Date A Live IV Episode 4 Release Date And Where To Watch?

Date A Live IV Episode 4

Date A Live IV Episode 4 will have a new character joining Shido and co. but what led to that? In the last episode, we saw Shido and co going against Nie in the Festival for selling their mangas. The challenge was who would sell manga the fastest. If Nia wins she gets an ego boost but in the case of Shido and co’s victory, Nia would have to read their manga. They don’t pull punches from the beginning, While a part of the team was working on the manga before the Festival, the other half worked on making cosplay. Except for Shido of course. The team puts on the costume and worked to advertise their manga.

While it did give a boost in sales. Nia’s work was still outselling them, and Nia smugly (and rightly) exclaims that no matter the publicity stunt, people are there for the stories in the end. And her point stands as she is almost done selling her share. And that’s when the Idol of Shido’s group comes in and announces she will help with advertising too. With the click of a single button, a large line forms in front of her, and Shido and co’s manga sold like hot cake. Nia is impressed by it but still insists that won’t cut the gap. When another comes to buy from Nia, she was greeted by a familiar that she had been avoiding. Shido used that as an opportunity to strike at her.

Date A Live IV Episode 4

In the preview of Date A Live IV’s episode 4, we see spaceships and a new girl making an appearance with Shido being troubled about what Nia said at the end of the third episode. While having a heart to heart with each other, Nia finally realizes she shouldn’t hold her feelings back and pursue them instead. She also had to read the manga made by Shido and Co. as per the challenge’s condition. While the challenge ended in a draw, Nia still agreed to read their manga. She was impressed by pulling something even of that scale in the short amount of time they had.

As she goes over the manga, she quickly realizes it is based on the events of the main story before Shido changed the timeline. She does feel manga is underdeveloped. The events were jam-packed story beats, leaving little to no room for the main character to endear the reader. (A sort jab by the author at the series?) The episode ended with Nia asking everyone if Spirits weren’t Humans before they changed. Everyone is shocked by this, the effect of which is likely to be explored in the next while tying it with the space spirit.

Date A Live IV Episode 4
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What is the release date of Date A Live IV Episode 4?

Date A Live IV Episode 4 will release on April 29 2022 Friday. It will release on April 30th Saturday Australia.

  • Pacific Time: 6.30 AM
  • Central Time: 8.30 AM
  • Eastern Time: 9.30 AM
  • British Time: 2.30 PM
  • Indian Time: 7.00 PM
  • Singapore Time: 9.30 PM
  • Australian Time: 12.30 AM

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Where to watch Date A Live IV Episode 4?

Date A Live IV Episode 4 titled “Space Spirit” is available only on Crunchyroll as of right now. Once the full season ends Netflix and Hulu may air the series in its entirety. Date A Live IV is not part of the sampler model scheme of Crunchyroll. You will need a subscription to online services to watch these episodes.

What is Date A Live about?

World of Date A Live takes place in a world where there are spiritual quakes take place now and then. Shido Itsuka is a regular high school kid whose regular is on the verge of end. As he finds himself at ground zero on one of the spiritual quakes, he finds a girl in the midst of it unaffected by all. He learns from his adoptive sister about the truth concerning that girl. The mysterious girl is a spirit from another dimension, and every time they cross over to their world a quake occurs. And to add more to the twist, Shido awakens a power that can seal the spirits and make their existence placid, but for that power to work, he has to go with them on a date.