Are Oasis Getting Back Together: Reunion Between Him And His Brother

are oasis getting back together
Oasis Credits: NME

According to the reports, Oasis is getting back together, ya! You heard it right. The Oasis is preparing for a big comeback to the music industry, as their fans where waiting for this moment for a long time since the band got split in 2009. The band is also pretty much excited as the energy and vibe will be different from their previous time.

As the fans have showered their love and support since they come to know about the reunion. While on the other hand, many people think that the news regarding the reunion was fake. And To clear this doubt, some fans have twittered and asked if there will be any chance of seeing the Britpop legends together.

And in reply, the star said that it was happening, and this reply made the fans go crazy as the message was official, which got viral on the internet in just a few minutes. The fans can’t stop now anymore to see their band, as their eagerness is increasing time.

So the band is also trying to make their entry as soon as possible so that the fan’s eagerness can’t be spoiled. And If you are also one of those fans who are looking for a comeback. But doesn’t know the reason for their reunion, then this article will help you a lot, as we have discussed everything in brief.

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What did Liam say about a reunion?

As per the reports, Liam had always made the audience confused when he talked about the reunion. The star stated that the fans should be forgiven for holding hope for an Oasis reunion. Later on, a rumor was set up on fire when the Wall Of Glass singer claimed that Noel was offered a high amount of £100 million to reunite, but his brother declined that proposal.

However, later on, when the star was asked about that deal, then he declined straightly. And then, talking about that deal, Liam wrote on Twitter that ” So you think we are doing it for money? We have been offered 100 million pounds for a tour, and I think this is enough for a greedy soul.”

Liam said oasis are getting back together.
Oasis Credits: Daily Express

And it didn’t stop there as one of his fans asked, “How hopeful you will feel if you are asked to perform again with your ex-bandmate?” to which he replied, ” More than ever.” Most recently, in an interview, Liam said about the reuniting that ” I think Oasis will get back soon, probably not this week.”

What has Noel said about an Oasis reunion?

On one side, Liam is looking for the reunion, while on the other hand, Noel Gallagher is against the reunion and stated that he doesn’t feel like it would happen. Moreover, Noel also said in an interview that Oasis’s future is choked. And if people have seen us performing previously, then they will know what the mess is all about.

The star also said that fans asked him daily, are you planning to get reunited in the future? And the only thing he answered was that it was not going to happen. Because when you are in a band, it’s a bit compromising if he started the band once again, then it would be risky.

And the major reason is a dispute, as no one knows what happens next. And if you are in a team, you should avoid disputes; otherwise, a single dispute between you and your team can ruin your future. So it’s better to play your drum, despite getting your band once again.

Noel said are oasis getting back together.
Oasis Credits: Planet Radio.

Noel said that it was not only the decision that he took lightly. I dedicated all my time to it. Either it would be writing the lyrics, directing o the song, or it would be recording. The band was my life because he always did his work very sincerely and honestly without compromising the actual need of the band, which was the main reason that the band was famous in his era.

And if we look from the fan’s side, then the result will surprise you. According to the survey, the fans are looking for Oasis to reunite. And not for the Manchester band.