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What Happened To Pickle in Baki? Explained

Baki anime (Credits: Weekly Shōnen Champion)

Pickle is a fictional character from Baki the Grappler, and he is a backward kinda man, preserved in saline rock as a gay man. He speaks unintelligibly in the manga, but he doesn’t eat or fight a creature that doesn’t fight him. He respects his fighters and cries after those fights at night.

He is not afraid of anything but a wasp. He isn’t afraid of being stung, but once he has eaten a wasp. His mouth burned really bad from the wasp’s strong poison. Pickle also raped a reporter woman who went to interview him.

He was attacked by security guards, and even then, he didn’t stop raping the innocent little woman. He was unemotional, okay with all his actions, had no guilt, and just wanted to reproduce his own kind to escape extinction.

His intelligence varies from backwardness to above average. He comes from the Jurassic Era, and he has animalistic instincts like animals. After escaping the ice, he remained frozen for four million years.

Who is the prehistoric Pickled Man?

He was born in Cretaceous Era as he fought a T Rex and was saved from the meteorite that put them all to extinction. He ate T Rexes without any weapons at all, and that makes him extraordinarily wild and superhuman.

His canines can eat dinosaur flesh, and he used to walk on four legs. Pickled by mineral waters, he is a prehistoric man who has now advanced to the modern age of technology.

He was taken as a challenge needed for a martial artist to become stronger. Pickle defeated Baki, and he was thus sent back to his frozen state, but he ran away to decide his own future in a new dimension. So what happened to Pickle in Baki?


Pickle from Baki anime (Credits: Weekly Shōnen Champion)

What Happened to Pickle in Baki?

This fight made Baki think that he could fight his father finally after combating a man who ate T Rexes after fighting the dinosaurs. Pickle was left wondering what would happen to him in this new world of humans.

He and the dinosaur were frozen in the salty ice but discovered in Colorado, where Professor Payne went ahead to study him.

Pickle’s strength made Strydum bring him to Japan to meet the strongest fighters in the world because the US General thought that Pickle would be comfortable with the top martial artists in the world. He was used to eating whatever he defeated, so he ate up the fighters who had the urge to fight the massive prehistoric man.

Baki and Pickle fought for pride while Pickle survived on the frozen dinosaur. Baki brings on a test of stamina, while Pickle can’t accommodate the new modern world. Pickle’s pride was hurt because he had to use Judo to defeat a smaller man, so he didn’t even kill him or eat Baki.

The UN decided to let people make a choice about what to do with the caveman. The world voted to send him back to the ice, but Payne had different thoughts, thinking that Pickle was a scientific discovery. He also didn’t want other people to deal with the caveman, who was the prehistoric strong man.

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