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The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date And Where To Watch?

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3

It was a bit of a surprise when the first episode of the second season was a bit under the weather. That changed with the second episode. So much, so people are already looking forward to The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3. The second episode of the rising of the shield hero left us with a good payoff for the setup that was put forth in episode one of the series. We finally witness the spirit tortoise as Naofumi, the only hero among the four, heads to tackle the beast with his party.

We see the inner workings of the people behind the scenes discussing and pondering how to face the giant Tortoise. They are perturbed by the spirit tortoise who had massacred a whole city and went to slumber after the deed. And how the spirit tortoise’s actions affect them personally. Namoi is annoyed by this and notes how this world is still with these kinds of people. When the discussions shift to set up an army and who should follow it, he leaves the room in annoyance. We skip tonight, where Raphtalia consoles Naomi. Near The end mysterious Woman who requested Naofumi to kill her introduces herself as Ost Horai. We also get the hints that the spirit is not acting out of malice, but there could be someone who was manipulating the tortoise.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3

It is not easy to predict where the third episode of shield hero will lead. Rising of the Shield Hero was initially written as a web novel. But due to the bad reception of the ending, the author decided to change parts of the story and took it in a different direction. The Entirety of season one can be seen in the web novel too. But by the end, it starts showing some elements from the light story. At the end of season one, we see a different world being introduced that aims to destroy the world Naofumi is supposed to protect but has reservations about. While Naofumi has decided to help this world, he is also tasked with finding a solution to help the people from another planet. The request from one of the friends of the past hero. While He works on that solution, he also has to make sure that people from another side don’t kill him or those close to him first. Perhaps his shield and defense stats will help? There is also a divide among heroes. They haven’t yet formed a camaraderie for each other or trust. But as Naomi is the only one among them to take the request to subdue the spirit tortoise, they won’t make an appearance in this arc.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3

When will The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3 released?

Rising of the Shield Hero was met with praise and harsh criticism during its first season. But the distinction was overwhelming that it wanted people to want the next season soon. However, due to internal issues, the second season was delayed to April of this year. But it didn’t deter the enthusiasm of fans. And the hype for the show is still high. The third episode of The rising of the shield hero will air on 20th April at the timings below. 

  • Pacific Time: 6 AM PDT
  • Central Time: 8 AM CDT
  • Eastern Time: 9 AM EST
  • British Time: 2 PM BST
  • Indian Time: 6:30 PM IST

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3

Where to watch The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3?

The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3 titled “Shaking Land” is available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Amazefeed. Rising of The Shield Hero is not part of the sampler model scheme of Crunchyroll. You will need a subscription to online services to watch these episodes.

What is The Rising of the Shield Hero about?

Rising of the Shield Hero starts as Naofumi is transported to another world while reading a random book in his college Library. Excited about the prospect of being transported to another world, he is enthralled and wants to live out the fantasy of the chosen one. He is not the only one. However, he meets three more people summoned just like him. He learns that the world is not filled with fantastic journeys but corrupted people with schemes.

So, that’s all for the update regarding The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode Episode 3. Stay Tuned to Artistree for more The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 updates.

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