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Why Does Aizen Help Ichigo Vs Yhwach?

Aizen- the best antagonist in anime history (Credits: Wallpaper Access)

Bleach is one of the three most impactful anime in history- it is one of the Naruto and One Piece series. It has a new sequel called The Thousand Years Blood War. Ichigo can see ghosts, and when he meets Rukia, he becomes a soul reaper.

As the master of souls, he guides spirits into the afterlife and battles evil spirits or Hollows. He becomes a part of the soul society and becomes a dark entity who deals with dark passages of the underworld with action, supernaturalism, and a magnetic soundtrack. It is available on Disney + and Hulu, but Disney + only has the sequel.

Bleach anime is also available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon for purchase. Bleach has been adapted to anime, making the Manga more intense. Meet the Grim Reaper in a more supernatural form designed just for soul reaper lovers.

He is the shinigami personified for a high-definition experience, ditching the faceless Western Grim Reaper. After all, it is easier to know a high school shinigami than frightening and lurking-in-corners Grim Reaper.

Ichigo as Shinigami

In his soul reaper form, he wears traditional Shinigami shihakusho. His shinigami spirit is fluctuating, and his battle with Ulquiorra is a top-notch scene in the series. He is the 007 Shinigami- a James Bond Xuction Registry Number.

He did not just gain powers but trained to save the Soul Society. He has the shinigami powers to defeat all enemies and has multiple transformations like hollow form, human form, bankai, and shinigami form. A Shinigami enters the bodies of bad people and asks them to kill themselves.


Ichigo as a human shinigami (Credits: YouTube)

They also eat a dead body every twenty hours to stay alive. The contradictory point is that they are rather evil spirits than Japanese Gods of death.

This shinigami culture is common in popular anime and manga as it is a prominent Japanese culture. In Bleach, though, this shinigami form is sometimes transformed into the human form.

So who is Aizen, and Why does Aizen help Ichigo versus Yhwach?

Why does Aizen help Ichigo versus Yhwach?

This is an iconic one-of-a-kind fight that takes place in Quincy Blood War in which all the powers of the netherworld fail. In this fight, Yhwach has Ichigo’s stance under his control as neither his sword nor Orihime Inoue’s powers create any trouble for his opponents.

He wants his powers back from Ichigo, absorbing them and stripping Ichigo of his consciousness. After a stretched battle duration, Aizen intervenes as Ichigo allies with Aizen.

Yhwach creates a hole in Ichigo’s stomach by giving him a great blow. He then proceeds to destroy Ichigo and Soul Society with his Reiatsu, but he sees that his hand is fixed inside Aizen’s torso, having mistaken him for Ichigo.

Ichigo attacks him with Getsuga Tensho, ripping Yhwach in half. The Reiatsu is revived, engulfing Aizen in a black mass, controlling his death with his ability to change the future.

Aizen was arrogant about his position and rule in Soul Society, and he couldn’t see Yhwach ruling over both worlds, which is why he helped Ichigo fight Yhwach.

Aizen has greater powers than a soul reaper, and unlike most shinigami of honor, he never shows pride unless in the final episode. He is the proudest shinigami and antagonist in the series.

Yhwach invited him to join forces as shinigami, but he refused. He waited to be free, and instead of thanking him, he helped Ichigo kill him. He simply couldn’t let a Quincy emperor rule over his world.

While Aizen and Yhwach were engrossed in conversation after Aizen was freed, Ichigo attacked Quincy. Even though it was quite an insignificant move, it was the ultimatum to gradually kill Quincy.

Aizen makes some of his own moves in a Bankai attack, and now Quincy has all his focus on Aizen. His powerful spell makes the earth quake, and a dragon is created that charges at Yhwach.

The latter minds Aizen’s broken blade and attacks him from behind. Aizen is imprisoned, and Yhwach is defeated by Ichigo after Aizen gives him rounds of compliments. To an invincible Yhwach, Aizen did his best to be a cunning fighter.

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