Are Eric Murphy And Jasmin Lawrence Dating? All About Their Relationship

Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence Kids dating
Eric And Jasmin

We shall discuss “Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence Kids dating rumors” in this article. I accept that you may not be familiar with Jasmin Lawrence and Eric Murphy, but their parents are well-known figures. We’ve come up with a few possibilities regarding their children dating each other. Is it true that these rumors are accurate? In the year 2021, are Eric and Jasmin dating? All of these notions will be discussed in this section. I will take you through the couple’s relationship chronology, including some information about their parents. It is impossible to mention Eddie and Martin without discussing them. Of course not; we won’t skim over it and will return to it later in the article.

Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence co-starred in numerous films together, including “Boomerang,” a 1992 romantic comedy, and “Life,” a 1999 buddy comedy in which the comedians portrayed two life-sentenced prisoners. Now that their two eldest children are dating, the two actors have something more personal in common. Murphy, 60, has ten children, ranging in age from two to 32, from connections with Eric’s mother, Paulette McNeely, Nicole Murphy, Tamara Hood, and Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls. Lawrence, who is 56 years old, is the father of three children. Patricia Southall, his now ex-wife, is the mother of Jasmin.

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Are Kids Of Martin Lawrence And Eddie Murphy, Eric And Jasmin Dating?

As of 2021, the kids of Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, Eric, and Jasmin are dating each other. They have now verified it on their social media accounts. Though Eric and Jasmin’s love romance is just now making rounds via news, even though they have been social media official for weeks longer. Eric was the first to go public with the revelation, posting a beautiful picture of him and Jasmin with ear-to-ear smiles. “Head over heels in love with you @jasmin Lawrence,” wrote the oldest son of the “Coming to America” actor on his Instagram account a few weeks ago, captioning photos of the couple beaming together. In addition, Jasmin Lawrence announced she is dating Eric Murphy on Instagram, where she wished him a happy birthday and shared two love photos of the duo.

Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence Kids dating
Eric And Jasmin

Eric had been rather discreet about his social life until he met and began dating Jasmin Lawrence in 2021, but that all seemed to change when he met and began dating Jasmin Lawrence. The pair has not been able to get over one other since then. On social media, the couple frequently posts joyful photographs of themselves with meaningful remarks. In their Instagram pictures, the two lovebirds always appear to be having a good time and look happy and content.

Who Are Eric Murphy And Jasmin Lawrence?

Eddie Murphy’s son, Eric Murphy, 32, was born with his then-girlfriend Paulette McNeely. The eldest Murphy kid is a writer and voice actor in Los Angeles, following in his father’s footsteps. Eric Murphy is “currently creating an animated series in which he will write and provide the narration,” as per talent agency Avalon Entertainment. Martin Lawrence’s oldest child, Jasmin Lawrence, was born to him and his ex-wife Patricia Southall. The 25-year-old graduated from Duke University in 2018 and has since followed in her actor father’s shadow, most notably appearing in “Bad Boys for Life,” the third part in the “Bad Boys” trilogy starring her father and Will Smith, which was released in 2020.

Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence Kids dating
Source: Instagram/Jasmin Lawrence

Eric was barely a child when Eddie and Martin were filming their first movie together, Boomerang, in 1992. The comedy team, on the other hand, was already laying the groundwork for a long-term relationship between the two families. It is unknown when the pair first started dating, but it is apparent that they are both deeply in love with one other and that their love will only get stronger. Following in their parents’ footsteps, they are both on their way to a bright future. Eric and Jasmin are both working on new initiatives in their professions and are brimming with affection for one another.

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