with Magellan, who poisoned his crew, but Shiryu, the ex-head jailer, now criminal, brought an antidote to revive them. Blackbeard took on level 6 and made everyone fight each other after freeing them. The surviving prisoners were Sanjuan Wolf, Avalo Pizarro, Vasco Shot, and Catarina Devon.

The biggest truth about the mysterious Blackbeard is that he was real life pirate in the 17th century, the one the Manga author was obsessed with. He had inhuman strength, a terrifying appearance among victims, and he was the most famous pirate in the world.