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Why Did Lacey Leave Flyleaf? All Reasons We Need To Know.

Lacey Sturm During A Concert
Lacey Sturm During A Concert (Credits: revenant Media)

In Camp Flyleaf, there is significant news. The alt-metal band has reformed with original singer Lacey Sturm. Lacey Sturm had previously departed the group in 2012, and Kristen May had taken her place.

However, May later quit the group in 2016. Sturm discusses her reasoning for quitting the band in a new book promotion video. They were working on their second record, according to her, when she got married.

Memento Mori, the name of the album, and Memento Mori refers that we are mortal, remember that we shall die, and remember that our life is short and precious.

Lacey Sturm Speaks Out About The Reasons To Leave Flyleaf

Flyleaf, a Christian rock band, lost frontwoman Lacey Sturm in October 2012. The vocalist expressed her gratitude for having recently become a mother to her son Jack, who she described as one of her life’s greatest joys, in a public announcement following her departure.

She continued by mentioning that she had recently lost their talented sound technician, Rich Caldwell, in a tragic car accident. She is more aware of what Memento Mori means than ever before. She is aware that in this season, enjoying life to its greatest extent entails resigning as Flyleaf’s lead singer.

She traveled with her husband for two years, which was absolutely great, and at the end of that time, they became parents to her son.

The significance of Memento Mori and recognizing how brief our lives are was really weighing on our hearts, and she realized that her priorities were going to change even more as a result.

Sturm’s return to Flyleaf has not been officially announced by the band or by Sturm herself. They’ve just teased the announcement on social media, confirming Sturm’s reunion with the group but without providing any additional information.

Ex Flyleaf Singer Lacey Sturm

Ex Flyleaf Singer Lacey Sturm (Credits: Loudwire)

Sturm revealed in 2012 that she was leaving the band to concentrate on her newborn son a week before the release of their third album, New Horizons.

Before ultimately departing the band in 2016 to spend more time with her family, May took over the vocal duties in 2014 and released one album with them, 2014’s Among the Stars.

The day Lacey Sturm decided to commit herself was the day her previous existence came to an end, according to the book description for “The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living.” She was an agnostic who detested Christians and believed that churches were full of deceitful fakers and simpletons.

She found herself in the sanctuary’s back after a screaming confrontation with her grandmother, loathing everyone there. But she is still alive today because of what transpired in that room.

Lacey Sturm is a parent, a wife, a public speaker, an artist, and a writer. She was formerly the vocalist for the platinum-selling worldwide rock band FLYLEAF, but she now performs solo.

But above all, she recognizes that she is a piece of divine artwork and that it is important for people to recognize and appreciate how unique, exquisite, and wonderfully lovely each of us is.

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