One Piece Anime: When does Yamato Meet Monkey D Luffy?

Yamato one piece
Yamato is most controversial female in Internet's history (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Yamato lives in the One Piece realm of adventurous and dangerous pirates in vast endless oceans. The manga has been spiced up with humor, suspenseful danger, and fantasy.

Luffy has become a very funny and popular character in video games and manga due to international milestones achieved by the volumes of One Piece and the Netflix series. Luffy has often been seen making inappropriate choices that cause him damage.

He eats all the candy in the factory made for Big Mom. This is quite challenging for Big Mom, who is an emperor. Luffy even ate Big Mom’s share of Oshiruko made for the prisoners because he loved the scent.

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When does Yamato meet Luffy?

Luffy might be a funny and lighthearted character, but he can break steel and push buildings. His power makes him fight the most dangerous enemies, and he has fast speed. He even has an unusual rubber body that steals him against Zeus’s lightning.

Yamato is similar to Luffy as he ate the Inu Inu no Mi fruit accidentally, just like Luffy. Yamato is born as the strongest man alive so he can endure the violent behavior of Kaido.In episode 991, Yamato tries to meet Luffy, but Luffy ignores him for being Kaido’s son. Luffy is hostile to Yamato and fights him mercilessly.

In the next episode, Luffy finally lets Yamato talk for five minutes. Yamato reveals that he idolized Oden, and when Oden was executed, he declared himself the next Oden. He read about his adventures with Whiteboard in Oden’s logbook.

Yamato shockingly removes his mask to reveal a woman’s face. She disguised herself to become Oden. She wanted to be free like Oden, but Kaido had handcuffed him, which would cause an explosion if she attempted to unlock them.

Luffy said that he could help her, but their conversation was interrupted by Kaido’s announcement of allying with Big Mom against the World Government. While to listening to the plan about ancient weapons and warfare unleashed on the entire world, they fell through the ceiling to the party below.


They might not be the next internet favorite ship, but they have some brave desires and ambitions that they share as friends and allies. They want to drive Kaido from Wano and extend the country’s borders to the world. Yamato knew Luffy a few years before he met him.

He was obsessed with the stories of Luffy that he heard from Ace. Luffy was his break to follow Oden’s footsteps by shipping the entire world. That is not all he wants to change the world, as Luffy’s future is to sail the world. Luffy actually accepted his deal after a while because he admired Oden too.

Their relationship is full of mutual respect, and he declares to Kaido that he will defeat him with Luffy because the latter is destined to do so.

Luffy fought Kaido for Yamato, and he was defeated by Kaido two times before Luffy used 5 Gear to ultimately bring Kaido down. The nature of this friendship is such that it garners the attention of shippers because of what Yamato seeks from Luffy.

Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy from One Piece Anime (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Yamato’s gender is officially a laughable internet forum topic

There are some controversies about his gender as being cisgender or trans or why he was disguised as male, or even why he would bathe with men in the bathhouse scene.

Her gender is officially and biologically female, as stated by Eiichiro da in Vivre Card in September 2021. In the manga discussion panel, Yamato is bathing with men even though she has the option to join the female group. This debate has been launched on Twitter officially.

So now, ‘Yama-bro’ is trending on the platform. It is so confusing now that the discussion seems to be playing around gender issues just because she never seems to correct people for using he/him for her.

Gender debate has reached different levels, and new standards of gender identity have been perceived as Yamato is called transgender even though she was born female.

The manga character is more like a joke than just a disguise, even when portrayed by the anime producers. She walks around with a curvaceous body, but still, people perceive her as male. Yamato is now being openly threatened as a woman residing in the anime world.

It is not really surprising that once Eiichiro Oda was threatened by fans for extending this issue to another level. The manga illustrations of a woman portrayed as having male characteristics are certainly transgender, which worries international fans even though Japan has embraced this as a resolved topic.

The feminine portrayal can be hard to accept as he was initially just the son of Kaido. Looking at the Ne Piece dictionary, it is clear that she is female, and nothing supports the transgender debate.

Her female physiology is pushed around, and the internet demands a new gender identity for the character. Ultimately the internet should be kinder to this female character because she deserves to be a favorite throughout the series.