How Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef Ended Things

ricky martin and ex
Ricky Martin with ex-partner Jwan Yosef (Credits: Billboard)

Rick Martin announces a split after six wonderful years of marriage. The Habibis shocked the world as they fell out of love. That was an impossible thing years ago. They have broken their silence on how Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef ended things.

Enrique Ricky Martin Morales was born on December 24, 1971. He is a Puerto Rican singer and actor. He has a wide range of discography, like Latin pop, pop, dance, and salsa. His fame spreads over a huge span with the international album Vuelve (1998).

He received the Grammy Award for hit songs on the album. He has also paved the way for Latin music into a more defined mainstream genre and recognition.

Jwan Yosef is a Swedish painter from London, born on 6 September 1984 in Syria. His family moved to Sweden when he was two years old, and he studied painting at the Pernby School of Painting in Stockholm.

He is the founder of The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, and his paintings are worth 5 million dollars. They married in 2017 and have four children through gestational surrogacy. They end their marriage on a happy note in an interview with PEOPLE.

There’s still love and respect in the couple that is now split. Let’s see how Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef ended things.

How Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef Ended Things

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef met on social media in 2015 and started dating. They went public on the 2016 amFAR Inspiration Gala on the red carpet. Martin told the Ellen DeGeneres Show that he had been engaged, living together with Yosef, and had flashed his engagement band.

They married in 2018, and E! News confirmed the information.

Ricky Martin's daughter Lucia
Daughter Lucia ‘best gift in the world’ (Credits: HOLA)

Things take important turns when love changes into friendship and ‘physical intimacy’ is gone. They tell PEOPLE, ‘We have decided to end our marriage with love, respect, and dignity for our children…’ Martin is seen on the yacht with his twins, Matteo and Valentino.

However, his ex seems to be hidden from the world, morphing into indiscernible silence post-breakup.

He soon breaks the eeriness on social media with a photograph of him in Los Angeles, wearing a white shirt and captioning the post ‘Caring and affection.’ Martin has mentioned a divorce in respect on Instagram and even responded to the photographs on the painter’s social media.

He wants custody of his two children with painter Jwan Yosef and a ‘joint upbringing.’ And he might also have to give some of his fortune to the painter after divorce in a signed prenuptial agreement.

His children asked Martin about having two fathers, and he said that they were a modern family. Perez Hilton, a popular blogger, said they ended an open relationship that didn’t work out.

Allegations Surrounding Max Barz and Martin

Max Barz is an Adult Entertainment industry actor based in Los Angeles, California, with 100K followers on Instagram and 300K followers on Twitter. Things are not as peaceful as they seem. The ‘Chisme No Like’ has reported that Martin had cheated on the painter and was preoccupied with adult actor and creator Max Barz.

They both follow each other on social media and probably are in touch with each other. And that is not all, and he has also cheated on his partner with actor Eduardo Verastegui who is now engaged in religious life and free from homosexuality.

Extramarital affairs have not been confirmed by the pair, who split due to irreconcilable differences.

Previously, Ricky had sued by nephew Dennis Martin sued him for sexual abuse in 2022, claiming a sexual relationship of psychological and sexual abuse. Ricky denied such claims, and Dennis withdrew his sexual harassment claims that he had made in full knowledge in court.